Comenius Pledge: Masia Freixa


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Comenius Pledge: Masia Freixa

  1. 1. Comenius pledge <br />Comenius project<br />LET’S GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY<br />
  2. 2. INTRODuction<br />Ourtaskconsisted of studying Masia Freixa and thegardens in Sant Jordi’sPark. <br />Wehad to exploretheplace in order to reachour conclusions abouthistory, geography, communityspirit and art. <br />
  3. 3. HISTory<br />Wehaveseenpictures of the past and wehavediscoveredthedifferentpurposesthat Masia Freixa has had so far:<br />Wool and alpaca warehouse.<br />Freixa familyresidence.<br />Library (duringtheSpanish Civil War).<br />Music school.<br />Town Hall offices.<br />
  4. 4. HISToryof the Freixa family and Lluís Muncunill<br />Josep Freixa i Argemí was a wool manufacturer.<br />He wasoriginallyfromOlot, and he wasmarried to a womanfrom Terrassa. <br />He was a resourceful and artisticallysensitiveperson.<br />Lluís Muncunillwasthe local architect, whodesignedthehouse. <br />He was a ModernistartistinfluencedbyGaudí’swork.<br />He has leftan important legacy of hisworks in Terrassa. <br />
  5. 5. HIStoryof architecture and gardens<br />It is located in theoutskirts of thecity.<br />It was built over the ancient structure of the family’s factory.<br />Muncunill gets his inspiration from nature in order to build the Masia.<br />The parabolic arch and the Catalan arch are used in doors, windows and the roof.<br />The building materials are stone and small pieces of glass for the roof.<br />Simple decoration: curve shapes, white coat, minaret and skirting board made of white tile.<br />Romantic style gardens.<br />Decorating sculptures: Saint George and Venus (among others).<br />
  6. 6. GEOGRAphy<br />We made small groups in the classroom and we looked at different types of maps.<br />We located MasiaFreixa and the main sites in town.<br />We noticed, by means of Google Earth and old photographs, how the surroundings have changed.<br />We registered the changes observed. <br />
  7. 7. GEOGRAphy<br />We observed the surroundings of MasiaFreixa and the buildings around it. We analysed the style of the different buildings, their materials, their aesthetic aspect and their harmonic connection with the surroundings.<br />We registered those buildings.<br />We also registered the different services which the park offers and we studied whether they are enough or not for the town.<br />
  8. 8. GEOGRAphyConclusions<br />MasiaFreixa was formerly located in the outskirts of Terrassa, surrounded by fields and factories.<br />It is now located in the town centre, surrounded by many buildings which suffocate the park. There are still some factories.<br />The growth of the town is due to the fact that Terrassa is an industrial town which has received many immigrants.<br />The buildings around it oppress the park and they are not in harmony with the surroundings. We propose a regulation of styles and materials.<br />Although there is a huge green area in Terrassa, named Vallparadis Park, it also needs other green areas such as SantJordi’s Park.<br />
  9. 9. CItizenship<br />We brainstormed about the current uses of SantJordi’s Park and MasiaFreixa:<br />The park is a public place used for citizens leisure.<br />MasiaFreixa is now a set of local offices.<br />The owner and responsible for its upkeep is Terrassa’s Town Hall.<br />The upkeep that the park needs consists of: gardening, sanitation and watching patrols.<br />
  10. 10. CItizenship<br />We have analysed the damages and the renovations that have been carried out there.<br />We have registered all the damages which worsen the monument and its surroundings.<br />We have set on a map the damages previously registered.<br />We have registered the last renovations which have been performed.<br />We have marked on a map those changes.<br />Finally, we have prepared a report on the conclusions that we have reached.<br />
  11. 11. CItizenship<br />Damage and acts that make worsening the environment are:<br />Animal droppings.<br />dirt such as cigarette butts, plastic, cans, paper and chewing gum.<br />Bad conservation of the MasiaFreixa.<br />Graffited furniture and trees.<br />
  12. 12. CItizenshipConclusions<br />Sant Jordi’sPark<br />The park is in good conditions thanks to the recent renovations.<br />But there is dirt and graffiti due to the lack of concern of some citizens.<br />Users who have less awareness are children and teenagers.<br />It has improved in terms of safety, gardening and cleaning.<br />Masia Freixa<br />It presents a general deterioration due to the courseof time, lack of actions to preserve it and acts of people on shutters, facade, painted graffiti and pigeon droppings.<br />It is necessary a general restaurationof the building.<br />
  13. 13. CItizenshipConclusions<br />It has been done a total and necessary remodelling of the park.<br />Citizens take advantage of it.<br />The citizen is partly responsible for the proper conservation and public spaces maintenance.<br />The City Council is investing funds for the maintenance and preservation of the park.<br />We must invest in user awareness and educate children and teenagers.<br />The maintenance of the park is everybody’s responsibility<br />
  14. 14. CItizenshipMasia Freixa and Sant Jordi’sPark in thefuture<br />MasiaFreixa in the future might have other functions rated as positive for the citizens.<br />House-museum of modernism in Terrassa<br />Historical Achieve <br />Youth’s Office<br />Educational space for temporary exhibitions<br />Tourist Information Centre<br />
  15. 15. CitizenshipMasia Freixa and Sant Jordi’sPark in thefuture<br />We would like to maintain in SantJordi’s park:<br />the Gardening service<br />the security service.<br />Aspects that should be improved:<br />More flexible timetable.<br />Information panels on the site<br />Service bar or restaurant<br />Public toilets<br />Educational Activities<br />Clearing of the building environment<br />
  16. 16. interviewDomènec Ferran, director of theMuseum of Terrassa<br />DomènecFerran told us about the local heritage:<br />"The awareness of the inhabitants doesn’t depend on warnings, but on education at school and home”.<br />"We are already thinking about installing bars and restaurants in the park. It would promote the touristic attraction in this area“.<br />" Children and grandchildren bring their parents and grandparents to cultural areas of the city, this is because the school has provided this interest.“<br />"It is very important and necessary to do all kind of activities to assess the heritage of the city.“<br />
  17. 17. interviewmireia Freixa, historian and Josep Freixa’s descendent<br />MireiaFreixasolved our doubts about the past of MasiaFreixa and SantJordi’s Park .<br />"LluisMuncunill was not directly a pupil of Gaudi, but he was inspired by his work, he never met him personally“.<br />"The minaret had no use, it was only a part of the decoration of the house. We were forbidden to climb it“.<br />"The gardens were more extensive than now. There used to be a forest, where the picnic area is now“.<br />Mr. Freixa bought a copy of Donatello’s Saint Jordi sculpture in Italy to celebrate the birth of his first child; whose name was Jordi”.<br />
  18. 18. interviewMercè Compte, specialized in historicalgardens<br />Mercè Comte, from the Friends of the Park association, told us about the garden’s history:<br />“The roses collection has been recovered since it was characteristic of Modernism”.<br />The Cypress Corridor was not original from the construction of the house.<br />The demands of neighbours were taken into consideration before doing the remodelling.<br />The removal of trees has been done because they were sick.<br />The shrubs and flowers that have been planted are local and environmentally friendly.<br />
  19. 19. ARTWeinterpretthepark and Masia Freixa<br />We interpret the park and MasiaFreixa.<br />We went to the park to draw.<br />We had a good frame and it provided ways to lace.<br />At home we finished our drawings with the proper drawing technique.<br />