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A few metrics about Open Data in the cultural sector


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Presentation at the Open Knowledge Conference in Geneva. Here I talked about the importance of good quality metadata and open licenses in order to get institutions data to be found, and included some metrics.

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A few metrics about Open Data in the cultural sector

  1. 1. A few metrics about Open Data 16-09-2013, OKCon Geneva
  2. 2. Content  Open Metadata • Licensing • Quality  Open Content • Licensing • Case Study: The Science Museum in London  Conclusion
  3. 3. What is Europeana?
  4. 4. Europeana’s vision and mission  Europeana is a catalyst for change in the world of cultural heritage.  Our mission: The Europeana Foundation and its Network create new ways for people to engage with their cultural history, whether it’s for work, learning or pleasure.  Our vision: We believe in making cultural heritage openly accessible in a digital way, to promote the exchange of ideas and information. This helps us all to understand our cultural diversity better and contributes to a thriving knowledge economy.
  5. 5. Europe’s cultural heritage portal  29m records from 2,400 European galleries, museums, archives and libraries  Books, newspapers, journals, letters, diaries, archival papers  Paintings, maps, drawings, photographs  Music, spoken word, radio broadcasts  Film, newsreels, television  Curated exhibitions  31 languages
  6. 6. Open Metadata
  7. 7. Metadata in Europeana  Description  Open – CC0  Quality Image title
  8. 8. Metadata Quality: It’s not this…
  9. 9. Metadata Quality: It’s not this…
  10. 10. Metadata Quality: The results..
  11. 11. Metadata quality It’s this start=3&query=melkmeisje+vermeer&startPage=1&rows=12
  12. 12. Metadata Quality: The results..
  13. 13. Creative Commons Zero Waiver (CC0)
  14. 14. Rights Labeling
  15. 15. Open Content
  16. 16. Science museum London
  17. 17. Science museum London
  18. 18. Science museum London     50 Images 20.000 views Per Day (!!!) Europeana gets 50.000 hits per day 363091572/with/9660575567/
  19. 19. GLAMwiki Toolset  Make batch upload to Wikimedia Commons as easy as possible  Include good metadata  Metrics  project
  20. 20. Conclusion
  21. 21. Conclusion  Provide good quality metadata to get your material to be found  Openly license to make the use of it as easy as possible  Open Content can massively increase your institutions outreach – which can lead to other benefits, such as funding.
  22. 22. Get in touch! Joris Pekel @jpekel