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portfolio joris smits

  1. 1. joris smits portfolio 1 >>
  2. 2. “The nYe Klap is an eye catcher whenyou drive into Bedum. In the evening and morning when the sun shines, the bridge sparkles. The bridge “ stands out because of its combina- tion of beauty and sobriety. This Contents matches perfectly with the cha- racter of Groningen residents. Not too much fuss. Curriculum Vitae 3 Dolf Spinder Municipality of Bedum Pedestrian bridges 6 Traffic bridges 9 Moving bridges 13 Theme sustainability 16 Theme regional identity 17 Buildings 18 Work in progress 21 Overview all projects 22 2 >>
  3. 3. Curriculum Vitae Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joris Smits, I was born in Amsterdam in 1968 and I live in Delft with my wife and two children. Over the past eighteen years I have worked as an architect, first at ‘Cie Architects’ and since 1997 as one of the leading architects at Royal Haskoning Architects in Amsterdam. As an architect, my career has been strongly influenced by my other expertise; civil engineering, and more precisely, structural design. From 1987 until 1994 I studied at the Technical University in Delft where I combined the studies of Civil Engineering and Architecture. I graduated in both in 1994 and thus became an architect as well as a civil engineer. I believe that it is my understanding of the way that structures work, the way that materials behave and my knowledge of the integral building process that has profoundly defined me as an architect. In the field I have been widely recognized as an architect-engineer due to the design of a wide range of bridges and other structural works. With my projects I have won prizes in Zaanstad, Assen, Leidschenveen, Amsterdam, Cambridge, Sneek, Bedum, Heerhugowaard and Dubai. Sus- tainable building is my special interest, both in bridge design and in the design of buildings. The Delft Design Composite Bridge, an ultra-lightweight modular bridge, is my latest accom- plishment in that field. The Genius Loci, the defining characteristic of the site, is the basis for all my designs. From this I draw the inspiration that makes each project unique. All my designs are rational yet expres- sive, and are defined by the interaction between man and his environment. In this manner I have designed over sixty of the finest bridges and buildings, half of which have now been constructed, a feat that I’m particularly proud of. I see it as my mission to bridge the gap that so often exists between architects, engineers and clients. After all, wasn’t it Vitruvius, the most famous architect from antiquity, who taught us that a structure can only be of truly lasting value if it respects the balance between aesthet-The Fly-over in Haarlem under construction ics, structure and function? This adage is still very valid today and constitutes the crux to my professional work. 3 >>
  4. 4. Personalia Ir. J.E.P. Smits BNA, born in Amsterdam 1968 Academic degrees 1994 - Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, Architecture 1994 - Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, Civil Engineering Professional memberships Since 1997 - Member of Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (BNA) Since 2002 - Member of the Company Council (OR) of Royal Haskoning Since 2004 - Member of the Advisory Council of the Dutch Bridge Association (NBS) Employment record Since 1997 - Architect at Royal Haskoning Architecten, Amsterdam Since 2002 - Guest Lecturer, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands 1994 -1997 - Junior Architect at Cie. Architects, Amsterdam Tutor Tutor to junior architects at Royal Haskoning: Jorge Moura, René Rijkers, Annette Boot, Richard van den Brule, Kirsten Colenbrander, Alessandro De Santis, Jurgen Boonstra, Merijn Poolman, Sven Spierings Languages Dutch nativepresentatation of the new Waal bridge to mayor and former minister Guusje ter Horst French excellent English excellent German fair Awards 2011 Winner of the 2011 ‘Routepluim’ from the Dutch Ministry of