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LinkedIn Stories Factsheet

Australian members woke up to the new Stories feature on Thursday 18th June. This new feature works very much like Stories on other social media platforms such as Instagram and allows individuals to share short posts that only show up in stories on the mobile app for 24 hours.

Isn’t this feature too ‘Instagram-esque’? LinkedIn repsond to their members….

“LinkedIn found that members and executives wanted a more relaxed way to share more frequently, and Stories offers that in spades.”

This means you have a place to share the in-the-moment content that doesn’t need to be part of your profile activity history. LinkedIn Stories offers an authentic way to share everyday professional moments:

• Things you do at work (e.g. behind the scenes, productivity tips)
• Things you do around work (e.g. morning routines, work-life balance)
• Things relevant to your work that are happening around you (e.g. industry headlines, trends)

Give your network (Connections and Followers) a glimpse into your day, behind the professional profile. It is a place to celebrate quick wins and achievements, what you are doing, reading, learning right now, what is going on in your environment, who you are with, working from home hacks, what you are eating, drinking or baking while working from home, events you are attending or hosting and so much more.

“LinkedIn Stories is a new way to share professional moments with online communities, making it easier to stay connected, inform your audiences and share important stories from wherever you may be.”

According to LinkedIn “more than 2 million posts, videos and articles go through LinkedIn’s feed every day, generating tens of millions of shares and likes.” Stories are a place to share the lighter, fun posts, with the feed content being content that you want as part of your public footprint.

 Share images or video up to 20 seconds on mobile app
 Add stickers and text overlays
朗 Mention people by tagging them
 Post up to 100 a day maximum!

Maybe don't share 100, but you could create a series of images or videos that connect.

Stories last just 24 hours but can be downloaded. They won't show up in your activity or in the home feed. If you accidentally overshare you can delete your stories!

When you are about to post on LinkedIn, ask yourself, is this feed-worthy or is it a story moment?

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LinkedIn Stories Factsheet

  1. 1. Our mission with this kit is to provide an exclusive first look at LinkedIn Stories, its current functionalities and tips on best practices for creating LinkedIn Stories in a professional context. LinkedIn is testing a new content sharing format, LinkedIn Stories. Australia is the first country in the Asia Pacific region to try this new feature. LinkedIn Stories makes it easier to stay connected to your community, inform your audiences and share your professional moments. Stories are an opportunity for professional communities to share in creative ways and showcase a more visual side to their skillset. Members will have the opportunity to embellish their posts with text, stickers and other visual elements to add flair. A step-by-step guide to LinkedIn Stories
  2. 2. How to create a LinkedIn Story
  3. 3. Connect to your industry and broader LinkedIn community and grow your professional brand by sharing your everyday professional moments. You can keep your networks updated about: Important initiatives and projects you're working on: As you navigate your key decisions day-to-day, share real-time reports and updates of what you're working on. Learnings from colleagues, stakeholders or industry events: Capture interesting tidbits, what piqued your curiosity, or share your learnings from your workplace interactions. Behind the scenes: People always want to know what happens “behind the scenes” across the range of Australian businesses. And you can show that first-hand. Industry news: Information about your field or specific company and how it impacts or influences Australians. Tips and hacks: Share tips with your community on, for example, how to multitask with ease or how to be a decision maker in your workplace. Your interests: Show your connections any creative side projects or intriguing hobbies that you're passionate about so they can get to know you.