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Line symmetry


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Line symmetry

  1. 2. Symmetry: A Visual Presentation A PowerPoint Presentation created by Chiew Pang and José A. Rivero using a collection of web pages created by the Adrian Bruce and students of 6B
  2. 3. Line Symmetry <ul><li>Shape has line symmetry when one half of it is the mirror image of the other half. </li></ul><ul><li>Symmetry exists all around us and many people see it as being a thing of beauty. </li></ul>
  3. 4. Is a butterfly symmetrical?
  4. 5. Line Symmetry exists in nature but you may not have noticed.
  5. 6. Human Symmetry The 'Proportions of Man' is a famous work of art by Leonardo da Vinci that shows the symmetry of the human form.
  6. 7. THESE MASKS HAVE SYMMETRY These masks have a line of symmetry from the forehead to the chin .   The human face also has a line of symmetry in the same place.
  7. 8. The symmetrical face Real face Two left sides Two right sides
  8. 9. Find at least four symmetrical differences in her real face Real face Two right sides Her right lower lip is shorter than the left She has only mole on her face She has one ear higher than the other The right eyebrow is lower than the other
  9. 10. On the  beach there are a variety of shells with line symmetry.
  10. 11. Under the sea there are also many symmetrical objects such as these crabs and this starfish.
  11. 12. Animals that have Line Symmetry Here are a few more great examples of mirror image in the animal kingdom.
  12. 13. REFLECTION IN WATER If an object is reflected in water it is considered to have line symmetry along the waterline.
  13. 14. The Taj Mahal Symmetry exists in architecture all around the world.  The best known example of this is the Taj Mahal.
  14. 15. This photograph shows 2 lines of symmetry. One vertical , the other along the waterline. (Notice how the prayer towers, called minarets, are reflected in the water and side to side).
  15. 16. 2D Shapes and Symmetry After investigating the following shapes by cutting and folding, we found:  
  16. 17. an equilateral triangle has 3 internal angles and 3 lines of symmetry. 
  17. 18.     a square has 4 internal angles and 4 lines of symmetry.   
  18. 19.   a regular pentagon has 5 internal angles and 5 lines of symmetry.  
  19. 20. a regular hexagon has 6 internal angles and 6 lines of symmetry .
  20. 21.     a regular octagon has 8 internal angles and 8 lines of symmetry.
  21. 22. Complete the symmetry below