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Jody Ordioni co-host's Creative Excellence Awards.

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CEA presentation brandemix

  1. 1. C REAT I VE excellence awards Introducing this year’s best recruitment advertising campaigns
  2. 2. creative excellence awards : 2013 GRAND PRIZE Print Advertising and Promotions JWT INSIDE Client: Farmers Insurance Single Brochure
  3. 3. creative excellence awards : 2013 GRAND PRIZE Interactive Media TMP Worldwide Client: DANONE Social Media Marketing
  4. 4. creative excellence awards : 2013 GRAND PRIZE Best Multimedia Campaign for a General Audience CareerBuilder Client: Six Flags Mobile Career Site Print Assets Best Multimedia Campaign Job Branding
  5. 5. creative excellence awards : 2013 GRAND PRIZE College Communications TMP Government Client: NASA contracted through Valador Online
  6. 6. creative excellence awards : 2013 GRAND PRIZE Employee/Internal Communications TMP Worldwide Client: Walmart eCommerce Referral Program (Single or Multiple Medium)
  7. 7. creative excellence awards : 2013 GRAND PRIZE Special Award Bernard Hodes UK Client: Barclays UK RBB RECRUITMENT EFFECTIVENESS BARCLAYS UKRBB | CIPD 2013 An interactive location tour takes people around a flagship branch and introduces Barclays people who have various roles. Barclays tells us that it’s one of the features that have helped people self-deselect and increase the quality of their applications. RECRUITMENT EFFECTIVENESS BARCLAYS UKRBB | CIPD 2013 Twitter and LinkedIn give candidates a flavour for working at Barclays Recruitment Advertising Effectiveness
  8. 8. creative excellence awards : 2013 GRAND PRIZE Global Communications Bernard Hodes Global Network, The Netherlands: Steam Client: Ministry of Defence Social Media Marketing
  9. 9. creative excellence awards : 2013 GRAND PRIZE Diversity TMP Government Client: NAVAIR Print Media
  10. 10. creative excellence awards : 2013 GRAND PRIZE Self Promotion Shaker Recruitment Advertising & Communications Client: Shaker Recruitment Advertising & Communications Interactive Media
  11. 11. creative excellence awards : 2013 DANSKER PRIZE Dansker Prize Winner TMP Government Client: NASA contracted through Valador National Aeronautics and Space Administration Someone like you could work for any company on the planet. How many companies have sent their products to Mars or Jupiter or beyond? Or will give you a job description that says, “Do the impossible?” Match your ambition with a mission that truly deserves it. But why stop there? Our Workforce hiring a bunch of people that think alike. We’re planning on making some pretty major innovations over workforce that’s creative, daring, diverse, and smart, to do it. Our Locations If you promise us hard work and Interplanetary assignments aren’t on this list yet, but that doesn’t of respect, equal opportunity, trust, in Washington, D.C. and we have 10 centers and component bold ideas, we promise you a culture mean your options are limited. Our operations are headquartered communication and empowerment. installations across the nation with unique focuses and programs. At NASA, safety, teamwork and integrity are valued as highly as mission success. Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX Apply your skills and knowledge to real, fast-moving programs Kennedy Space Center and research from the time you start. At NASA, you won’t spend Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA scientists, business people or other professionals is a big responsibility. Recent Graduate Careers at NASA That’s why NASA sees learning as a life-long process, and has the And you’ll do it alongside some of the nation’s top scientists, world. Leadership, innovation and imagination aren’t buzzwords here. Marshall Space Flight Center, AL NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C. Stennis Space Center, MS leadership training, cross-center and academia opportunities, we make sure you’re growing at the pace of our innovations. They’re what we trade in. to support a healthy, full life, including: Fitness and recreational facilities Flexible work schedules and telecommuting opportunities Transportation subsidies (where applicable) Sick/annual leave and 10 paid holidays Being able to tell your friends and family you work at NASA Interactive Media: Booth College Communications - Print Ad / Brochure / Collateral - Online - Other (non-traditional: career fair, giveaway, poster, etc.) Ames Research Center To get more information about our centers and learn about future career opportunities, visit nasabigpicture.com