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Oh&S In The It Workplace


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OH&S in the IT industry

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Oh&S In The It Workplace

  1. 1. OH&S in The IT Workplace Filing Cabinets Jorge Reyna MN4 2007
  2. 2. G’day mate my name is IGNATZ. In this opportunity I will be talking about OH&S regarding cabinets.
  3. 3. Please be aware of top heavy filling cabinets. They are at risk of falling over!!!
  4. 4. Do not open more than one drawer at the time, this can cause accidents … yup!
  5. 5. Buy cabinets that has safety locks to prevent multiple drawers for being opened simultaneously
  6. 6. Load management is crucial. Do not fill heavy files on top of cabinets. Put it on the bottom and it will make your cabinet more stable.
  7. 7. Never place anything heavy on top of your cabinets
  8. 8. Ensure there is ample space in the drawers to prevent hand and wrist injuries
  9. 9. If you need to decide between metal or wooden cabinets please choose metal ones as they are more durable and safe.
  10. 10. Avoid using cabinets that has legs when the ground is not solid and flat.
  11. 11. Make sure you do not overload drawers as can cause shell crashing
  12. 12. Always choose cabinets that has proper handlers and make sure they are tightened.
  13. 13. I told you Krazy if you listen to me the accident with the falling cabinet it will not happen!! ^%$#”
  14. 14. Thanks for your time. Hope you guys enjoyed my presentation. For further information please visit
  15. 15. See you next time
  16. 16.