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Eureka Facts Capabilities USDA FNS


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Eureka Facts Capabilities USDA FNS

  1. 1. AIMS / MOBIS USDA FNS DBE/ MBE CertifiedSocial Science ResearchProgram EvaluationSurvey ResearchMarketing Research /Opinion PollingStatistical Analysis EUREKAFACTS LLC Technical Capabilities Overview © EurekaFacts LLC-
  2. 2. The mission of EurekaFacts is to support and empower the organizations that worktowards a better, safer world.Our strategy is to equip decision makers with easy-to-use research, analysis andexpertise that contributes to fact-based, transparent, accountable, effective programsand efforts.Our measures of success are information utility, accuracy, timeliness, cost-effectiveness, and complete client satisfaction. © EurekaFacts LLC-
  3. 3. About EurekaFacts In January 2003, EurekaFacts was established as a firm that uncovered insights that could be used to formulate and implement data driven strategies and tactics, improve organization and programs. From day one, we centered our efforts on delivering top quality service and building core capabilities. As we approach our tenth anniversary, we have grown to become a small business that has a strong team, and highly competitive technical and management capabilities. The company is constantly achieving new heights. Today, EurekaFacts is a full service research and analysis firm that provides insights to support targeted communications, program evaluations, strategic decisions and data-driven tactics. EurekaFacts works with agencies directly as well as with many large prime contractors. EurekaFacts, LLC is an approved US SBA 8(a) program participant, a certified Hispanic-owned US SBA SDB firm and a GSA Schedule contract holder in the MOBIS Survey Services category and under AIMS for marketing research and analysis services. “The value of EurekaFacts is that they make visible the invisible.” Paul Ward, Strategist Rock Creek Strategic Marketing © EurekaFacts LLC-
  4. 4. Core Areas of Expertise Social Science Research • Survey Research - Program Evaluation • Data collection - Focus groups • Cognitive interviews -Ethnographic studies Statistical Analysis • Multivariate analysis -Predictive modeling - Mathematical modeling • Data-mining – Geography-based analysis Administrative and Business • Human factors / Usability studies, user centered design Marketing Sciences / Marketing Research • Segmentation - Media Allocation Modeling • Advertising Testing – Branding • Marketing Plans – Pilot Tests © EurekaFacts LLC-
  5. 5. Capabilities Overview EurekaFacts Core Capabilities Survey Strategic Strengths Research Communications Human Factors Research Methods Core Technical Capabilities Data Analysis Quality Assurance National Surveys Branding Research Project Management Survey Design Market segmentation Statistical analysis Usability Studies Federal Project Expertise Sampling Positioning Data mining Cognitive Testing Understanding of Military Focus Groups Communications Multivariate analysis Test/ Assessment Audiences Data Analysis & Strategic and tactical Statistical testing Development Expert Staff Reporting market planning Forecasting User-Centered Design Customer Satisfaction Predictive modeling Needs Assessments Time series/ trends Easy Contracting Data Organizational Segmentation Small Business SBA SDB Collection Program Studies Decision modeling SBA 8(a) Designation Mixed Mode Geography-based GSA AIMS Online survey Evaluation Climate Studies analysis & reporting GSA MOBIS Impact assessments Employee Morale MBE/DBE Multiple States – CA, Telephone Secondary dataset Outcome studies Safety Culture MD, NJ, NY, PA Mail & In-person integration with large Economic Impact Organizational Behavior Strong past performance Response analysis databases Process assessments & Attitudes English, Spanish Training Evaluation Core Supporting Foundation  Knowledge Discovery and Data Transformation – Expertise in the capture and transformation of data into actionable insight  Content and Knowledge Management – Processes for data management, documentation, content creation, editing, collaboration, publishing and distribution  Quality Assurance – Standard project methods and processes, review and approval procedures, integrity, accuracy controls  Technology Support – Intensive use of current technologies to support workflow, data capture and transformation, delivery and security  Project Management – Use of professional collaboration and project management tools and methodologies to meet objectives and maximize resources© EurekaFacts  Team Approach – Multicultural and multidisciplinary high performance team environmentLLC © EurekaFacts LLC-
  6. 6. Expertise Team of experts in research:• Survey Methodologists (instrument design, IRB, OMB submissions)• Research Analysts (quantitative, qualitative)• Cognitive Psychologists (cognitive testing, interviewers, behavioral coders)• Survey Managers• Multilingual data collection staff• Public health, health communications• Bilingual research and data collection staff• Statisticians, econometricians (sampling techniques, sample weighting schemas, mathematical modeling, multivariate regression)• Reporting - Publishing (Copy writers, technical report writers, editors, designers, programmers, support staff). © EurekaFacts LLC-
