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technical capabilities overview of EurekaFacts

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Eureka Facts Capabilities Overview

  1. 1. EUREKAFACTS LLC Technical Capabilities Overview © EurekaFacts LLC-
  2. 2. About EurekaFacts Inspired by the feeling of success brought when newly discovered facts uncover ways to improve an organization and shape its strategies, EurekaFacts was established in early 2003. From day one, we centered our efforts on delivering top quality service and building core capabilities to become a new kind of insight provider. With a strong team and highly competitive technical and management capabilities, the company is constantly achieving new heights. Today, EurekaFacts is the custom research and analysis firm that provides insights to support targeted communications, program evaluations, strategic decisions and data-driven tactics. EurekaFacts is quickly becoming a favored customer insight provider and an emerging leader in the field. EurekaFacts, LLC is an approved US SBA 8(a) program participant, a certified Hispanic-owned US SBA SDB firm and a GSA Schedule contract holder for marketing research and analysis services. “The value of EurekaFacts is that they make visible the invisible.” Paul Ward, Strategist Rock Creek Strategic Marketing © EurekaFacts LLC-
  3. 3. Our Commitment  We are committed to meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of each and every client. With dedication, quality and attention to detail we serve using our core technical and methodological skills in quantitative and qualitative research, marketing, data analysis, and project management.  Our work is based on strong project planning, proven methodology, quality assurance, and high-performance teams supported by technology.  We leverage our efforts to create maximum value for each client through a commitment to total customer satisfaction and dedication to continuous improvement. “Jorge and his team are THE market research experts to go to for information about target audiences and their behavior.” Laura Van Eperen, CEO Van Eperen Public Relations © EurekaFacts LLC-
  4. 4. Capabilities Overview EurekaFacts Core Capabilities Survey Communications Data Analysis Demographic Core Technical Capabilities Strategic Strengths Research & Marketing and public use Statistical analysis micro-data Government & Nonprofit Data mining National Surveys Targeted outreach Advanced analytics Focus Survey design and Branding Understanding of public Multivariate analysis execution Market segmentation Specialized in social marketing non-profit use demographic and Statistical testing Sampling design Offer / service targeting and government services school data including Forecasting Snapshot & Positioning Customer Satisfaction Census files, Predictive modeling longitudinal Direct response Voice of the customer, tracking studies, PUMS micro data Time series/ trends Mixed mode studies Marketing communications American Community enterprise feedback management Data imputation, weights Online survey Strategic and tactical market Survey (ACS) Segmentation analysis Program Evaluation programming and planning Tiger files. FIPS, Decision modeling Impact and outcome assessments deployment Cross-sell & up-sell modeling BLS CEX, Dept of Ed Classification trees Response analysis Price & resource optimization Audience Expertise CCD, PSS, HHS CDC Meta analysis Web-based survey List services Expertise in recruiting and interviewing data. Geography-based data collection Consumer and organizational hard to reach populations: Spanish Expertise in geo- analysis & reporting Paper, telephone data behavior knowledge & speakers, teenagers, teachers, school demographics including Secondary dataset collection attitudes administrators, executives and agency ACORN, Claritas PRIZM integration with large personnel and Tapestry, databases Data visualization Core Supporting Foundation  Knowledge Discovery and Data Transformation – Expertise in the capture and transformation of data into actionable insight  Content and Knowledge Management – Processes for data management, documentation, content creation, editing, collaboration, publishing and distribution  Quality Assurance – Standard project methods and processes, review and approval procedures, integrity, accuracy controls  Technology Support – Intensive use of current technologies to support workflow, data capture and transformation, delivery and security  Project Management – Use of professional collaboration and project management tools and methodologies to meet objectives and maximize resources © EurekaFacts  Team Approach – Multicultural and multidisciplinary high performance team environment LLC © EurekaFacts LLC-
  5. 5. Strategic Strengths  Specialization in custom research to support service offers, social marketing communications and high-stakes decision-making for government and nonprofit organizations  Customer satisfaction, highlighting the voice of the customer, customer value analysis and enterprise feedback management  Program evaluation and outcome/impact assessments  Track record in engaging and obtaining response from hard to reach populations including Spanish speakers, teenagers, educators, school personnel and executives  Experience using multiple data sources and conducting mixed mode studies that incorporate qualitative and quantitative information quot;They bring you the story behind the numbers. Writing copy was so much easier knowing what these customers actually wanted and what hot buttons to push.” Jackie Flynn, Copywriter. © EurekaFacts LLC-
