World Innovation Ranking English by PROCESOi


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PROCESOi makes a ranking basing on the three key factors that stablish the innovation capacity of a company: three key factors: employees’ brain preferences, innovative work behaviors and innovation practices within each firm

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World Innovation Ranking English by PROCESOi

  1. 1. do you consider innovation to be important for your company? PROCESOi
  2. 2. if in business all important things are measured... PROCESOi
  3. 3. why not measure innovation? PROCESOi
  4. 4. how would your company score on innovation? PROCESOi
  5. 5. which office, business unit or market within your organization is the most innovative? PROCESOi
  6. 6. is your company more innovative than its competitors? PROCESOi
  7. 7. Measure the innovation capacity of your firm in the World Innovation Ranking PROCESOi
  8. 8. what is the World Innovation Ranking? . The first worldwide ranking that measures the innovation capacity of organizations. . An independent and objective study that will enhance your company's positioning in the eyes of clients and shareholders. PROCESOi
  9. 9. why should you participate? PROCESOi
  10. 10. innovation = economic growth Innovation is the corporate strategy that can help companies increase their present value, generating sustainable growth and differentiating it from its competitors. World Innovation Ranking analyses your company’s innovation capacity and provides you with hundreds of insights that will help you further develop your innovation capacity. PROCESOi
  11. 11. brand awareness Let your clients know how innovative your company is. If your company is among the most innovative, which client and reputation wouldn’t want to do business with you? PROCESOi
  12. 12. Build trust among your shareholders innovator Building trust among shareholders has always been of the utmost importance. During this economic downturn, building that trust should be a company’s top priority. If your company ranks well in the World Innovation Ranking, it means that it has economic growth potential. Measure your innovation capacity and let your investors know why they should trust you. PROCESOi
  13. 13. what does WIR asess? PROCESOi
  14. 14. PROCESOi employees’ talent Employees drive innovation. The World Innovation Ranking evaluates employees’ talent to determine the percentage of innovators inside an organization, at all reporting levels and within all functional areas.
  15. 15. PROCESOi innovative work behaviors Does your company foster innovative work behaviors through its management practices? Are your employees psychologically tuned into innovation? WIR, measures employees’ level of involvement in generating new ideas that will increase company’s value, mobilize support for ideas and implement them in the organization.
  16. 16. innovation practices Leadership, organizational structures, strategy, human resources practices and open innovation systems, are key factors in encouraging innovation. How well does your company manage these PROCESOi factors?
  17. 17. why WIR is different? PROCESOi
  18. 18. . because it is an online . because it's the only ranking that . because it measures companies survey that measures over establishes correlations among the three against innovation leading 200 variables using a factors that determine the innovation organizations worldwide regressional statistical capacity of a firm: employees' talent, analysis innovative work behaviors and innovation practices. . because participating in the . because its results reveal specific innovation priorities in which WIR requires the involvement to act at all levels: processes, innovation leadership, strategy, HR of the entire organization practices, client management, organization and corporate culture. PROCESOi
  19. 19. how to participate? PROCESOi
  20. 20. innovation path Subscribe to the World Innovation 1 ranking before June 30th, 2009. - Through our web page: - By phone +34 91.791.29.44. - By email: We will contact you to agree the 2 subscription contract and to set completion dates for your organization. We will provide you with a 3 personalized URL for your employees to take part in the survey. 4 October, 2009. Public presentation of PROCESOi the World Innovation Ranking.
  21. 21. PROCESOi participation A 20% discount will apply for companies that sign up before January 31st, 09 participation + position report euros* nbr. of employees participation + basic report . . up to 250** 4.950€ your compny's position in the ranking .your company's position benchmarked against similar-sized companies 6.950€ between 250 and 500 analysis and scoring of each of the three dimensions: employees’ talent, 8.950€ between 501 and 1.000 .innovative work behavior and innovation practices 10.950€ . between 1.001 and 5.000 customized recommendations between 5.001 and 10.000 prioritized list of actions to foster innovation within the organization 12.950€ more than 10.000 14.950€ * Prices do not include VAT **A minimum of 50 employees are required for your company to participate
  22. 22. PROCESOi add-ons The following rates should be In deph analysis of In deph analysis of Rates* Complete analysis of added to the basic report rate INTERNAL EMPLOYEES' TALENT INNOVATIVE WORK INNOVATION PRACTICES within the BEHAVIOURS within the within the organization internal 2.350€ organization organization external 2.350€ Benchmark against MARKET BENCHMARK: EXTERNAL SECTOR BENCHMARK companies with the same internal + external 4.000€ specific for the company (minimum of companies TYPE OF ACTIVITY: b2b, b2c, and global results. required) public administrations, NGOs.. * Prices do not include VAT BENCHMARK The additional add-ons must be contracted, BENCHMARK HUMAN RESOURCES MAP AMONG Your company's together or separately, in addition to the internal AMONG INTERNAL DIFFERENT Global vision of the company, results AGAINST or external add-on COUNTRY BRANCH DEPARTMENT’S ADDITIONAL department by department, in the MOST OFFICES within a OFFICES within relation to the natural talent BENCHMARK INNOVATIVE given market and of its employees and the work the same The rates vary depending on the size of the company a given COMPANIES performed. organization organization * Prices do not include VAT If you're interested on any of these add-ons, please ask for a budget at If you wish to further customize any of these add-ons of if you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us at
  23. 23. for more information please contact us at email: phone: +34.91.791.29.44 fax: +34.91.791.29.01 website: