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  1. 1. HTML5
  2. 2. HTML5WebGL, JavaScript,Web Sockets, GLSL,Web Audio, Canvas,DOM, CSS3, SVGand more...
  3. 3. HTML5 GAMESmade usingJavaScript or CSS3paired with abrowser basedtechnology.
  4. 4. HTML5 GAMESWEBGLOpenGL ES 2.0:memory / bandwidthrequired for textureand model data, varietyof GPUs.Microsoft has no publicplans to support it yet.SKiDRacer
  5. 5. HTML5 GAMESNATIVE CLIENTNon-HTML5 ChromeNaCl technology.C/C++ produces a .nexe,a compiled native module.For performance andreuse of existing workwithout recoding it fromscratch.Bastion
  6. 6. HTML5 GAMESCSS3the domain of pro webdevelopers and you’relikely to hit thelimitations of what itcan do rapidly.GeckoTang
  7. 7. HTML5 GAMESJS+DOMhardware accelerationavailable. it’s possible towrite extremely fastand responsiveDocument ObjectModel based games.Sumon
  8. 8. HTML5 GAMES<CANVAS>read and write pixellevel data.well supported inbrowsers, renderingspeeds varydramatically.Onslaught!
  9. 9. HTML5 GAMESPLATFORMSDesktop Browsers, Facebook, Mobile Web Browser, MobileApps, Tablets, Windows 8 Metro, iOS Native Apps, IntelAppUp, Opera TV StoreDifferent Contexts, Screen Sizes, Input Methods, Performance.
  10. 10. HTML5 GAMESMONETIZATIONGoogle Ads, In-App and mobile billing, Facebook Credits,Mobile Gaming Portals (Spil, Mindjolt), Metro Apps, App Store,Android Marketplace, Browser vendor stores, BlackberryAppWorld, NOOK Apps, Kindle Fire/Amazon, Intel AppUp,Opera TV Store
  11. 11. HTML5 GAMES a m d t p a a f a n j hMY GAME r i r e o jJavaScript+DOM objects e a e l p oorJavaScript + HTML5 <canvas> s a i y s a f i e a o xClick-based b p o e n a3 platforms: o a v d b a· Mobile· Web browser· Facebook + Social Highscores
  12. 12. HTML5 GAMES +100 a p a a m j hMY GAME r f d o jJavaScript+DOM objects e i a n p oorJavaScript + HTML5 <canvas> s a e e s a f a i l o xClick-based b i e a n a3 platforms: o a v d b a· Mobile· Web browser· Facebook + Social Highscores