Fall 1 a 23 luis


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Fall 1 a 23 luis

  1. 1. CLASS 23EWRT 1A
  2. 2. AGENDAReview Essay focusDiscussion: The Thesis Writing an OutlineIn-Class Writing: Writing your Thesis Outlining
  3. 3. Quick Review How will you focus your essay? Take a look at what you haveso far: do you have a concept? A focus for your concept? Categories? Types?
  4. 4. Concept: GamesLimiter: Playground GamesTypes Types Kids’ games with a ball  Kids’ games without a ball Teenagers’ games with a  Teenagers’ games without ball a ball Adults’ games with a ball.  Adults’ games without a ball.
  5. 5. Formulating a Working Thesis StatementRefer to our model essays to seehow others handle a thesis for thiskind of essay
  6. 6. In his essay on cannibalism, Ngo offers histhesis statement in paragraph six: Cannibalism can be broken down into two main categories: exocannibalism, the eating of outsiders or foreigners, and endocannibalism, the eating of members of one’s own social group (Shipman 70). Within these categories are several functional types of cannibalism, three of the most common being survival cannibalism, dietary cannibalism, and religious and ritual cannibalism. Ngo’s concept is cannibalism; his focus is on popular cannibalism. He has two categories: Endo and Exocannibalism He has three types: Survival, dietary, and religious/ritual cannibalism In his thesis, he carefully forecasts both how he will divide the information to create topics and the order in which he will explain each of the topics
  7. 7. Anastasia Toufexis begins her essay with herthesis statement: O.K., let’s cut out all this nonsense about romantic love. Let’s bring some scientific precision to the party. Let’s put love under a microscope. When rigorous people with Ph.D.s after their names do that, what they see is not some silly, senseless thing. No, their probe reveals that love rests firmly on the foundations of evolution, biology and chemistry.Toufexis’s concept is love, and her focus is the scientificexplanation of love—specifically the evolution, biology, andchemistry of love. In announcing her focus, she forecasts the orderin which she will present information from the three most relevantacademic disciplines—anthropology (humanevolution), biology, and chemistry. These discipline namesbecome her topics.
  8. 8. The Challenge: Draft your working thesis in ten minutes As you draft your own tentative thesis statement, take care to make the language clear. Although you may want to revise your thesis statement as you draft your essay, trying to state it now will give your planning and drafting more focus and direction. Keep in mind that the thesis in an explanatory essay, such as a concept essay, merely announces the subject; it never asserts a position that requires an argument to defend it. Write one or more sentences, stating your focused concept, that could serve as a thesis statement Forecast the topics you will use to explain the concept.
  9. 9. NGO Toufexis Cannibalism can be broken down  O.K., let’s cut out all this into two main categories: nonsense about romantic love. exocannibalism, the eating of Let’s bring some scientific outsiders or foreigners, and precision to the party. Let’s put endocannibalism, the eating of love under a microscope. members of one’s own social When rigorous people with group (Shipman 70). Within these Ph.D.s after their names do categories are several functional that, what they see is not some types of cannibalism, three of the silly, senseless thing. No, their most common being survival probe reveals that love rests cannibalism, dietary firmly on the foundations of cannibalism, and religious and evolution, biology and ritual cannibalism chemistry.
  10. 10. Your Thesis is a Map to Your EssayOnce you have your working thesiswritten, you can make a tentative outline.Introduction Category 2 Extended Anecdote Type 1Thesis Type 2 Category 1 Type 3 Type 1 Repeat if Necessary Type 2 Conclusion Type 3
  11. 11. HomeworkPost #27: Make an outline for your concept essay.  Include a preliminary idea for what kind of anecdote you might include in your introduction.  Include your thesis  Name at least two categories  Include at least two or three types you may be able to discuss under each category  Use the format on slide ten if you need helpStudy: Vocab (1-22)