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Webinar vdm control panel for maximo


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Presentation used during the Webinar "VDM Control Panel For Maximo" on 21/05/2013

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Webinar vdm control panel for maximo

  1. 1. Getting a Grip on Maintenancewith KPI’s and the VDM ControlPanel for MaximoWebinarDate: 21th May 2013Time: 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM EST
  2. 2. 2Panelist: Joris DircxProduct Mgr. VDM Control Panel• Over 15 years of experience in CMMS/EAMsystems like Maximo, Rimses, JDE• More than 11 years of experience inPerformance Management related reliabilityand asset management• Business intelligence expert, IBM Cognos,Business Objects• Product Manager VDM Control Panel forMaximoPersonal Introduction
  3. 3. Agenda1:IntroductionMainnovation3:CMMSas a card tray5:Closingremarks4:In Control withBusinessIntelligence2:Value DrivenMaintenance
  4. 4. Introduction Mainnovation• Consultancy firm specialized inimproving Maintenance, Reliability &Asset Management• Founded in 2000, since then steadygrowth of 30% per annum despiteeconomic climate• Developers of Value DrivenMaintenance® (full intellectual property)• Recognized as thought leaders andpioneers in maintenance businessintelligence• Offices in the USA, the Netherlands,Belgium and UK4
  5. 5. Our Service Lines5Strategy & Process Consultancy• Audits & Benchmarking• Asset Management Strategy & PAS-55Certification• Standardize & Improve Work Processes• Align Maintenance Organization• Skill Development & Training• Maintenance Excellence ProgramsReliability Engineering• Training & coaching in RE techniques(FMEA, RCM, RBI, RCA, PMO)• Development and optimization ofPreventive Maintenance Strategies• implementation of SAP-RCMO® andRCM++®• MRO spare parts analysis• Asset Master Data ManagementInterim & Change Management• Securing continuity in changingenvironments• Integrate improvement agenda in dayto day business• Change Management on the shop floor• RecruitmentCMMS/EAM & BI• CMMS Strategy Development• CMMS Software Selection• CMMS Implementation support forMaximo® , SAP® and Infor®• VDM based KPI dashboards built in IBMCognos® and SAP BusinessObjects®
  6. 6. 6Customer Experience includes:InfrastructureManufacturing OtherChemicalsLife Sciences(Waste) WaterTransportationEnergy & UtilitiesPaper & BoardDredging & OffshoreFood & BeveragesOil & Gas
  7. 7. Agenda1:IntroductionMainnovation3:CMMSas a card tray5:Closingremarks4:In Control withBusinessIntelligence2:Value DrivenMaintenance
  8. 8. 8Maintenance Dilemma• The Board considersMaintenance & Reliability asbeing highly important• But treats it as a cost centeror necessary evil• Maintenance is not able toconvince the Board of realvalue• Maintenance and Board donot speak same language• Result: wrong decisionmaking
  9. 9. • VDM is developed by Mainnovation in closecooperation with leading maintenanceorganizations from different industries:– Oil & Chemical– Food & Drink– Paper & Pulp– Pharma– Offshore & Marine– Rail & Ports• VDM makes the economic added value ofmaintenance quantifiable and supports thepriority setting• VDM facilitates the development of the MostValuable Maintenance Organization (MVMO)• It makes maximum use of proven bestpractices and is fully embedded in leadingEAM systems like Maximo, Infor EAM andSAP EAM9Value Driven Maintenance
  10. 10. Value Drivers10
  11. 11. Maintenance Competences Model11
  12. 12. Measure Performance With VDM Control Panel12
  13. 13. Agenda1:IntroductionMainnovation3:CMMSas a card tray5:Closingremarks4:In Control withBusinessIntelligence2:Value DrivenMaintenance
  14. 14. Source: Aberdeen Group 2010Which CMMS are we using?14
  15. 15. Critical features for use and implementation15One of the main drivers to implement a CMMS is the ability to create reportsand to track KPI’s (management information)A fully defined maintenance work process is one of the keys to success
  16. 16. Do we achieve our goals?16Major implementation costs but no ROILots of data but no management information
  17. 17. Now is the time for Business Intelligence17Source: Aberdeen Group
