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Kampala City the Pearl of Africa


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Published in: Technology, Travel
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Kampala City the Pearl of Africa

  1. 1. Kampala City the Pearl of Africa By :Yusuf Kawoya April 23, 2012
  2. 2. PerspectiveMany people are using social media to reach target audience than before as many people spending more time on the Internet
  3. 3. Overview-Blog TopicKampala City the Pearl of AfricaThe benefits of visiting Kampala
  4. 4. Overview- Persona Love travelling Discovering new places Working and need break to relax Artistic Creative Adventurous Innovative Daredevil Geography and History is favorite subject Interested in reading and social media
  5. 5. Overview- List of Blog Titles Restaurants Around Kampala City 216 pages Kampala city is Vibrant 81 pages Restaurants in Kampala City 52 pages Kampala Garden of Eden 43 pages Kampala City never sleeps 41pages Kampala City the Pearl of Africa 23 pages Kampala charming 1000 cups 20 pages Lake Vic. Serena Resort- Kampala 15 pages Kampala Night life 12 pages Kampala & Kasumba Square 10 pages Kampala City in the Sun 10 pages Kampala Transformed City 10 pages
  6. 6. Overview Twitter:!/YKawoya
  7. 7. Overview- You Tube
  8. 8. Overview – Google Analyticsmeasuring different sources of my blog
  9. 9. Overview –Twitter stats
  10. 10. Overview- Hubspot
  11. 11. Blog PerformanceAccording to Google Analytics, insights, Hubspot the blog was aided by the following media sites to be viewed world wide. Facebook Twitter Reddit StumbleUpon Delicious Digg
  12. 12. Key Learning- Blog
  13. 13. Key Learning- Facebook: Able toPromote the blog, posting videos andarticles to increase traffic on my wall
  14. 14. Key-Learning : You Tube Uploading $ downloading videos on music and newsworthy Assisted me in get video for the blog Playlists Favorable lists Able to subscribe Embed videos for blog You tube buttons access Free share of videos
  15. 15. Key Learning- PinterestAttracts users to pin pictures & Videos
  16. 16. Key Learning – Reddit By posting URL’s the reddit community visits Able to see other postings from reddit User friendly Created traffic blog Best social bookmark
  17. 17. Key Learning – Twitter Best link for the blog to audience &one of the bestsocial media. Gained many followers & followed many
  18. 18. Indicated Actions
  19. 19. Constant Contact Email–Marketing: News Letter Sample For PR
  20. 20. PR-Pitch-Engine on KampalaCity
  21. 21. Kampala City the Pearl of Africa –Mobile Marketing Apps (Widget-box)
  22. 22. Recommendations Signed with Amazon for affiliated marketing program to monetize Keep the blog but make changes to be more newsworthy Use key words for my blog to improve SEO Google Adwords- PPC will be thought of in the future Continue using all four social media Emailing marketing and mobile marketing will be thought of
  23. 23. SEO at Work on Kampala Cityblog
  24. 24. Thanks for your time