Satra tent and gear testing


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Satra tent and gear testing

  1. 1. Granger’s New Tent and Gear Range From developing the first water based products over 40 years ago Granger’s has always been at the forefront of producing the most environmentally responsible aftercare products. This tradition continues with Granger’s new Tent and Gear range – The water based bluesign® approved formulations have been specifically formulated for modern tents and equipment. Their unique 3 in 1 formulation reproofs, protects against UV and inhibits mildew growth, protecting both the tent and occupants from the environment. By providing outstanding cleaning, proofing and protection in one application this range is sure to prove popular with consumers and retailers alike.Independent tests of Granger’s productsAt Granger’s we believe that independent accreditation is the only true way to demonstrate our credentials. Forindependent testing we use Satra, a leading authority on testing for footwear, leather goods and apparel. For moreinformation about Satra please visit: of Granger’s Tent and GearTest method: SATRA TM 201: 1999. Water and Oil Repellency.The products were applied as per manufacturers instructions to a supplied nylon fabric and then allowed to air dry. Repellency Sample reference Treatment details Water Oil Untreated Fabric None <1 <1 Granger’s Tent and Gear Proofer Spray-on 5 1 Competitor Proofing Spray Spray-on 3 <1Key to scale – Water repellence is on a scale from 1 to 8, with a score of 1 indicating no repellency and a score of8 indicating high repellency. SATRA’s Conclusion:“Our minimum recommendation for many materials/applications is 4. In the water repellence test the Granger’s product has given results, which meet our minimum recommendation and which are better than those obtained with the competitors product.” At Granger’s we take our environmental responsibility seriously. That’s why we’re the only aftercare company to be both ISO 14001 accredited and a bluesign® system partner.