  18. 18. Discover the treasure• Many CMMS implementations areinput driven• Recent studies show that too oftenCMMS systems are used merely as asystem just to collect data and costfigures (electronic card tray)• Although this information is oftencaptured in CMMS systems it israrely used to actually steermaintenance performance (manage)• Consequently many maintenanceorganizations contain value potentialthat has not yet been realized. Butwhere is this value treasure hiddenand how can it be revealed?18
  19. 19. Agenda1:IntroductionMainnovation3:CMMSas a card tray5:Closingremarks4:In Control withBusinessIntelligence2:Value DrivenMaintenance
  20. 20. Different kinds of BI solutionsSpreadsheets &Standard EAM ReportsPreconfigured KPI Dashboardsbased on standardized contentMgmt InformationTargets vs ActualsDrill down viewsPDCA cycleExternal BenchmarkingBusiness Intelligence Tools(and many others..)End user queriesKPI buildersData VisualizationData WarehouseData Extraction(No content, so startfrom scratch)Correlation & trendingSimulationReliability Modeling(and many others..)Statistical Data Analysis20
  21. 21. • Consultancy firm specialized in asset management• Developers of Value Driven Maintenance® (VDM),framework for Maintenance Performance Management• Pioneers in Maintenance Business Intelligence• Top expertise in EAM systems like Maximo & SAP PMCompanies behind the VDM Control Panel• Market leader in business analytics through IBM Cognos• Market leader in EAM systems through IBM Maximo• Sees business analytics as focal area for the upcomingdecade and invests heavily together with business partnersin this domain.21
  22. 22. What is the VDM Control Panel for Maximo22
  23. 23. What is in the box?23
  24. 24. What is in the box?• IBM and Mainnovation have launched apreconfigured Maintenance KPI Dashboard forMaximo users: VDM Control Panel for Maximo• The VDM Control Panel is built in IBM Cognosand is fully integrated with Maximo• It contains over 100 KPIs, PIs and drill downanalyses that are populated with data fromMaximo and other sources• It is based on the VDM methodology and helpsyou to:– Keep track of actual performance versustargets– Locate performance deviations– Find root causes• The VDM Control Panel also contains:– Asset based budgeting module– Collaboration module for action tracking– Industry specific benchmarks (– Library with alternative KPIs– Ad hoc analysis functionality24
  25. 25. VDM Control Panel 3.0 – What’s New25DynamicTime FilterOrg. FilterCapabilityDynamicDrill DownReportsExtendedAd HocfunctionsCognosMobileReadyWhat’sNew
  26. 26. Cognos Mobile Ready26
  27. 27. 27Release planning 2013 - 20142013 2014 – 201xVDM IIRelease 3.0(2013 Q1)• 12 KPI on home page• Dynamic time filter• Dynamic drill downreports• Ad Hoc ReportingVDM IIRelease 3.1(2013 Q2-Q3)• 12 KPI in internalbench mark module• EVA module: Valuecreated bymaintenanceVDM IIRelease 3.2(2013 Q4)• External Benchmarkdatabase integrationVDM IIRelease 3.3(2014 Q1-Q2)• Dashboards SHEQ,Asset PortfolioManagement, CapitalAllocation, AssetData Management,Skill & ToolManagement
  28. 28. Demo VDM Control Panel for Maximo28
  29. 29. Agenda1:IntroductionMainnovation3:CMMSas a card tray5:Closingremarks4:In Control withBusinessIntelligence2:Value DrivenMaintenance
  30. 30. Summary VDM Control Panel30
  31. 31. 31Where is your hidden value located?
  32. 32. Companies that found their treasure32
  33. 33. Conclusion• Maintenance can make the difference ingood and bad economical times!• Therefore a good insight in yourperformance killers and costs isrequired• IBM Cognos delivers the right tools asBI market leader• Instead of reinventing the wheel theVDM Control Panel for Maximo offersyou an out of the box solution which is…– Affordable– Scalable– Rapidly deployable33The Leading Maintenance KPI Dashboard
  34. 34. Thank you for your attention!Remco Jonker | Partner | | +917 562 5050The Netherlands (HQ) Belgium UKLange Geldersekade 8 Pegasuslaan 5 4200 Waterside Centre3311 CJ Dordrecht 1831 Brussels Birmingham B37 7YNT: +31 78 614 67 24 T: +32 2 709 29 11 T: +44 7771 808 036Sweden USATillgängligheten 1 445 Park Avenue417 01 Gothenburg 10022 New YorkT: +46 31 23 00 40 T: +1 212 836 4306