  6. 6. Specialized Research Facilities Supporting the EurekaFacts consulting, research and analysis capabilities is a strong data collection and data processing structure that includes: Focus Group & One-On-One Interviewing Facilities A fully equipped focus group facility with one-way-mirrors and new digital recording equipment is located in Rockville, Maryland, a central location two blocks away from metro. A team of multilingual moderators and interviewers is available to support various needs. Telephone Research Contact Center EurekaFacts features a contact center with capacity for up to 100 stations. Trained agents support inbound and outbound projects for telephone interviewing and special population recruitment. Analytical and GIS support Our team of analysts utilizes STATA, SPSS, SAS, Answertree, Mapinfo, Arcview and other software to deliver robust statistical and data-mining analysis. Survey Programming and Online Communications Our IT staff is ready to support programming of complex surveys, online communications deployment and web-enabled databases to support research study programming, pilot program web development, conferences/event logistics coordination, and other short turnaround programming projects. “They take the stress factor out.” Gina Cross, Project Manager NeighborWorks America © EurekaFacts LLC-
  7. 7. A Selection of Clients Alabama State Employees Association American Association of School Administrators Center for Education Reform Decision Analyst Florida Association of School Administrators “Eureka Facts LLC, under Global College/ Long Island University the expert guidance and Hostelling International USA management of Jorge Lipman Hearne Inc. Restrepo, provides excellent International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering and reliable data analysis Marketing General and research services. Maryland Hispanic Business Conference MENC The National Association for Music Education When working with National Association of Home Builders EurekaFacts and Mr. Restrepo, you can expect National Association of Secondary School Principals sound and reliable advice in National Association of Student Councils market research and survey National Honor Society data analysis, and a first rate National Institutes of Health product in documentation, National Science Teachers Association analysis, and business solutions. Navy Supply Corps NeighborWorks America I highly recommend that you Peace Corps call him for your next project Renal Physicians Association in survey analysis and Rock Creek Strategic Marketing research. You can only Sibley Memorial Hospital benefit from the call. “ The Media Network The Washington Post Carmen Larsen, US Army Medical Command President AQUAS Inc. US Department of Education US Department of State Virginia Commerce Bank WESTAT © EurekaFacts LLC- Youth for Understanding USA
  8. 8. Success Stories The following pages illustrate some examples of the types of projects we have completed.  Survey Research  Data Analysis  Qualitative Insight  Evaluation “EurekaFacts did the data mining and we got the gold. Their targeting analysis helped us generate record-breaking results.quot; Frank Peterson, CEO, Catalyst Communications © EurekaFacts LLC-
  9. 9. Segmentation & Demographic Targeting CDC – The Center for Disease Control, the principal agency in the United States government for  protecting the health and safety of all Americans and for providing essential human services.  Objective: Support the primary agency (The Media Network) in the development of a campaign to educate non-acculturated Hispanic women of the need to consume vitamin supplements with folic acid to help prevent birth defects (Spina Bifida).  Method: Through the use of public and private data sources, EurekaFacts was able to develop a set of segmentation schemas in order to assist the development and appropriate targeting of a public education campaign to reach non-acculturated Hispanic women. Data from multiple sources including Census 200 micro-data, Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Expenditure (CEX) data (in vitamin supplements), existing survey data (March of Dimes surveys) and other data was incorporated into the multivariate analysis. The demographic segments were identified and characterized in terms of acculturation, risk, consumption, attitudinal media habits, and geographic locations, and then scored. Target segments were recommended.  Outcome: The segmentation process identified several segmentation schemas and provided recommendations on evaluation criteria. The identified target segments resulted in a manageable number of target segments with distinct educational, language preferences, age groups and risks so that the public education campaign could be developed to target each distinct segment with appropriate messaging. © EurekaFacts LLC-
  10. 10. Moderation and Recruitment  Westat / The National Institutes of Health - Westat is an employee-owned corporation providing research services to agencies of the U.S. Government, as well as businesses, foundations, and state and local governments.  Objective: The National Institutes of Health commissioned Westat to conduct a study to test the usability of multiple web-based surveys being developed for individuals over the age of 50. Westat asked EurekaFacts to conduct extensive in-person in-depth interviews as well as recruit individuals for these interviews.  Activity: The Eureka Facts team recruited a mix of individuals in accordance to the quotas set in place by NIH and Westat. Recruitment was done using a mixed-mode methodology combining telephone, online and face-to-face efforts. Moderation was conducted by the experienced EurekaFacts’ team. The EurekaFacts focus group facility was used to conduct the in-depth interviews, and video-recorded them to ensure data integrity.  Outcome: Westat and NIH were able to use the data collected through the in-depth interviews to further revise and polish the survey applications. © EurekaFacts LLC-
