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Uc 2 2008


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Uc 2 2008

  1. 1. UC 2 2008 We were on the brink of destruction; our summer league basketball team was down double digits in a game that would decide the city championship. We had been pressed end to end all game and were stagnant offensively. At the half, it was quiet in the locker room; I sat in silence, but it was not a weak and submissive stillness. Rather, it seemed that those moments in peaceful seclusion provided the foundation for a gathering of self, a renewal of confidence that filled each of us, for when our team took the court in the second half, a sudden surge of strength jolted through our collective body as we battled together. I became a force to be reckoned with; I tasted a power that had not often been mine during my years of basketball. I knew that after hours of practice, years of dedication, and a deep desire to excel at the game I loved would not deny us a victory. With thirty seconds remaining, the game stood tied; and I riveted my eyes on the opposing point guard as he dribbled the ball up the court. I read his eyes perfectly and as he passed, I snagged it mid-air and dribbled the length of the court in a full sprint. As I neared our basket, I was fouled in a desperate attempt to keep me from shooting the winning basket. I found myself at not just the free throw line from which I would turn years of practice into one glorious moment of victory, but rather a space brief but profound reflection of the person I had become. I had achieved an opportunity of which I had only ever dreamt. And, it was an opportunity that I would not let slip from my grasp. This moment had taken me far from being the last man on the team, which I had been all summer, but more, it reflected the promise, the perseverance, and the passion that I brought to my game. I realized this moment was one of many that I could create for myself, and the test to come would help determine my confidence both in myself and in my future. I eyed the fiberglass backboard and realized the necessity of eliminating hesitancy and insecurity from my mental game; I replaced that mind-set with a confidence that I was later told was outwardly identifiable. A definitive strength suddenly filled my body; electricity pulsed through my wrists as I released the two championship-winning shots. My success invigorated the crowd and ingrained in me a memory that I know I can realize in whatever endeavors I choose to undertake. I had transcended a boundary that would never limit me again. Through this experience, I learned to welcome encounters that push me to perform, to improvise and excel under pressure. I was able to transform myself from a bench warmer to player who shone when the situation called for it. I am self-assured, but still, I have not lost the humility I learned from sitting on the bench most of that season. I am able to transform feelings of hesitancy and nervousness into that of confidence; I am a decision-maker, one who can remain composed even when it seems to others that I stand on the brink of destruction.