video2.0, new horizon of online video


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video2.0, new horizon of online video

  1. video2.0 New Horizon of Online Video September 25, 2008 Jo, SanKu KT
  2.  video2.0  Status of Online Video  Contents  Issues & Players  Money & Ad  Challenges  The Future Now
  3. video2.0 New Horizon of Online Video video, TV + web2.0
  4. video2.0 More RMC RMC PCC Contents UGC TV CATV IPTV Distribution TV Online Video Device CATV web2.0 Mobile Personalization Search On Demand Audience $ $$$$$ Ad Market Segment Individual, Networked, UGC
  5. Mass Media to Social Media Power Shift to People Pre Media Age Mass Media Age Social Media Age Consumers Dictate Consumers Dictated Professional Media Dictate Church, State, Monarchy Dictate the Agenda Volume of Participation
  6. TV/Mass Media video2.0 Media Company in Control Consumer in Control One way / Delivering a Message Two way / Conversation Influencing, Involving, Info => Entertaining Life Style UGC(User Generated Contents) + RMC(Ready Made Professional Contents) PCC) Proteur Created Contents) => Volume, Type On Demand, Search, Personal, Scheduled Recommendation Anywhere & Cross Devices with TV TV, PC, Mobile.. Family (Watching) Individual, Networked Sit back Participative Messages Experiences Pay (Subscription) Free (Advertising) Mass Ad Personalize Ad (Ad as Contents)
  7. Video Age: True Conversation “百聞不如一見”
  8. Online Video Web/PC/OnDemand UGC Pro(RMC) tv2.0 Internet TV Open IPTV IPTV TV/Setupbox/Live by josanku 2008
  9. Online Video in Korea Paran Mobx Leveraging Broadband & Mobile Infrastructure
  10. Why Online Video?  High Demand  Online video viewing becoming mainstream: 57% in US  High Involvement  57% Shared Links.  Over 50% Watched Videos with Others.  80% Recall Seeing a Video Ad and 52% Have Taken Action, Including 16% Making a Purchase.  New Opportunity  Communicate with Users and Attract Them  Enter the Video Market  New Revenue Streams
  11. Online Video: Ongoing Traction Internet Trends 2008, Mary Meeker
  12. Online Video:TV+Internet+Mobile(CBS) Complementary Platforms Internet Trends 2008, Mary Meeker
  13. Online Video: Life Style (New Portal?) Internet Trends 2008, Mary Meeker
  14. Old Media vs. Social Media
  15. Contents: Liberation RMC PCC UGC (Ready Made Content) (Proteur Created Content) (User Generated Content) Quality Reputation “百見不如一作 ” News Hot Issue Documentary Information Casual Entertainment Knowledge Creativity HowTo Video Fun Mass, $$$$$ Parody Clipping Viral Marketing Street News Short Head Life Vloging Many, $ or Not Some, Show Body Long Tail by josanku 2008
  16. Contents: What’s Hot?  News  Humor  Movie Trailers  Music Videos  TV Show Clips  User Generated  Full TV Shows (source: eMarketer 2008) 22
  17. Contents: Potential Sweet Spot VideoWiki Video Viral RMC PCC UGC
  18. UGC Media/Content Owner New Player Solution video2.0 Search SNS Telco/CableTV Ads CDN, P2P Device
  19. Issues & Players  Google Economy and Ecosystem  Video Open Platform – Joost  Amazon Video  RMC and UGC – Veoh  Content is Still King - Hulu  Cable TV to Online Video: Fancast  Video Search – Blinkx  Meta Video Site -magnify  Short-form Original Content – Metacafe  Video and Social Network – myspace and facebook  P2P to Video Aggregation – BitTorrent  Infinite Broadcasting Channels – TVU Networks  Mobile & Video – Sekai Camera  Place Shift - SlingBox  AppleTV  tv2.0: readwriteTV – Zillion TV
  20. Google Economy and Ecosystem Search Publish Ad
  21. Video Open Platform – Too Ideal?  Real InternetTV  P2P  Free world premium contents  Advertisement model
  22. RMC and UGC
  23. Book Ecommerce Web Services CDN Then, Amazon Video?
  24. “Content is still King” – Content Owner NBC & Fox March 2008 $90 M at First Year Profitable Model? No Copyright Issue (70% with Ad) YouTube: $200M ($90M in US) in 2008 for 3% UGC Ad
  25. Cable TV to Online Video
  26. Video Search  Video Being Overloaded  We Need Smart Filter: Video Search, Social Watching.  Content will not be King Soon.
  27. Meta Video Site
  28. Short-form Original Content
  29. Video and Social Network
  30. Social Watching
  31. More Socially: Overlay & Mashup
  32. P2P to Video Aggregation PCDN (Peer Assisted CDN)
  33. Infinite Broadcasting Channels: Liberation of Broadcasting
  34. Mobile & Video A camera system that aims to merge the virtual and real worlds by using a digital device as a viewfinder.
  35. Place Shift & Social Watching
  36. iTune iPhone/iPod & AppleApp Then, AppleTV?
  37. tv2.0: readwriteTV  TV – Still the Primary Media Device  Any TV & Movie Contents  Empower People: Personalization & Community  Free or Oneclick Pay per View  Pulled Ads as Content
  38. tv2.0
  39. Show Me the Money~
  40. Trend Money
  41. US Online Video Ads Spending 2001~2011 (MM) 2008: $1.3B 2010: $3.1B eMarketer, June 2007
  42. Revenue Models: Cash, Ads, Engagement  Cash: Subscription, Pay per View  Ads (Attention): CPM, CPC Cash  Engagement: Lead Generation, Viral Marketing, Ads Rating Engagement 70:20:10 Ads Cash Engagement Ads 50:30:20 Engagement Cash 65:25:10 RMC PCC UGC by josanku 2008
  43. Online Video Ads
  44. Attention vs. Money Content : 2008, US RMC 58% UGC 42% Ad Revenue: 2008 US UGC 4% RMC Hulu (70%) vs. YouTube (3%) 98%
  45. Online Video Ads Network
  46. Overlay Ad
  47. Viral Video & Measurement Right Video at Right Time at Right Place to Right Audience
  48. Liberation of TV Ad
  49. video2.0 Disruption Threat or Opportunity When?
  50. War: Online Video Ecosystem & Economy Contents Creators Contents Owners Contents Distributers Network Operators Attention User Engagement Device Money Manufacturers Service, Solution Providers Platform Providers Advertisers
  51. Challenge  Digital Noise  Reputation and Trust System  Privacy  Copyright  Distribution Control  Traffic Overload and Network Abuse  Guarantees on Quality  Network Neutrality  Revenue Model  Another Poker Game
  52. The Future Now  More Blurring, Not just Convergence  tv2.0, readwriteTV with Huge Potential  HD Quality  Any Type of Video including Broadcasting  More Social and Community  More Mobile  Video Search for Contents and Contents  P2P for Better Network Scalability  Advanced Advertising Models  Market Consolidation for Leading Ecosystem or Platform  Video * : Main Stream
  53. ME Broadcasting (Mobile) Broadband Democracy
  54. Thank U