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Jorge lepe william blake


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william blake English 2 Mrs. bauman

Published in: Education, Technology, Spiritual
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Jorge lepe william blake

  1. 1. WILLIAM BLAKE A poison tree A dream
  2. 2. WILIAM BLAKE 1. Born in london 2. Nov. 28,1787 – Aug. 12,1827 3. English poet, painter, and print make 4. Believed to see visions of god
  4. 4. A POISON  Tells of hatred for a foe  He holds his grudge till it overwhelms him  His foe becomes fond of this hatred for him  His grudged is finally lifted when he finds his enemy dead beneath a poison tree
  5. 5. A DREAM
  6. 6. A DREAM  In his dream he is lying in a field of grass  The voice of a broken hearted woman rings out to him  She mourns the departur of her husband  The man hears her mourn and returns
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