Proposing a solution essay #4


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Proposing a solution essay #4

  1. 1. PROBLEM  SOLUTION  ESSAY    (#4)  EWRT  1A     The Writing Assignment Essay #4: Proposing a Solution: Essay (four-six pages) 150 points Assignment: Write an essay from 4-6pages in length, that addresses the topic below. Use a minimum of two credible sources to support your argument. Prompt : Write an essay proposing a solution to a well-defined problem faced by a community or group to which you may belong. Alternatively, you may address a well- defined problem faced by one of the districts or communities in The Hunger Games. Address your proposal to your audience: one or more members of the group, its leadership, or to outsiders who may be able to contribute to solving the problem. Student Learning Objectives • Devise creative solutions to a problem • Evaluate a range of possible solutions • Learn about contemporary problems • Engage in reasoned argument • Convince readers of a problem’s significance before proposing actions • Define a problem concisely and effectively • Analyze audiences to anticipate likely questions and alternative, preferred solutions • Refute, accommodate, or acknowledge possible objections to the proposed solution • Read texts analytically • Reflect metacognitively on what they have learned Basic Features of a Problem/Solution Essay A Well-Defined Problem Defining your problem for your readers requires you to do the following: - establish a context for the problem (historical/current) - specifically define the problem - explain how it works (i.e. that it exists) - describe the problem’s importance (i.e. that it needs solving) - use key words to label the problem A clearly described solution and a convincing argument in support of the proposed solution require you to do the following: - establish the target audience for your solution - explain how the solution will work - show the extent of its impact (benefits) - show that it is feasible An anticipation of readers’ objections and questions requires you to do the following: -answer readers’ questions to your solution - acknowledge readers’ objections - concede your solution’s shortcomings
  2. 2. PROBLEM  SOLUTION  ESSAY    (#4)  EWRT  1A     An evaluation of alternative solutions requires you to do the following: - acknowledge alternate solutions - refute most - concede the alternative’s advantages - work the alternative’s advantages into your solution Conclude by: - summarizing your solution - reminding readers of its advantages - calling readers to action by reminding them of benefits and noting the consequences of inaction Hints: - present the opposing ideas in an unbiased way, at least initially - be sure to establish your ethos and use emotional appeals where appropriate - be sure to use appropriate rhetorical strategies to help convince your audience of your solution. - use transitions to guide the reader through the stages and contrasts in the essay For additional information and help on this assignment, please see the SMG chapters “Proposing Solutions”