  7. 7. Experience Experienced personnel• Sampling (sample designs and weight schemas)• Design (development and testing of instruments)• Field Management (hire, train and manage field data collectors)• Data Collection (Multilingual, mixed mode data collection, CATI, focus groups, ethnographic research, usability)• Analysis (statistical analysis , modeling, regressions, cluster, time series, development of data-marts, text mining, GIS, literature reviews)• Reporting (reports for various audiences, dynamic, report, publications) © EurekaFacts LLC-
  8. 8. Past Performance Proven Track Record:• Testing of question items for Census ACS about SNAP, WIC and Food Assistance• Recruitment and testing of items, protocols for health, nutrition, WIC, National Children’s Study, other large scale efforts.• Studies collecting data from children, educators, school administrators, community organizations, local governments.• Analytical models NCI, CDC, Army, commercial clients.• National advertising & PSA campaign evaluation• A decade of excellence as prime and sub. © EurekaFacts LLC-
  9. 9. Specialized Research FacilitiesSupporting the EurekaFacts consulting, research and analysis capabilities is a strong datacollection and data processing structure that includes:Focus Group, & One-On-One Interviewing FacilitiesFully equipped focus group facilities, group interviewing and one-on one interviewing roomsdesigned for cognitive interviewing and unobtrusive research observation.Usability Test LabState of the art usability test lab dedicated to user-centered design and evaluation services. Itincludes 2 rooms (testing and observation room) equipped with the latest tools and software.Facilities Include:  One-way viewing mirrors  Video monitors, speakers for observers  Broadband Internet connections  Digital video recording of full screen or  Projected computer display for participants picture-in-picture; audio recording of  Wireless Internet connection for client use participant and moderator comments  Digital video screen capture of participant’s  Capabilities to interact with remotely located screen participants  Video camera with pan, tilt, zoom; multiple  Capabilities to interact with remotely located cameras if needed observers  Multiple microphones, audio mixer  Observational data logging softwareOur facilities are conveniently located in Rockville, Maryland, a central location two blocks awayfrom metro. A team of multilingual moderators and interviewers is available to support variousneeds.Mobile Lab available for focus groups and usability testing “They take the stress factor out.” Gina Cross, Project Manager NeighborWorks America © EurekaFacts LLC-
  10. 10. Specialized Research Facilities Telephone Research Call Center EurekaFacts features a call center with capacity for up to 100 stations. Trained agents support inbound and outbound projects for telephone interviewing, special population recruitment and project help desk. Analytical and GIS support Our team of analysts utilizes STATA, SPSS, SAS, Answertree, Mapinfo, Arcview and other software to deliver robust statistical and data-mining analysis. We work with databases in SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and other environments as required. Survey Programming and Online Communications Our IT staff is ready to support programming of complex surveys, online communications deployment and web-enabled databases to support research study programming, pilot program web development, conferences/event logistics coordination, and other short turnaround programming projects.“I am impressed with your analysis…—succinct and rigorous in your analyticsapproach and interpretation. Gail Fairhall, Ph.D. Vice President of Research Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) © EurekaFacts LLC-
  11. 11. High Performance TeamsOur teams are configured for maximum insight and quality in the process of conducting research. Teamsare specialized in supporting campaign and message development, campaign optimization and campaignevaluation. Each project is configured to meet the project missionProject Director – Senior researcher with experience and training directing research projects in the fieldof inquiry.Project Manager – Research project manager with advanced training in survey methodology thatcoordinates all activity and manages resources to meet the project mission.Quality Assurance Director – Senior executive that advises the CEO, maintains and enforces qualityassurance throughout the organization.Field Services Manager – Manages data collection and data entry processes including the recruitment ofparticipants, management of response logistics, programming and data collection in the various modes:online, telephone, intercept and paper (mail).Advanced Analytics/Statistician – Manages data treatment, statistical, data-mining and geo-miningprocesses to extract maximum insight from available data.Qualitative Analysis and Reporting – Analysts that support the process of moderating focus groups,interviews, analyzing, writing and editing reports to meet mission objectives.Technical Management Specialist – provides task order coordination, timeline & resource usagemonitoring, budget and billing tracking reporting to the project manager and the CEO.“EurekaFacts is a sterling example of a can-do attitude metamorphosed into a company of caring, efficient individuals. I highly recommend working with them.” Harold Maurer, CDM Marketing General © EurekaFacts LLC-
  12. 12. Success StoriesThe following pagesillustrate some examplesof the types of projectswe have completed.  Survey Research  Data Analysis  Qualitative Insight  Cognitive/ Usability testing  Evaluation “EurekaFacts did the data mining and we got the gold. Their targeting analysis helped us generate record-breaking results." Frank Peterson, CEO, Catalyst Communications © EurekaFacts LLC-
  13. 13. Usability Testing and Content Review The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is the agency in the United States that regulates nuclear energy. The commission communicates with various publics – domestically and worldwide through its public web site, a robust tool containing more than 10,000 pages. Objective: The NRC contracted with EurekaFacts to perform a series of research services designed to evaluate and test the content, usability, and accessibility of the agency’s existing public Web site. Method: To accomplish this effort, EurekaFacts completed an expert evaluation and developed protocols for the usability testing for multiple audience groups. EurekaFacts successfully recruited participants from a broad base of backgrounds and conducted usability testing with general public, scientists, educators, elected government officials, international regulatory professionals, journalists and other media professionals. Both on-site and remote usability testing was conducted at the EurekaFacts usability testing lab in Rockville, MD. EurekaFacts team successfully tested the informational architecture, usability and accessibility of the NRC web site, evaluated Web site compliance with usability and HCI standards and provided user-centered design criteria and recommendations. Also, in addition to navigation and other purely usability-related issues, attitudes regarding online information access were explored and noted. Outcome: User-centered design specifications were provided, including information architecture, labeling, navigation, content guidelines aimed at the general public and each of fifteen core target audience groups. A new web site was built based on the specifications and user-centered-design parameters provided by EurekaFacts. Post-development testing was conducted to offer added quality assurance to the agency. The new site has received strong commendations by internal end external audiences. © EurekaFacts LLC-
  14. 14. Cognitive Interviews - Census Bureau U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey - The American Community Survey (ACS), administered by the U.S. Census Bureau, is a nationwide survey designed to provide communities with a fresh look at how they are changing. It is a critical element in the Census Bureaus reengineered decennial census program. The ACS collects and produces population and housing information every year instead of every ten years. Objective: The Census bureau needed to develop, test and implement a large number of survey items so it tapped into a consortia of research firms. Eureka Facts, the only small business in the group, was tasked to provide recruitment of participants and testing of Spanish language items. Method: EurekaFacts worked as part of a team of nationally recognized research firms (RTI, RSS and Westat) contributing to the design of the American Community Survey (ACS). EurekaFacts helped revise several questions for the ACS and conducted special population recruitment and cognitive interviewing, as well as usability studies to ensure quality of the question design and development. The study was supported by targeting audiences that included a mix of individuals from all ages, gender, races, educational attainment, etc. Multiple data collection efforts included testing of questions among low literacy groups and Spanish speakers. The EurekaFacts team completed this study successfully meeting project specifications and recruiting and interviewing quotas set throughout various US states. Recruitment and cognitive interviewing was done in both Spanish and English. Outcome: A new question items and instructions were developed for the 2012 American Community Survey and deployed nationally. © EurekaFacts LLC-
  15. 15. Assessing Campaign Impacts Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) is a nonprofit organization that receives funding from the federal funding to implement programs that promote conservation through use of aquatic resources. Two of its programs promote recreational boating and fishing among occasional and lapsed anglers (Take Me Fishing ) and introduction of people to fishing by avid anglers (Angler’s Legacy). Objectives: EurekaFacts was tasked with conducting economic impact of the programs and measure advertising effectiveness. In addition to the data from previous efforts, the organization holds studies conducted on related efforts by the organization and other entities. Providing evaluation that measures the economic impact of the RBFF programs, the advertising effectiveness of current programs and the exploration of possible changes to the campaigns required a mix of studies. Method: Research activities conducted to deliver required information include: Literature reviews and cataloging of the availability of key information relative to fishing and boating participation, motivators, barriers, and participation in gateway activities among the demographic groups of interest. The available body of knowledge was synthesized in dynamic reports and loaded to a literature search database that allow campaign managers to access information as needed and led to a refined information mission for upcoming