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English version of our corporate presentation.

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  1. 1. General Presentation, 2010 Global Packaging Solutions,
  2. 2. General Presentation, 2010 I. History II. Facilities III. BRC Certification IV. ITC in figures V. Staff VI. Products Global Packaging Solutions,
  3. 3. …history 1971 1989 2010 this is a future we are passionate about… 1989, in the wake of toy 2010, ITC Group premieres 1971, Minisón is born. companies delocalising to its new image. the Far East, ITC & A family company ADVANCED PET were born. The incorporation of new founded by Mr Carlos segments like 4th and 5th- Chaired by Rafael Valls, son range foods, as well as the Valls. development of new From its inception, Minisón of the founder of Minisón, the materials with active focused on manufacturing company begins specialising properties, are just a few of accessories and recording in food packaging. A firm bid the projects the Group is voices for dolls and toys. towards diversification. busy with. Global Packaging Solutions,
  4. 4. …facilities Logistic warehouses, 3.000m2 in size, fully computerised Injection Central offices, Plant expanded in 2010 Global Packaging Solutions,
  5. 5. …machinery + Automatic assembly machines for Over 20 Demag injection moulding + integral assembly processes. machines equipped with Wittmann robotised handling system + IML Eg. Push UP! robot and artificial vision cameras. .. you’re invited to see one of New arrival!! the most innovative The new El-Exis700TN, production plants in Europe … 1st. Unit in Spain + PET Plant: “Two Step” Injection: In-house workshop, guaranteeing The injection+blow moulding optimum solution time for problems technique makes containers in two on the plant floor processes: A pre-shape made by injection, and its subsequent blow-moulding. Global Packaging Solutions,
  6. 6. …the plant ..yes, this is how we look on the shop floor. Hygiene and safety, our watchwords.. Hair covered with protective mesh + elastic cap Pocketless, buttonless jackets..nothing to fall off! Pocketless pants and safety footwear Complete our work attire. In addition: Stable-temperature plant insectocutors and double-leaf door opening system…maximum guarantee! Global Packaging Solutions,
  7. 7. …coming soon; ITC lab organoleptic properties trial we cooperate with: climate chamber 3D measurement chamber vacuum chamber (hermeticity measurement) material migration strength measurement equipment Global Packaging Solutions,
  8. 8. …certificates 1st Spanish company Certified to BRC since 2006 Global Packaging Solutions,
  9. 9. …staff HUMAN RESOURCES TEAM WITH OVER 100 DIRECT COLLABORATORS, counting; QUALITY ASSURANCE TEAM: 4 ENGINEERS R&D&I : 7 ENGINEERS add to this, investments worth €2 million in 2009… any doubts about our capacity to innovate…? Global Packaging Solutions,
