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Jordyn speech


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Published in: Education, Art & Photos, Business
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Jordyn speech

  1. 1. Jordyn GlennMrs. Tillery18 April 2012Senior Project “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even if the people in itdo”. The famous Andy Warhol summed it all up with his quote. Hi, I’m Jordyn Glennand I have been passionate about photography for several years now so it was a naturalselection for me to pick this topic for my senior project. I hope you all enjoy the photos Ihave taken both for fun and for profit over the past year as much as I enjoyed takingthem. While conducting research on photography, I realized that I could talk to youabout the mechanics of taking photos or how critical your camera choice or lightingmight be for different types of photographs you might take, but instead I choose toresearch the human element of photography and how it makes the viewer feel. It is saidthat “Through photographs, we preserve history - our childs first steps, a decayinglandscape, or rare and endangered animals.” My research taught me that photography canbe used for many different reasons, such as expressing oneself or to show people what isgoing on half way around the world. I was also taught that photography hasn’t beenaround forever, but that did not stop people from always trying to find a way to capture acertain moment. Photography is not just a word you can look up in a dictionary andunderstand, you have to actually experience it.
  2. 2. My product is a photo book showcasing some of my personal favorites takenthroughout the year. It was difficult deciding on a final product because there are so manycreative ways that I could display the photographs I selected. In the end, I decided tochoose a photo book or album, because even after I’m finished with senior boards, thebook is something I’ll be able to look back on and keep forever. In the years to come I’llbe able to compare those recently taken, to my old ones, and hopefully see progress. Eachpicture I have taken over this past year holds a special memory for me that I never wantto forget, and these pictures will help me to remember those memories. I know when Ilook at these photos in the future I will be able to recall not only how I felt while takingthese pictures but will also remember the mood, atmosphere or general feeling of thepeople in them. In order to create my finished product I first had to take all of my photos. I thenhad to choose which ones were my favorites by narrowing it down. I had taken over athousand photos this year so the selection process was the hardest. Once I had finallydecided I had to edit and make sure each photo looked its absolute best. I then had totransfer all of those photos onto a thumb drive and take it into Walgreens and create myown photography book. My peer facilitator was Mrs. Estapa. She is the Broadcast and Video Productionhere at Creekview. I chose Mrs. Estapa because I have taken her class for the past twoyears and she is gifted with everything that has to do with photography and technology.She knows everything there is to know about capturing a good photograph and how toedit. She helped me when I faced technological problems and gave me advice on how towork around it and assured me that I’m not the only one who has had these issues.
  3. 3. These issues that I faced include problems such as losing photos, having myiPhoto deleted off of my computer, camera malfunctions, and not being able to capturethe image that I had in my mind. When photos got deleted off of my computer andmemory card, luckily I had some of them uploaded onto the internet where I could resavethem. Even though I was able to recover them, I had lost the quality of the photo. Cameramalfunctions in photography are inevitable, I just had to turn it off, take the battery outfor a while, and hope for the best. There were times when my flash would stop working, Ihad to let it rest and cool down for a few minutes, and then I was able to continue takingphotos. This project has taught me that photography is my passion and I would love topursue it in the future. People underestimate just how difficult taking photos can be. It’sso much more than just “point and click”. It is all about capturing a certain moment intime. Photography is my way of expressing myself and the senior project has allowed meto do that all year long. I would love to either major or minor in photo journalism nextyear at the University of Tennessee then hopefully I’ll be able to find a career or even ajob on the side that involves photography. Next time you ask yourself if photography is important, just think about all ofyour family photo albums. You wouldn’t have those memories if you wouldn’t havetaken the photograph. Thank you for your time.