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Sign Language Hands 2D Art 1


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Sign Language Hands 2D Art 1

  1. 1. 2D Art 1
  2. 2. Albrect Durer 
  3. 3. The project!  You will create a composition using the sign language letters of your name Overlap, vary the size and direction
  4. 4. Drawing 101  Contour lines = outside lines and edges Go slowly! Take your time. The more time you spend and the more effort you put into the details, the better your art will be. Draw only what you see, not what your memory (left brain) tells you!
  5. 5. Shading  Once your contour is complete, add shading to make it realistic!  pointillism  cross hatching  scrumbling value
  6. 6. TAKE TIME TO THINK ABOUT YOUR COMPOSITION!!! You must have a plan.
  7. 7. Sign Language Name Criteria  Value-30 points-ranging from absolute blacks to absolute whites, use at least one of the shading techniques beyond simple value (pointillism, cross hatching, scrumbling) Composition-20 points- hands are arranged in an interesting layout, overlap, variety of sizes, minimum of 5 hands Accuracy-30 points- draw from your right brain, draw what you see, hands are accurate and look realistic Craftsmanship-20 points-student takes their time to do their best, most thoughtful work, page is smooth