Transport 2010 Winner of the European Award for excellence in Concrete 2009 Winner of the Concrete Award 2009 for the Juliana bridge in Zaanstad 2009 Nomination for the design of the new ‘Hollandse Brug’ for Rijkswaterstaat 2008 Da Vinci Award, 3rd prize, Delft Design Composite Bridge 2008 Nomination National Steel Award, Prins Bernhardbridge; Zaanstad 2007 1st prize international architectural competition Palm Jebel Ali Bridge, Dubai 2007 1st prize architectural competition bridges in Sun City, Heerhugowaard 2006 Nomination National Steel Award, lifting bridge “nYe Klap”, Bedum 2005 2nd prize architectural competition, “3 bruggen te Sneek” 2004 2nd prize international architectural competition, Bridge in Cambridge 2000 Nomination National Steel Award, Rembrandt Park bridges. 1998 2nd prize architectural competition “60 bridges”; Leidschenveen 1997 1st prize architectural competition Kloosterbrug; Assen Lectures & 2011 Lecture Concrete Bridge Conference Oxford. Key note speaker Expositions 2006 Lightweight Structures Symposium Rotterdam. Key note speakerreceiving the ‘Routepluim 2011’ from Ton Venhoeve, Rijksadviseur Infrastructuur 2005 Techniek Museum Delft; bridge expo including design workshop for kids 2001 IABSE Nederland; het plezier van constructief vormgeven 4 >>
  5. 5. Publications Press2012/06 NBS; Fly-over Waarderpolder 2011/12 Routepluim RWS; Julianabrug 2004/10 Bouwen met Staal; Kolenhavenbrug2012/03 Royal Haskoning; Bruggen / Bridges 2011/07 Cobouw; fly-over Haarlem 2004/06 Bouwen met Staal; nYe Klap2011 Regional Branding in de praktijk, de weg als imago 2009/10 Bouwen met Staal; Julianabrug 2004/05 Postiljon, Kolenhavenbrug2010 Sustainability and structural works 2009/09 Cobouw, Kolenhavenbrug 2004/05 Delftse Post, Kolenhavenbrug2009/10 Bridge design & engineering; Julianabrug 2009/08 Zaanstad Journaal; Julianabrug 2004/05 Cobouw, Kolenhavenbrug2009/09 NBS; Delft Design Composite Bridge 2009/07 Cobouw; Delft Design Composite Bridge 2004/05 Haagse Courant, Kolenhavenbrug2009 Bruggen in Nederland 1945-2000, Walburg Pers; co-author 2008/12 Jaarverslag Libau Groningen; Magnum 2004/05 Delftsche Courant, Kolenhavenbrug2009/07 Bridge design & engineering; Delft Design Composite Bridge 2008/10 Bouwen met Staal; Prins Bernhardbrug 2004/05 Leeuwarder Courant, Kolenhavenbrug2009/10 DAX; Delft Design Composite Bridge 2008/10 Bouwen met Staal; Dommelbrug 2003/11 Detail in Architectuur; nYe Klap Bedum2008/08 Land+Water; Prins Bernhardbrug 2008/06 dagblad zaanstreek; Prins Bernhardbrug 2003/11 Aanbestedingskrant; nYe Klap Bedum2008/07 Bouwen met Staal; Dommelbrug 2008/07 Cobouw; North Sea Airport 2003/09 o Público; nYe Klap Bedum2008/06 DAX; Dommelbrug 2008/07 de Telegraaf; North Sea Airport 2003/08 Cement; Navel en Westbrug2008/04 Land+Water; Dommelbrug 2007/07 NBS; 3 bridges Heerhugowaard 2003/05 Cobouw; Kolenhavenbrug2006/09 NBS; special edition on Royal Haskoning bridges 2007/04 Deutche Bauzeitung; bridges Heerhugowaard 2003/05 Detail in Architectuur; Kolenhavenbrug2006/06 ICE bridge engineering, paper; Rembrandt Park bridges Amsterdam 2007/02 Volkskrant; Palm Jebel Ali Bridge, Dubai 2003/05 VVbN Magazine; interview2006/06 ICE bridge engineering, paper; Kolenhavenbrug 2007/02 NRC; Palm Jebel Ali Bridge, Dubai 2002/11 Cobouw; Navel en Westbrug2006/03 Land+Water; nYe Klap Bedum 2006/11 Cobouw; Prins Bernhardbrug 2000/12 BNA blad; interview2006/07 Bouw; Kolenhavenbrug Delft 2006/10 Bouwen met Staal; nYe Klap 2000/03 Cobouw; Rembrandtparkbruggen2005/05 Civil Engineering; nYe Klap 2006/10 Bouwen met Staal; Westzanerpolderbrug 1999/05 Cobouw; Kloosterbrug2005/08 L’industria italiana del Cemento; “il piccolo ponte” 2006/06 NBS; City bridge Nijmegen 1999/02 Cobouw; Kloosterbrug2005 OTUA; Le pont levant de Kolenhaven à Delft 2006/05 Noordhollands Dagblad; Julianabrug 1999/05 De Ingenieur; Kloosterbrug2005/04 Bouwen met Staal; Kolenhavenbrug Delft 2006/04 Civil Engineering; Kolenhavenbrug 1998/12 Architectuur & Bouwen; Rembrandtparkbruggen2004 Bruggen, visie op architectuur & constructie; co-author 2006/04 de