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Fundamentalism: Evangelism vs. Decisionism


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The beginnings and introduction to fundamentalism and how it has eroded evangelism to decionism

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Fundamentalism: Evangelism vs. Decisionism

  1. 1. Decisionism
  2. 2. Martin Luther nailing his 95 thesis
  3. 3. The Canons of Dort
  4. 4. Friedrich Scheleiermacher
  5. 5. Liberal vs. Evangelical
  6. 6. The Fundamentals
  7. 7. Errors Unchallenge d Truths Defended Evangelical Fundamentalis m Evangelism becomes Decisionism Spirituality becomes Conservatism Liberty becomes Abstinence
  8. 8. “To this he called you through our gospel, so that you may obtain the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.” 2Thessalonians 2:14
  9. 9. Charles Finney
  10. 10. Pelagianism Semi Pelagianism Arminianism Calvinism/ Reformed Theology Human will alone Human will needs divine grace Divine grace precedes Human will Divine grace alone Comparison:Pelagianism/Semi/Arminianism/Calvinism
  11. 11. Dwight L. Moody
  12. 12. Billy Graham
  13. 13. Saving Gospel Response ● Faith and Repentan ce Decisionism External/ Physical Acts ● ● Raising of hands Coming forward to the “altar” Formula Presentatio n ● ● ● Abbreviat ed gospel Dictated prayer Giving of assurance
  14. 14. Invite the person to by faith accept the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour…say something like this: ‘Tom, will you kneel with me in prayer of acceptance… Now ask him to pray after you the prayer of acceptance… Continue in this manner until you have led him through the prayer. ● ● Now when you have finished leading him through prayer, stand up and say, ‘Tom, did you by faith accept the Lord Jesus as you prayed…?’ When he answers yes, take him up by the hand and say, ‘UPON THE AUTHORITY OF GOD’S WORD, YOU ARE NOW A CHILD OF GOD!” ● ● Note of the Open Bible on Rev. 22:17 ● ●
  15. 15. Holy Spirit External Call Regenerati on CONVERSIO Gospel N Faith & Repentance Effectu al Call SINNER God Conversion
  16. 16. Gospe l Teaching Content Mind Gospel & Mind Understandi ng Will Decisio n
  17. 17. Biblical Evangelis m Law and Gospel Decisionisti c Evangelism Shortened Formula Shortened Formula Conviction and Persuasion Assent and Decision
  18. 18. Biblical Spirit Convicts & Evangelis Regenerates m Decisionisti c Evangelism Dictated Prayer Prayer of Assurance Sinner calls without dictation Man gives assurance
  19. 19. Decisionist ic Evangelis m God Sovereignly blesses gospel truths Because reduced to Formula decision Biblical Evangelis m False Conversion Maximum teaching of Gospel truths Not reduced to Formula decision True conversion More false conversion More True conversion Less false conversion
  20. 20. “So those who received his word were baptized, and there were added that day about three thousand souls.” Acts 2:41
  21. 21. Baptism