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Treball michael


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Treball michael

  2. 2. Short biography Michael Faraday was born in Newington Butts on September 22, 1791, he married Sarah Barnard (1800-1879) on 2 June 1821, and they had no children. He died in London on 25 August 1867.
  3. 3. Sciens He also made his first investigations in the field of chemistry. A study of chlorine led to the discovery of two new chlorides of carbon. He also discovered benzene, investigated new varieties of optical glass and successfully conducted a series of experiments in the gas liquefaction areas.
  4. 4. Electricity and Magnetism He was an English scientist who contributed especially in the fields of electrochemistry and electromagnetism, he made important contributions in the field of electricity. Faraday is best known for his work on electricity and magnetism. The first experiment was documented in the construction of a voltaic pile with seven half-penny coins, stacked with seven disks of sheet zinc, and six pieces of paper moistened with salt water. This stack was breaking magnesium sulfate. In 1821, after the Danish Oersted discovered the chemical relationship between electric currents and magnetic fields, Faraday discovered the basis of modern electromagnetic technology, built two devices to produce what he called electromagnetic rotation, in fact, an electric motor. He discovered through continuous circular motion caused by the magnetic force around a wire, a wire immersed in a bath of mercury which has a magnet.
  5. 5. The wire will rotate around the magnet if one feeds it with currentfrom a chemical battery. Working with static electricity, he showedthat the electric charge accumulates on the outside of electricalconductors loaded, regardless of what might be inside. This effect isused in the device called Faraday cage.
  6. 6. Photos and videos of work video sobre la pila voltaic pile voltaica  PILA VOLTAICA ITT  THE VOLTAIC PILE
  7. 7. personal opinion: To me what this man did is a very good idea because this invention helped a lot.He contributed to progress with these inventions. This project is important becouse we know who are the inventions .