  11. 11. Customer Profile & Needs  Hostelling International USA - Hostelling International USA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization founded in 1934 to promote international understanding of the world and its people through hostelling. HI-USA operates a network of nearly 80 quality hostel accommodations throughout the United States ranging from urban high-rise buildings with hundreds of beds to small remote hostels in rural settings.  Objective: Hostelling International USA wanted to explore the behavior, preferences, and needs of travelers staying in their hostels, HI-USA members, and HI-USA volunteers in order to build a more comprehensive network with the ultimate goal of increasing involvement and promoting expanded understanding of cultures around the world.  Method: EurekaFacts utilized qualitative interviews of current volunteers spanning various generational cohorts. National rounds of in-person focus groups were conducted involving travelers staying at local hostels. Online focus groups of HI-USA members was also employed at the qualitative stage. Following the qualitative research, online surveys were conducted to gather survey data among those who have stayed at HI-USA hostels, HI-USA members, and HI-USA volunteers to discover the needs, satisfaction, and expectations of these diverse audiences. Econometric modeling and additional exploration was conducted to support development of new affiliation offers, volunteer models, membership and web 2.0 involvement strategies  Outcome: HI-USA is using the results of the research to promote awareness of hostels in the US and more importantly, foster cultural and global understanding through inexpensive travel. The organization now makes business decisions based on what matters to its customers, members, and volunteers. Specifically, results from the statistical modeling of the behavior, attitudes, and preferences of HI-USA's customers, members, and volunteers allowed HI-USA to prioritize its business efforts on the factors that have the largest influence on the decision-making and customer satisfaction of its audiences. © EurekaFacts LLC-
  12. 12. Program & Branding  National Association of Student Councils (NASC) - National-level organization supporting middle school and high school student councils and their advisers.  Objective: NASC was concerned with declining participation in student councils and asked EurekaFacts to research the situation and recommend appropriate action.  Method: Four phases were utilized to assess program effectiveness and recommend appropriate marketing and program improvements to increase participation in student council groups nationwide and involvement with the local, state, and national student council organizations. Phase one involved database analysis to identify segments within US schools that experienced different levels of growth or loss of student council activity in relation to the universe of public and private schools in the US. After exhausting available data, phase two captured in-depth qualitative information from three primary audiences: school principals, middle and high school students, and activity advisers. To accomplish this task, a national round of focus group sessions and in-depth interviews were held in five states, identifying barriers to participation, areas of interest and value that each audience would expect from the student councils at the local and national levels. Phase three involved survey design for all key audiences, to obtain representative measurement and feedback on key concepts that emerged within qualitative findings of phase two. The survey instrument captured quantitative information from four key audiences: principals, advisers, middle school students, and high school students (both student council members and students not active in student council). A follow up study explored possible re-branding solutions to assist in the communication of changes in the student councils.  Outcome: Recommendations on positioning, branding and program offerings were provided. Supporting data included key messaging for a national campaign, identification of barriers to participation/influence and highly sought program elements likely to resonate among each audience. Additional membership structure and membership dues pricing optimization recommendations were also provided. © EurekaFacts LLC-
  13. 13. Campaign Evaluation  Center for Education Reform - The Center for Education Reform asked EurekaFacts to conduct an outcome evaluation of its PIRC public awareness campaign grant with the US Department of Education. Objective: CER’s effort, the Parents Network for Better Education (PNBE) program sought to educate  parents of school-age children on their rights under the No Child Left Behind Act in four states in the Southeastern United States.  Method: EurekaFacts developed a plan to assess the effectiveness of the communications campaign in terms of awareness, consideration of action and actual changes in behavior among parents residing in areas served by underperforming schools. Target populations included low income, diverse and low literacy populations; therefore, the evaluation instruments were designed to third-grade-level reading ability in English and Spanish. Campaign evaluation spanned two years and included telephone surveys of parents of school-age children in target areas across four states. A follow-up evaluation was also administered to those who requested information by calling the campaign’s toll-free number. Evaluation cards were collected from those who participated in workshops, community sessions and other events provided direct feedback from individuals served by grass-roots volunteers. Changes in the use of resources available under NCLB were tracked at the school district level using secondary data sources -- public data from the Department of Education for each target state. Statistical analysis and geographic information systems were used to identify and represent where progress was being made. Analysis was also performed using measures of activity by grassroots volunteers and awareness of the campaign by community centers and target partnering local organizations.  Outcome: EurekaFacts provided an assessment of the PIRC grant and provided insight that assisted in maximizing impact. © EurekaFacts LLC-
  14. 14. EUREKAFACTS LLC Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions (AIMS) Jorge Restrepo M.G.A. GS-23F0104S CEO and Chief Analyst Direct Line: (240) 403-1636 Main (301) 610-0590 - 1(866) 693-2287 Main Fax (301) 610 0640 DBE/ MBE Certified 451 Hungerford Drive (Rockville Pike) Suite 515 Rockville, Maryland 20850 “It was a pleasure working with Jorge and his company EurekaFacts. They were very thorough. The results have helped the association with our membership development activities. In addition to providing the research, they offered excellent recommendations to help us plan for the future. I intend to use EurekaFacts again in the future.” CJ Reid, Associate Executive Director American Association School Administrators © EurekaFacts LLC-