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Storytelling with Casper David Friedrich - the famous German Romantic painter

Storytelling activity based on the paintings of the famous artist Casper David Friedrich

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Storytelling with Casper David Friedrich - the famous German Romantic painter

  1. 1. Storytelling with Casper David Friedrich By Jorge Sette
  2. 2. Casper David Friedrich
  3. 3. Who was Casper David Friedrich? 1774-1840 19th century German Romantic landscape painter Considered the most important artist of his generation (From Wikipedia)
  4. 4. Make up a story based on these paintings They can be used in any order you wish. Create a beginning, a middle and the end. Different painted figures may represent the same character in you story. You may use the stages of the "hero myth" to make your story stronger - see slide 21. Try using the following expressions to structure your narrative:
  5. 5. The beginning of the story Once upon a time (fairy tale) It all began First of all Initially Firstly
  6. 6. Continuation of the story After that Then As soon as No sooner than Next
  7. 7. Introducing surprise All of a sudden Unexpectedly Suddenly To make matters worse
  8. 8. Finishing the story Finally Lastly To cut a long story short In the end
  9. 9. Get ready, set, go... Select the slides you need Make up the story Write it down Tell your friends
  10. 10. For details on the mythological structure of storytelling, read our post: A summary of the steps follows.
  11. 11. The Journey of the Hero 1. Ordinary world 2. Call to adventure 3. Refusal of the call 4. Meeting with the mentor 5. Crossing the first threshold 6. Tests, allies and enemies
  12. 12. The Journey of the Hero 7. Approach to the innermost cave 8. Ordeal 9. Reward 10. The road back 11. Resurrection 12. Return with the elixir
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