Who Is God Test


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http://JordanTherapy.com This is a excellent examination for your self or an individual you are in a romantic relationship with. I will make clear for what reason at the conclusion of the test.

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Who Is God Test

  1. 1. Who Is God Test
  2. 2. This is a excellent examination for your self or an individual you are in a romantic relationship with. I will make clear for what reason at the conclusion of the test. Even an atheist can take this specific examination. Just imagine everything that your God will answer to you if he was real. http://JordanTherapy.comhttp://LewisJamesJordan.com
  3. 3. Answer every single question with asmuch truth and detail as possible. 1. Would you illustrate God? 2. What would God do to you if he was standing in front of you? 3. What could God ask if he was speaking with you? 4. How is God unhappy in you? http://JordanTherapy.com http://LewisJamesJordan.com
  4. 4. 5. The moment God spots you whod he think you will be?6. Why does God not deliver you with whatever you desire?7. When has God happen to be angry or upset with you?8. What does God think you need to improve in your life?9. What do you do in order to make God accept you or be very pleased?10. Suppose you were God? http://JordanTherapy.com http://LewisJamesJordan.com
  5. 5. Now. The reason for this test is for you to get a good notionof what you think and feel of yourself. The relationship with God that youve is simply a expression of your deep inner feelings and ideas and beliefs you may have about yourself. God is neutral. Almost everything we compose about God isdefinitely about ourselves and our connection with God may change. Look at where you dont like yourself, where youthink you would like to do something to be deserving of love. http://JordanTherapy.com http://LewisJamesJordan.com
  6. 6. Dont forget, God is love. God doesnt have any judgements and requires nothing from you. You are loved given that you are a perfect image of God andhave absolutely nothing to do to gain love, approval or recognition. http://JordanTherapy.com http://LewisJamesJordan.com
  7. 7. The rationale I say this will help you in relationships is twofold. One reason is it makes it possible to both know very well what your beliefs are and gives you a much better understanding ofeach other and the second reason is it can help you see if therecan be significant differences in what you believe and how youapproach your relationship with God and if you are appropriate in your core beliefs. http://JordanTherapy.com http://LewisJamesJordan.com
  8. 8. This is very essential for the health of the link and may show where challenges may come up afterward when faced with important life changes or difficulties. http://JordanTherapy.com http://LewisJamesJordan.com
  9. 9. Dr Jordan focuses on a vast majority of psychological disorders in his Florida therapy practice and he specializes in Anxiety Disorders, Depression, PTSD,Anger Management, Personality Disorders, Addiction therapy, Couples and Marriage Counseling and others. Please visit his sites regularly, http://JordanTherapy.com and http://LewisJamesJordan.com for more information. http://JordanTherapy.com http://LewisJamesJordan.com