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  1. 1. Background • Beyonce is an American singer, songwriter and actress • She was Born and raised in Houston Texas • First found fame with R&B group ‘Destinys Child’ • Then went on to be a very successful solo artist
  2. 2. Destinys Child • She began singing with the original members of the popular R&B group Destiny's Child comprised of LaToya Luckett, Kelly Rowland and LaTavia Roberson in their teens. • The girls went through various incarnations, singing a mix of gospel, rhythm and blues, and hip hop, before they officially became Destiny's Child in 1995. • Beyoncé started out as part of a 4 piece band called ‘destiny’s child’. Here they were presented as young sweet girls with an R&B edge.
  3. 3. The band attracted media attention when members left and new members joined. As they grew to be more established, their image became more sexualised to appeal to a broader audience.
  4. 4. When Beyoncé went solo, her image changed once again. She still kept the sexualised image however still appealed to women all over the world as she presented herself as an ‘independent woman’ who they could look up to.
  5. 5. Beyoncé then presented her alter ego ‘sasha firece’ to the world. This was a way of saying that she could be sexy and confident whilst on stage yet still be herself off stage. It appeared that beyonce was still a sweet and innocent girl from Texas and her character ‘Sasha fierce’ was the girl on stage. This change in image also saw a change in her music, beyonce became more daring, opting for more dramatic songs to match her alter ego image.
  6. 6. She then put her career on hold to start afamily with her husband ‘Jay Z’. This changed the way she was presented to the world as she took time off from work to spend time with her child.
  7. 7. As she came back to work, she shocked fans with a drastically different haircut. This gave her the exposure in the media that she needed in order to start her career again. She began a world tour and released a new album as well as being a mum. Her image has become more sophisticated as she has grown up in the music industry and this is also shown in her music.