research. In-depth interviews and focus groups with anglers in different group categories including retired avid anglers, occasional Hispanic anglers (acculturated and non-acculturated) . Development of a media allocation model that estimates the impact in increased awareness and intention to fish/boat for each additional dollar spent in each media type. Development and implementation of online and mixed mode survey instruments to measure changes in awareness, usage. Outcome: Effects of the Take me Fishing campaign have been identified in aggregate as well as specifically in terms of the ‘lift’ or increase in likelihood to go fishing as a result of the campaign. Quantified economic impact of the programs are measured and contrasted with control groups to discern effect. A data model has been developed to assist in the decision- making process associated with decisions on allocating budgets across media types and media outlets. The resulting information continues to support campaign refinements. © EurekaFacts LLC-
  16. 16. Mixed-Mode Data Collection Ticket to Work ProgramTicket to Work is a Social Security Administration (SSA) program that offers persons with disabilities theopportunity to receive vocational rehabilitation, employment-directed or other support services through theprovider of their choice. Booz Allen Hamilton, on behalf of SSA, sought the services of a survey vendor tofield an Employment Network satisfaction survey among SSA beneficiaries who participate in the Ticket toWork program.Objective: EurekaFacts was tasked with conducting mixed mode data collection of a nationallyrepresentative sample of program participants. The method used includes notification postcards, letters,online surveys as well as reminders and CATI data collection in English and Spanish.Method: EurekaFacts planned and administers the data collection including sample management, printing,mailing of multiple waves of the survey instrument, scanning of tenths of thousands of OMR-scannablesurvey instruments in English and Spanish, programming an online survey in English and Spanish, andconducting telephone reminder calls among Social Security Administration (SSA) beneficiaries participatingin the Ticket to Work program. EurekaFacts compiled the data from the paper and online versions of thesurveys and provided Booz Allen with a raw data file and a univariate results for analysis.Outcomes: The effort to date has resulted in higher levels of data quality, a response rate significantly higherthan that achieved in previous administrations of the survey and smooth performance on-time and withinbudget.. © EurekaFacts LLC-
  17. 17. A Selection of ClientsNon-Profits GovernmentATCC (Biological Resource Center) US Army Medical Command “Eureka Facts LLC, underBaltimore Presbytery US Department of Education the expert guidance andCenter for Education Reform US Department of Energy management of JorgeGraduate School USA US Department of State Restrepo, provides excellentHostelling International USA US Census BureauMaryland Hispanic Business Conference US Navy Supply Corps and reliable data analysisNeighborWorks® America US Nuclear Regulatory and research services.Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation CommissionYouth For Understanding US Peace Corps When working with EurekaFacts and Mr.Associations CommercialAlabama State Employees Association AG Associates Restrepo, you can expectAmerican Association of School Administrators Agency Uno sound and reliable advice inAmerican Physical Therapy Association Booz Allen Hamilton market research and surveyAmerican Surgery Center Association Decision Analyst data analysis, and a first rateBaltimore Presbytery QAR product in documentation,Center for Education Reform Global Advertising 1stCouncil on Standards for International Harris Interactive analysis, and businessEducational Travel ICF/Macro International solutions.Florida Association of School Administrators Jacobs EngineeringNational Association of Home Builders Lipman HearneNational Association of Secondary School LMD Agency I highly recommend that youPrincipals Marketing General call him for your next projectNational Honor Society/National Junior Honor MMG in survey analysis andSociety Rock Creek Strategic Marketing research. You can onlyNational School Board Association Sibley Memorial Hospital benefit from the call. “National Science Teacher Association The Media NetworkProfessional Convention Management The Washington PostAssociation United Concordia Carmen Larsen,Regulatory Affairs Professional Society Virginia Commerce BankRenal Physicians Association WESTAT President AQUAS Inc.Society for Human Resource ManagementThe Institute of NavigationThe National Association for Music Education(MENC) © EurekaFacts LLC-
  18. 18. EUREKAFACTS LLCGSA MOBIS – 872-3 Survey Services Jorge Restrepo M.G.A.GSA 541 Advertising and Integrated Marketing CEO and Chief AnalystSolutions (AIMS) – Research And Analysis Direct Line: (240) 403-1636 GS10F-0013X Main (240) 403-4800 - 1(866) 693-2287 GS-23F0104S Main Fax (301) 610 0640 451 Hungerford Drive (Rockville Pike) Suite 515 Rockville, Maryland 20850 DBE/ MBE Certified CA , MD NJ, NY, PA “If you want to make informed business decisions, make EurekaFacts your strategic research partner. I’ve worked with them for nearly 10 years and can tell you, EurekaFacts really does provide smart marketing information.” Michelle Lampher, CEO, Better World Strategies © EurekaFacts LLC-