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Angono, the land of higantes (giants


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Is Angono just a place for paper mache giants, or is it really the land of giants: giant men who tower above the rest in their achievements. Truly some folks from Angono are outstanding in their own field and are truly giants. There must be 5 dozen higantes in this parade held before the fiesta

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Angono, the land of higantes (giants

  1. 1.  There was one higante maker before -TemiongTajan After his death, there was a proliferation ofhigantes maker The higante festival even got more velocitywhenAngono was promoted as land ofHigantes.
  2. 2.  Angono is not only land of higantes; it is thebirthplace of people who are giants in theirown rights. It is the birthplace of many great leaders andpersonalities: Fmr and late Senator ArturoTolentino, NationalArtists: Lucio San Pedroand Botong Francisco, fmr CEO or UnilabSonny Samson, fmr PNP deputy chiefVirtusGil
  3. 3.  Photos by Jorgeusbiker Posted at: