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Fiqh ghuslhunoot


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Published in: Education
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Fiqh ghuslhunoot

  1. 1. GHUSL Wrap body in cloth & bury What Do you do??
  3. 3. HOW TO PERFORM GHUSL OF A DEAD BODY I am giving ghusl to this corpse with [mention type of water being used to give ghusl] wajib qurbatan ilallah Wash Head & Neck Wash Right side Wash Left side Cover private parts at all times
  4. 4. NO WATER AVAILABLE then…….. 1Tayammum performed for each Ghusl & 4th Tayammum because of inability to give Ghusl with water [Total Tayammum given to dead body - 4] RULES FOR GHUSL - WATER The leaves of the berry plant or camphor must NOT be in such a quantity as to CHANGE the colour of the water, so that the water mixtures become Aabe-Muzaf (impure water) The leaves of the berry plant or camphor must NOT be SO LITTLE that it CANNOT be distinguished whether the water has been mixed with camphor or berry leaves
  5. 5. RULES FOR GHUSL – BERRY LEAVES & CAMPHOR EHTIYATE WAJIB Give Tayammum (with appropriate Niyyat) as a substitute for the Ghusls in which the berry leaves and camphor were supposed to have been used
  6. 6. QUALITIES OF A PERSON ADMINISTERING GHUSL I am a Shia Ithna’asheri I am a Baligh I am of sound mind I i.e I can differentiate between right & wrong I know all the rules of ghusl Today, I am a giving ghusl to my fellow sister
  7. 7. MUSTAHAB RULES FOR GHUSL The person giving ghusl should wash their own arms up to the elbows before every ghusl The dead body should be dried after ghusl The soles of the dead body should face quibla Ghusl should be given in a covered place or in a house All participants should recite Du’a & ask for forgiveness throughout the ghusl At least 2 people should be engaged for giving ghusl Wudhoo may be given to the dead body
  9. 9. HUNOOT Hunoot means to rub some camphor on those seven parts of the body which are placed on the ground during prostration (sajdah) in Salaat i.e. forehead, palms, knees and toes. Camphor applied to forehead Camphor applied to palms Camphor applied to knees Camphor applied to toes
  10. 10. HUNOOT WAJIB EHTIYATE WAJIB Camphor should be applied to forehead first
  11. 11. HUNOOT - MUSTAHAB ACTIONS Camphor applied to nose Camphor applied to chest