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Seminaris Empresa 17ene2012

  1. 1. Aulas Empresa FIBChanging Technology trends in the IT landscape (from BSCs perspective) Jordi Torres, BSC-UPC 03/02/2012
  2. 2. Every 15 years ….A major technologicaljump in IT TIC That has redefined IT and industry in general 1950 2012
  3. 3. Mainframes1950 1965 1980 1995 2010 2025
  4. 4. Personal Computers Mainframes1950 1965 1980 1995 2010 2025
  5. 5. Internet Personal Computers Mainframes1950 1965 1980 1995 2010 2025
  6. 6. IT products or services?More flexible IT is required, whichcan adapt to businesses and wherecosts can be predicted Internet Personal Computers Mainframes
  7. 7. Industrialization of IT Big Data Centers Internet Personal Computers Mainframes 1950 1965 1980 1995 2010 2025
  8. 8. Source: set/?set=a.190842620965185.47008.140375289345252 40 Mw28.000 m2
  9. 9. Foto: Google
  10. 10. Foto: Google > football pitch x 4
  11. 11. Cloud Computing represents a major change in ITservice architecture, delivery and consumption Ubiquitous access Pay per use On-demand self-service Rapid elasticity ....
  12. 12. IaaS Infrastructure as a Service Foto: Tutorial SC2011 - Robert GrossmanAmazon Data Center
  13. 13. Traditional IaaS PaaS SaaS Apps Apps Apps Apps Frameworks Frameworks Frameworks Frameworks VM VM VM VM Server Server Server Server Delivery service models
  14. 14. Cloud Computing Forecast IaaS Gartner is predictingSaaS to IDC, by According that the IaaS market to grow by 47.8% through 2015, about 24% of all 2015. new business software purchases will be of service-enabled software with SaaS delivery being 13.1% of worldwide software spending.Source:
  15. 15. Cloud Computing Forecast Workload processsed in the CloudSource: CISCO
  16. 16. Source: set/?set=a.190842620965185.47008.14037528934525240 Mw
  17. 17. foto: Google Where are the information factories?
  18. 18. foto: Google Energy price: 0,03-0,04 €/kWh
  19. 19. foto: Google Result: relocation overseas
  20. 20. Client concerns: Lack of Security Privacy Standards Data Data Regulatory Integrity Recovery Vendor Control ... Maturity
  21. 21. And finally … Hybrid cloud Enterprise resources: Data+ Programs + Hardware PUBLIC CLOUD PRIVATE CLOUD operated by a Intelligent & autonomic operated by enterprise service provider management of resources IT department behind a corporative firewall ensuring scalability, consistency, availability, privacy, security, . . . Client-aware Computing Services that intelligent take advantage of client capabilities as mobile or context-aware apps
  22. 22. Everybody connected 4th year ESO secondary school: 100% of students on Facbook
  23. 23. A mobile future
  24. 24. Not only will we have mobile devices, but also Internet of Things
  25. 25. And this will bring about adeluge of digital information1 EXABYTE = MEGABYTE
  26. 26. And this will require a new approach to Storage relational DB can’t support everything DBMS in-memory NoSQLDataprocessing Rethinking of data processing
  27. 27. Stack Data 2.0Data cannot be taken at face value
  28. 28. Summary Cloud Computing It’s here to stay We have to prepare our businesses for the explosion of the cloud in a world of mobile technology and social networks, dominated by the boom of available information and all in a sustainable way.
  29. 29. Thank you for you attention! This presentation can be downloaded from
  30. 30. Source of ilustrations & information• Thanks to•••••••••• zettabytes-in-2011/?utm-source=feedburner&utm-medium=feed&utm- campaign=Feed:+DataCenterKnowledge+%28Data••••• market-estimates-2012/• dex_White_Paper.pdf
  31. 31. Autonomic Systems and e-BusinessPlatforms research line at BSC/UPC
  32. 32. Acerca del autor: • Profesor, Investigador y escritor en nuevas tecnologías TIC. En estos momentos es catedrático en la UPC Barcelona Tech y cuenta con más de veinte años de experiencia en I+D con un centenar de publicaciones científicas dentro del área. También dirige un grupo de investigación en el Barcelona Supercomputing Center realizando proyectos tanto con PYMES como con empresas multinacionales líderes del sector tecnológico. Actúa como experto en estos temas para diferentes organizaciones, imparte conferencias y colabora con diferentes medios de comunicación para divulgar las TIC. • Su interés actual se centra en lograr un mayor y más sostenible aprovechamiento de los recursos TIC en el escenario del Cloud Computing tanto para el beneficio de las empresas como para el de la sociedad en general • (Cloud Computing, Big Data, Green Computing). Más información en: