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Pixelated cl...


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Pixelated cl...

  1. 1. The idea:
  2. 2. A T-shirt with this:
  3. 3. Develop the idea Draw the idea. Search if the idea had been invented.
  4. 4. We searched if the idea was invented in this webpage: 20h/Noticias_Cuatro_20-00-Monica_Sanz- Roberto_Arce_2_1506255139.html
  5. 5. Conclusions:The idea was created and is very expensive.
  6. 6. The price of the clothe is: 800€
  7. 7. We worked on: Friday 2nd of November. In Guillem’s house. And Thursday 22th of November. In Guillem’s house
  8. 8. thank you very much for everything