Gelderlander; City bridge Nijmegen 1998/05 Bouw; bruggen Leidschenveen2004/06 OTUA; Huits passerelles au Parc Rembrandt à Amsterdam 2006/04 Bouwend Nederland, Kolenhavenbrug 1998/04 Civiele Techniek; profiel2001/06 Glas in beeld; Rembrandtparkbruggen Amsterdam 2006/03 Concrete; Navel en Westbrug 1998/03 Cobouw; bruggen Leidschenveen2001/02 Bouwen met Staal; Rembrandtparkbruggen Amsterdam 2006/01 Eindhovens Dagblad; Dommelbrug 1998/03 de Architect; bruggen Leidschenveen2001/04 Bouwen met Staal; Kloosterbrug; Assen 2005/10 Dagblad van het Noorden; nYe Klap 1998/03 Archis; bruggen Leidschenveen2000/10 Detail in Architectuur; Rembrandtparkbruggen Amsterdam 2005/08 Cobouw; Prins Bernhardbrug 1998/03 Bouwvisie; bruggen Leidschenveen 2005/07 Cobouw; Kolenhavenbrug 1998/02 Haagse Courant; bruggen Leidschenveen 2005/07 Delftsche Courant, Kolenhavenbrug 1998/02 Trouw; bruggen Leidschenveen 2005/04 Bridge design & engineering; nYe Klap 1998/02 Architectuur & Bouwen; Kloosterbrug 2004 BBC; bridge in Cambridge 1994/05 Delta; interview Delft C.S. 2004 Cobouw; Prins Bernhardbrug 1994/03 CT-nieuws; graduation 2004/11 BNA blad; interview on ‘slow living’ 1994/03 Cobouw; interview Delft C.S. 5 >>
  6. 6. Pedestrian bridgesDommelbrug, Eindhoven 6 >>
  7. 7. pedestrian bridge southern ring road, Zaanstad Kruisweg Bridge, Schiphol6 pedestrian bridges Getsewoud, Nieuw Vennep Rembrandtpark Bridges, Amsterdam 7 >>
  8. 8. “A beautiful bridge, a landmark when seen from the North Sea Canal. The bridge stands “ out through its open structure and delicate interplay of curved lines. Royal Haskoning was open for discussion. Jointly building a technical masterpiece, that was the challenge we’ve succeeded in together. Martijn Kuzee, Hillebrandt-Konstruktie 8>> >>
  9. 9. Traffic Bridges Fly-Over Waarderpolder, Haarlem Lexkesveerbrug, WageningenRoute design N242, Alkmaar 9 >>
  10. 10. Navelbrug, Nieuw Vennep 10 >>
  11. 11. Tender design bridge over the Waal, Ewijk Palm Jebel Ali Bridge, DubaiLock Island Bridges, Arabian Canal, Dubai Plan for a new City Bridge, Nijmegen 11 >>
  12. 12. “ “ This flyover is an impressive work of art. The architecturally well designed and subtly shaped viaduct can surely be considered a masterpiece. The structure has a nice strong presence in the landscape. The cooperation with Royal Haskoning has been excellent thanks to their quick response, flexibility and realistic attitude. Peter Tobben, project manager City of HaarlemFly-Over Waarderpolder, Haarlem 12 >>
  13. 13. “ “In a part of town that is characterized by statelymansions, ugly factories and impressive industrialheritage, the friendly appearance of the new Kolen-haven Bridge brings a touch of gentleness into ourneighborhood that one gets attached to. Moving bridgesRonald Lewerissa, resident nYe Klap, Bedum Kloosterbrug, Assen Kolenhavenbrug, Delft 13 >>
  14. 14. Julius Caesarbrug, Leiden Floating bridge at Geestmerambacht near completion “ “ You can see the Prince Bernhard Bridge from quite a distance. A beautiful, vigorous, audacious and yet sophisticated design. The bridge creates a new momentum and has become an iconic entity. The Prince Bernhard Bridge blends perfectly into the industrial background of the Zaan region. Ronald Ootjers, Alderman city of Zaanstad Tender design for a moving bridge in Muiden 14>> >>
  15. 15. “ the European Concrete Award, the jewel in our crown. Royal Haskoning is good at conceptual thinking. BAM and Royal Haskoning complement each other well: two “ The Juliana Bridge is thé icon of the city of Zaandam. In 2010 we won teams consisting of the right people with the right qualities. Bart Regtuijt “ “ What a beautiful bridge! So light and transparent; sitting on the sofa in my living room I can actually look right trough it and see the landscape behind the bridge. The combination of modern design in a historical context works really well. Caroline van Nieuwburg director BAM Civiel Noord -West neighbour to the Julianabrug 15>> >>