  10. 10. …org chart BUSINESS GROUP PRESIDENT MR. RAFAEL VALLS Phone # +34609067634 GENERAL GENERAL MANAGER MANAGER MR. RAFAEL MIRA MR. RAFAEL MIRA +34638103124 +34638103124 BRC & BRC & QUALITY SYSTEM QUALITY SYSTEM MANAGER MANAGER Ms. A. Cacheiro Ms. A. Cacheiro +34667654646 +34667654646 MINISÓN SUPPLY SUPPLY HUMAN MINISÓN CHAIN & FINANCIAL LOCAL SALES EXPORT SALES HUMAN R&D R&D PLANT PLANT & CHAIN & FINANCIAL LOCAL SALES EXPORT SALES MARKETING MARKETING RESOURCES & LOGISTICS MANAGER MANAGER MANAGER RESOURCES MANAGER MANAGER MANAGER MANAGER PET PLANT LOGISTICS MANAGER MANAGER MANAGER MANAGER MANAGER MANAGER PET PLANT MANAGER Mr.J.Tormo Mr.J. Ramírez Mr.E.G.Cabiedes MANAGER Mr. Rafael Valls Mr. Rafael Valls Mr.Pedro Galera Mr.Pedro Galera MANAGER MANAGER Mr.J.Tormo Mr.J. Ramírez Mr.E.G.Cabiedes Mr. Jorge Sáiz Mr. Jorge Sáiz Mr. M. Pérez MANAGER Mr.J. De Juan Mr. M. Pérez +34609067634 +34609067634 +34629214430 +34629214430 Mr. I.Marco Mr. I.Marco Mr.J. De Juan +34966554056 +34966554056 +34629683918 +34629683918 +34671053844 +34671053844 +34620964234 +34648181068 +34620964234 +34629213849 +34648181068 +34661515406 +34629213849 +34661515406 Global Packaging Solutions,
  11. 11. …sales org chart NATIONAL SALES MANAGER NATIONAL SALES MANAGER Mr. José Mª Ramírez Mr. José Mª Ramírez +34629683918 +34629683918 SALES BACKOFFICE SALES BACKOFFICE SALES BACKOFFICE SALES BACKOFFICE Sra. Beatriz Valls Sra. Beatriz Valls Sr. Alexis Moreno Sr. Alexis Moreno 966554056 966554056 966554056 966554056 CENTRE/NORTH/WEST CENTRE/NORTH/WEST Sr.Óscar Alcaide Sr.Óscar Alcaide 609487076 609487076 JOSÉ RAMÍREZ ÓSCAR ALCAIDE SOUTH/EAST SOUTH/EAST Sr.Salvador Martínez Sr.Salvador Martínez SALVADOR MARTÍNEZ 616513935 616513935 EUROBAG & FILM Global Packaging Solutions,
  12. 12. …sales org chart EXPORT MANAGER EXPORT MANAGER Sr. Eduardo Cabiedes Sr. Eduardo Cabiedes +34671053844 +34671053844 SALES BACKOFFICE SALES BACKOFFICE SALES BACKOFFICE SALES BACKOFFICE Sra. Beatriz Valls Sra. Beatriz Valls Sr. Alexis Moreno Sr. Alexis Moreno 966554056 966554056 966554056 966554056 FRANCE FRANCE Mr. Michel Bouverne Mr. Michel Bouverne +33672253761 +33672253761 COLLABORATORS France: FIDEL FILLAUD Italy: ISI PLAST SPA UK UK Portugal: RIO CAIMA Mr. Anders Brandter Mr. Anders Brandter Netherlands: SFA +447884310963 +447884310963 UK: PARKERS Israel: MOR AGENCIES Canada: STOCK PACKAGING CANADÁ ALGERIA ALGERIA Australia: SEKAI TRADING Mr. Nassim Rahmani Mr. Nassim Rahmani Philippines: PRESTIGE PLASTICS +21352449972 +21352449972 Global Packaging Solutions,
  13. 13. …R & D & I org chart 1) NEEDS 2) BRIEFING Tell us what you need, R&D&I R&D&I MANAGER MANAGER We create a dossier and we’ll organise Mr. Rafael Valls Mr. Rafael Valls with full project details an R&D&I session for you +34609067634 +34609067634 CREATIVITY CREATIVITY CREATIVITY CREATIVITY MOCK UPS MOCK UPS Mr. Javier Moreno Mr. Javier Moreno Mr. Javier Liceras Mr. Javier Liceras Mr. Pepe Albert Mr. Pepe Albert +34966554056 +34966554056 +966554056 +966554056 +966554056 +966554056 + Global Packaging Solutions,
  14. 14. …in figures ..we continue grouth in 2009!! ITC Group billing in 2009; €25m (itc + adv pet), per sector; food 1 70% 2 industrial 3 PLV 4 PET 10% 5% 5% Exports over total= 35% France €3.3m Italy €1.1m UK €0.7m Global Packaging Solutions,
  15. 15. …key customers we couldn’t think of a better way to present insert your ourselves… logo here ,but! we have reserved a space for your logo.. Global Packaging Solutions,
  16. 16. …products on the pic to get 1 more info.. + 2 3 Global Packaging Solutions,
  17. 17. …my pack Mypack is YOUR PACK… insert your this is the packaging that will pack here help you to stand out on the shelf, and sell more! , are you ready? We’ve already won two awards in 2010… Global Packaging Solutions,
  18. 18. Welcome to the new age… Global Packaging Solutions, Follow us in facebook & twitter; ITC Packaging