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  1. 1. 5-Music Portuguese Music
  2. 2. CLASSICAL MUSIC Luís de Freitas Branco (Lisbon, 1890- 1955) was a composer and pianist and one of the most important members of the 20th century Portuguese culture. Maria João Pires is a famous Portuguese pianist who won the Chopin Prize with the sonatas. Pedro Burmester, (Porto 1963) is famous pianist . Joana Carneiro (Lisbon, 30th September 1976) is the only Portuguese maestrina. She lives in the USA. Carlos Seixas (1704-1742) Portuguese composer for organ and harpsichord. 5-Music
  3. 3. Fado is the most traditional Portuguese music and it is famous all over the world. There is the Fado of Lisboa , which is more famous and the Fado of Coimbra, the traditional song of the University students. Fado in Portugal 5-Music
  4. 4. Amalia Rodrigues was born on the 1 st July 1920 and died on 6 th October 1999. She is considered the Queen of Fado music. Mariza is a well known fado singer from the new generation. She was born in Mozambique on the 16th December , 1973 She is considered the Diva of Fado music. Carlos do Carmo was born in Lisbon on the 21st December 1939. He is one of the most famous Fado singers. Nuno da Câmara Pereira is a famous fado singer, writer and politician . Famous Fado Singers 5-Music
  5. 5. The Portuguese Hip Hop (also known as Hip Hop Tuga and HHTUGA) is a variety of different hip-hop, because it is mixed with African music. It is often performed by Afro-Portuguese, descendants of African immigrants who came to Portugal after the independence of African colonies. Hip-Hop 5-Music
  6. 6. Portuguese rock music There are many Portuguese rock groups but the most important are Xutos e Pontapés, GNR and UHF . The most famous Portuguese rock singers are Rui Veloso, David Fonseca and Xana . 5-Music
  7. 7. Carlos Paião Tony Carreira Marco Paulo José Cid Quim Barreiros Ágata Portuguese Pop Music 5-Music