  16. 16. Theme sustainability Designing a project with respect for our living Optimize the use of energy environement is not an option, it’s a way of thinking. I A sustainable use of energy starts with the reduction of design my projects according to the Cradle to Cradle® the specific demand of energy within the project. Light- principles. The essence of this approach to sustainability weight structure design, for instance through the use of is the transition from efficient solutions, for instance the composite materials, helps us to minimize the size of the reduction of negative effects from a project, to effective foundation and reduces the transportation effort. Opening solutions that enhance the added value to a project. bridges require less energy throughout their lifetime if the The three most important principles when it comes to moving part and the counterweight are properly balanced. designing effective solutions are: closing natural cycles, Furthermore a well balanced bridge can operate with optimising the use of energy and stimulating (bio-) simple technical installations that are subjected to smaller diversity. A structural work that has been designed based wearing. Finally the use of LED technology provides sus- on these three principles will have a lasting value for our tainable, functional and aesthetical lighting with a long planet. lifespan. The remaining energy requirement can be generated lo- Closing the Cycle cally from sustainable energy sources such as solar power The principle of closing cycles aims chiefly at the or wind power. One way of using the power of the sun is interaction with water and soil and the use of construction by employing asphalt as a heat collector. The accumulated materials within a project. When choosing materials we heat in summer time is stored underground and put to look at the possibilities to create a closed biological cycle work in wintertime to keep the road free from ice and with materials that are locally available. Another way to snow. close a biological cycle is to make use of a closed mass- haul diagram. Diversity Not all materials can be re-used in a biological cycle. For Careful embedding of a new project can stimulate biodi- other building materials we refer to the technical cycle in versity and prevent the shattering of the natural habitat which the individual components of a product become the of species. Furthermore the regional architectural diversity base (or technical nutrition) of a new product. A good way occupies a central position in all our designs. The extent toDelft Design Composite Bridge to achieve this is to designs according to the IFD method which an object blends in a natural way into its environ- (Industrial, Flexible, Demountable). All the building ment is crucial for the acceptance of the project by citizensThese bridges for pedestrians and cyclists are manu- components are prefabricated elements which can be and other stakeholders.factured from fiber reinforced composite. InfraCore® re-used in another position or for another function and We design projects that contribute positively on all ofInside, the base technology for production of the bridge, the use of glue and sealing is prevented. By minimizing these levels. After all, when people become attached to ais ideally suited to mass production in variable lengths fixed joints, and working with light building structures our project, it has proven its lasting value to society. In this aand widths. The high sustainability of the design has been designs can be put together in a fast and effective way. structural work is much like a living organism; adapt orachieved through big savings on weight and material, small This results in a flexible design, not only flexible in use, but make way for innovation.environmental impact from transport and foundations and also flexible to the future.100% recycling potential of “raw materials”. 16 >>
  17. 17. Theme: Regional BrandingThe downside of globalization Room for IdentityIn a time when everyone is mobile, when all possible informa- In recent years we’ve seen a countermovement that is fightingtion is available to anyone, and the world seems to be one big the uniformity which we call globalization. The power of thevillage, our cultural boundaries are subject to erosion. Under Region is emerging; carrying out your own regional identitythe influence of the advancing globalization, regional cultural is increasingly important. Administrators and politicians feelfeatures are rapidly assimilated into an international fusion the need to maintain the socio-cultural characteristics of aculture. This phenomenon of uniformity can also be observed region whilst in the meantime the awareness of their brand’sin the built environment in which we live. Any highway, any- economic importance is growing.where in the world, is indistinguishable from a highway on Royal Haskoning can help you specify and strengthen the regi-the other side of the globe. A bridge design in Kuala Lumpur onal identity at the interface of the highway and its surroun-might as well be situated in Cork. dings. Bridges, overpasses, viaducts, tunnels and noise barriersThis is the downside of globalization: when the built environ- are capable of giving character and identity to a place, a roadment displays a global uniformity, there is a risk that people and a region. In this way, structural art works can contribute tolose commitment to their roots and will feel displaced. the sense of pride and dignity that ties people to their region. The N329 ring way in Oss is going through a metamorphosis. Together with local authorities we developed ‘the Highway of the Future’. Sustainability through innovation is the theme that stands at the base for the entire highway and all of its structural works. Through this strong perspective Oss distinguishes itself in a self confident manner as a pleasant place to live, work and recreate. 17 >>
  18. 18. Buildings Magnum Multifuel powerplant, non-process building, Eemshaven Magnum, Central Control RoomMagnum Multifuel powerplant, non-process building, Eemshaven 18 >>
  19. 19. Meenthe, school for music education and sport facilities, SteenwijkMeenthe, school for music education and sport facilities, Steenwijk 19 >>
  20. 20. North Sea Airport, 6 floating and rotating air strips and 3 terminals North Sea Airport, terminalNorth Sea Airport, off-shore airport connected to Schiphol by underground highspeed shuttles 20 >>
  21. 21. Work in progressEcoduct, Rijssen - Wierden Bridge Oude Rijn, KatwijkRoute design N281, Drachten Seabarrier and railroad bridges, Harlingen 21 >>
  22. 22. All projectsRoyal Haskoning 2004 Bridge over the river Cam, Cambridge, U.K. Client: Municipality of Cambridge2012 – to date Club house for Hockey club HGC, Wassenaar 2004 Wijnbergse Bridge; Doetinchem. Client: Municipality of Doetinchem2012 – to date Hoge Brug, Harelbeke, Belgium. Client: Belgium Ministry of Waterways 2004 – 2008 2 pedestrian bridges Kruisweg, Schiphol. Client: County Council of Noord-Holland2012 Sint Sebastiaansbrug, Delft, tender design. Client: Province of Zuid-Holland 2004 – 2005 Maryport Bridge, U.K. Client: Maryport Developments Ltd.2011 – to date Wildlife crossing with tunnel, Rijssen - Wierden. Client: Province of Overijssel 2004 3 bridges over the A7; Sneek. Client: Municipality of Sneek2011 – to date Lifting bridge, Muiden, tender design. Client: Province of Noord-Holland 2003 – to date Floating bridge; Geestmerambacht. Client: County Council of Noord-Holland2011 – to date Rotating bridge, Eekwerderdraai, Loppersum. Client: Municipality of Loppersum 2003 – 2006 Westzanerpolder bridge; Zaanstad. Client: Municipality of Zaanstad2011 – to date Tjamsweerster bridge, Appingedam. Client: Municipality of Appingedam 2003 – 2005 ‘nYe Klap’ bridge, Bedum. Client: Municipality of Bedum2010 – to date Zaanbrug, Wormerveer. Client: Province of Noord-Holland 2003 – 2008 structural works in the N242; Alkmaar. Client: Province of Noord-Holland2010 – to date Moving bridge, Katwijk. Client: Municipality of Katwijk 2002 – 2004 Kolenhaven Bridge, Delft. Client: Municipality of Delft2010 – to date Masterplan N381, Drachten. Client: Province of Fryslân 2002 15 bridges Houthaven, Amsterdam. Client: Dienst Ruimtelijke Ordening Amsterdam2009 New Waalbridge, Ewijk, tender design. Client: Rijkswaterstaat 2001 – 2010 Bridge in the wetlands; Lexkesveer. Client: Rijkswaterstaat2009 competition design 2nd Hollandse Brug, nominee. Client: Rijkswaterstaat 2001 Data Centre Almere. Client: B.T.Ignite2009 Park Plateau on the A2, Eindhoven. Client: Municipality of Eindhoven 2001 Competition City Hall Rotterdam. Client: Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Rotterdam2009 – 2011 3 bridges Veur Lent, Nijmegen. Client: Municipality of Nijmegen 2000 – 2001 New Technology Centre Shell; Amsterdam. Client: Shell Amsterdam2008 Regiocentrale Zuid, Maasbracht, tender design. Client: Rijkswaterstaat 2000 200 pedestrian bridges; Gouda. Client: municipality of Gouda2008 Arabian Canal, Lock Island Bridges; Dubai. Client: Limitless 1999 Bridge across the A16 / HSL, Breda. Client Jan de Nul2008 North Sea Airport, conceptual design 1999 – 2004 Sports accommodation “De Meenthe”; Steenwijk. Client: Municipality of Steenwijkerland2008 – to date Delft Design Composite Bridge. Concept product design 1999 – 2004 Music School; Steenwijk. Client: Stichting de Meenthe2008 – to date N329, Road to the future, Oss. Client: Municipality of Oss 1999 – 2003 7 Belly bridges; Nieuw Vennep. Client: Municipality of Haarlemmermeer2007 – 2012 Fly-Over Waarderpolder, Haarlem. Client: Municipality of Haarlem 1999 – 2003 2 bridges Venneperweg; Nieuw Vennep. Client: municipality of Haarlemmermeer2007– to date Magnum Multifuel Power Plant, Eemshaven. Client: NUON 1998 - 2000 NPS / VARA broadcasting building; Hilversum. Client: NPS/VARA2007 2 bridges; Heerhugowaard. Client: Municipality of Heerhugowaard 1998 – 2000 8 bridges Rembrandt Park; Amsterdam. Client: stadsdeel Slotervaart/Overtoomseveld2007– to date 4 bridges deelplan 19; Ypenburg. Client: Municipality of The Hague 1998 competition design ‘bouwen aan de dijk’2007 New Islington Bridge competition; Manchester, U.K. Client: City of Manchester 1998 60 bridges; Leidschenveen. Client: Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Leidschenveen2007 Parkway Bridge competition; Sheffiled, U.K. Client: City of Manchester 1997 – 2003 Tunnel entrance St. Hubertusduin; The Hague. Client: Municipality of The Hague2006 - 2008 Palm Jebel Ali Bridge; Dubai. Client: Nakheel 1997 – 1999 Klooster Bridge; Assen. Client: Municipality of Assen2006 Wenzhou Station, China. Client: Municipality of Wenzhou2006 Citybridge; Nijmegen. Client: Municipality of Nijmegen2006 – to date Rolpaalbrug; ’t Verlaat. Client: County Council of Noord-Holland Cie. Architects2006 – 2010 Pedestrian bridge Zuidelijke Randweg. Client: Municipality of Zaanstad 1996 – 1997 Warmtekrachtcentrale Amstelveen. Client: Municipality of Amstelveen2005 – 2011 Juliana bridge Zaanstad. Client: County Council of Noord-Holland 1996 – 1997 Masterplan Roeterseiland, Amsterdam. Client: UvA2005 2 bridges over the “van Starckenborghkanaal”. Client: County Council of Groningen 1996 Urban living block ‘the Whale’, Amsterdam2005 – 2006 Dommelbridge, Eindhoven. Client: Municipality of Eindhoven 1996 – 1997 Masterplan Science City, Watergraafsmeer, Amsterdam. Client: UvA2005 – to date Sea barrier with 2 bridges, Harlingen. Client: Wetterskip Fryslân 1996 Masterplan Hoboken, Rotterdam. Client: Erasmus Medisch Centrum2005 Bo’ness Bridge, Scotland. Client; ING Real Estate 1995 – 1996 Masterplan K-buurt Bijlmermeer, Amsterdam. Client: Municipality of Amsterdam2004 – 2009 Prins Bernhard Bridge; Zaanstad. Client: Municipality of Zaanstad 1994 – 1997 Crematorium Almere. Client: Monuta 22 >>
  23. 23. “ For me the design challenge for the new Juliana Bridge was a quest for balance. We were looking for a design that could connect past and present. The“ result fits perfectly into the historical setting of the Zaanse Schans. Aesthetically speaking, this bridge is a real gem.© 2012contact: Joris Smits, +31 (0)6 10 45 61 84 Elisabeth Poste-mail: j.smits@royalhaskoning.com high-commissioner provincie Noord-Holland