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New gTLDs in the root & .cat experience


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About the new gTLDs and .cat as an example
Talk to ESNOC (Network Operators Group), Barcelona, May 2013

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New gTLDs in the root & .cat experience

  1. 1. CC BY Jordi IparraguirreNew gTLDs inthe root & .catexperienceGORE/ESNOG11thmeetingJordi Iparraguirre@jordiipalinkedin.ipa.catBarcelona, May 21st, 2013
  2. 2. CC BY Jordi IparraguirreWhats ahead● Before .cat● Sunrise and the first 6 years● New gTLDs● Conclusions
  3. 3. CC BY Jordi IparraguirreA long time ago in a galaxy far,far away ....
  4. 4. CC BY Jordi Iparraguirre…. there were 6 for for network for for US for the US government. mil for Master Chiefand a few ccTLDs for friends and family,and Jon Postel to rule them all
  5. 5. CC BY Jordi IparraguirreAnd it WAS good !How nice its to have a tidy and properlyclassified namespace ...but entropy always wins(even to Murphy & Chuck Norris),such is life!
  6. 6. CC BY Jordi Iparraguirre● IANA uses ISO 3166 list for ccTLDs● Other gTLDs were created (.mil, .int)● Who rules the root ? --> Alternative roots?● ICANN is created (1998)● 2 waves of new gTLDs– 2000: aero, biz, coop, info, museum, name, pro– 2004: asia, cat, jobs, mobi, tel, travel, ...– .xxx & .post later on due to “features”
  7. 7. CC BY Jordi IparraguirreSource: ICANN 8, 380, 2,333, 61, 108,505, 14, 7,402, 42, 1,038, 218, 15,256, 10,098, 156, 218, 23, 140,121And this is what we have (gTLDs):
  8. 8. CC BY Jordi IparraguirreAnd this is what we have (cc+g TLD):Source:
  9. 9. CC BY Jordi milestones● Approved: 15 Sept. 2005● In the root: 19 Dec. 2005● Sunrise starts: 13 Feb. 2006● Sunrise ends: 23 Abr. 2006● IPv6 and IDN since day 1● Moved from pre-validation to post-validation (automatic registration)● DNSSEC ready: March 2010● Whois: was like all gTLDs, now opt-in/out to comply EU privacy laws● Financially self sufficient since 1st quarter, profit every year.● Decreased prices as volume grew (from 75/yr to 10€/yr)
  10. 10. CC BY Jordi performance:Source:
  11. 11. CC BY Jordi performance:Source: Jordi IiparraguirreRaw data: ICANN & Google
  12. 12. CC BY Jordi Iparraguirre● January to April 12th, well in fact May 30th 2012, ICANNaccepts candidatures for new gTLDs● June 13th 2012: 1930 applications are revealed– 116 are IDN and 751 are in contention● A gold rush or a “be there or be square” issue ?● May 2013: 63 applications already withdrawn, and somequestionedNew gTLDs
  13. 13. CC BY Jordi Iparraguirre● IDN: . 诺基亚 , .คอม, .‫ום‬ֹ ‫ק‬ ‫بازار‬ .католик , ….● Brand: .bcn, .lacaixa, .mango, .seat, .telefonica ...● Geo: .abudhabi, .capetown, .istambul, .helsinki, ...● Community: .eco, .green, .gay, .music, .radio, .sports, ...● GenericNew gTLDs
  14. 14. CC BY Jordi Iparraguirre● .alsace, .aquitanie, .bzh, .corsica, .eus, .gal, .scot,.tirol .wales/cymru …...● .barcelona, .berlin, .köln, .madrid, .melbourne, .paris,.tokyo, .wien ….....● .africa, .lat, + .amazon, .patagonia● .app (13), .home (11), .inc (11), .art (10), .blog (9), .book(9), .llc (9), .shop (9), .design (8), .cloud (7), .hotel (7),.love (7), .ltd (7), .mail (7), .news (7), .store (7) .web(7) ....New gTLDs: Geo, community and others
  15. 15. CC BY Jordi Iparraguirre● From kinda ccTLDs to almost Geo● Followed .cat example● campaign● Future: small, but properly managed can get a niceshare (volume and visibility) in their natural market● Doubt: Find their place and meet expectations (ccTLD, alocal D.O., ...)“Cultural” new gTLDs
  16. 16. CC BY Jordi Iparraguirre● Why ?– Why not !● The Internet is for everyone● Bottom-up processes● Which is the right measure of success ?– Volume, service, money, … ?● Be conservative in what you do be liberal in what you acceptfrom others (Postel, RFC 1222)new gTLDs
  17. 17. CC BY Jordi Iparraguirre● New gTLD process, GAC trying to gain moreinfluence● Is there a real demand for your TLD ?● .com mindshare and market dominance– “Big gets bigger” effect● How to enter & survive in a mature market ?● How will SW, FW, Apps validate new gTLDs ?● How will pure generics win world market ?Issues:
  18. 18. CC BY Jordi Iparraguirre● Internet governance is a key topic (increasingly critical)– Govts role, I.Prop law, privacy, access, censorship, ...● SW, FW, apps, should be ready to accept all these new gTLDnames–● DNSSEC & IPv6 aware & readyConclusions
  19. 19. CC BY Jordi Iparraguirre● Many gTLDs will be a fiasco in all metrics (volume, visibility,infodensity, or (niche) market share● Others will be a “family business” but expendable● Some may get to a 10e5 zone (overcome shelf-crowding,win niche or power mktg)● No one will be threat for .comConclusions
  20. 20. CC BY Jordi IparraguirreGràcies!Preguntes?Jordi Iparraguirre@jordiipa