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Tecnological process


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Tecnological process

  1. 1. TECNOLOGICAL PROCESS (MAKING UP AN OBJECT)We are going to show how the tecnology works through the design of an object, usingthe classical stages of the tecnological process. We are going to work in groups of fourstudents so that they interact and exchange information.Students are going to carry out a series of activities by means of which they will beable to assume the stages of the technological process: NEED, IDEA, DEVELOP THEIDEA, CONSTRUCTION AND CHECK.ACTIVITY 1.STAGES OF THE TECNOLOGICAL PROCESS - Work in groups of four - Discuss and fill in the table below stating the stages involved in the Design Process.- STAGES OF TECNOLOGICA PROCESS- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -
  2. 2. Exchange and agree your decisions with the rest of the class. ACTIVITY 2 FINDING A NEED Through a brainstorming each group finds a need which has to be satisfied. Find information about previous solutions to this type of problem, using catalogues, internet, books... If a solution already exits, they have to value either if this is a good solution or it could be improved. Find out a need and agree it with your group. To do it you have to find a minimum of 20 or more needs using the brainstorming method. Afterwards, you have to choose the idea that you like the most. ACTIVITY 3 FINDING AN IDEA Through brainstorming each group finds an idea to solve de previous need. Afterthat each group has to explain their idea to the rest of the class. They can use ICTresources. Describe briefly what your are aiming to do. It should say just enough to state theproblem, but it should not attempt to solve it. Moreover, you have to try to be simpleand concise. You, as a group, have to do an oral presentation in front of the classusing, if you consider necessary, ICT resources.