Fall 1 a 12


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Fall 1 a 12

  1. 1. AGENDAVocabulary 5-9Discussion: A Well-Told StoryIn-Class WritingFocus on the climax of your event. Use the strategies wehave discussed so far—dialogue, description, metaphors andsimiles, and sentence length—to make it dramatic andmeaningful.
  2. 2. The Game• Create alliances of five or six people• Discuss the words on the next slide for five or so minutes and prepare to compete• Each team will send one member to the board in rotation.• I will read a definition• The first team member to write the correct definition on the board scores a point for their team.• Teams earn participation points for each correct answer• The team with the highest score at the end of the game earns not only the glory of winning but also five additional participation points.
  3. 3. A Well-Told Story To keep readers’ interest, even the most exciting stories, like Dillard’s story of being chased through city streets and backyards, need to be organized in a way that builds suspense and tension. A common way to represent the dramatic organization of a narrative is with a pyramid:
  4. 4. Exposition: Backgroundinformation is presented, the sceneset, and characters introduced.Rising Action: The basic conflictis set off by an incitingincident, arousing curiosity andsuspense, and possibly leading toother conflicts and complications.Climax: The emotional highpoint, often a turning point markinga change for good or ill, is reached.Falling Action: Tension subsidesand conflicts unravel, but mayinclude a final surprise.Resolution: Conflicts come to anend, but may not be fully resolved.
  5. 5. Use short and long sentences to1. Focus on the control the intensity of your narrative. climax of your event. Write a Use dialogue to convey immediacy and drama paragraph describing the Use description so the reader can see the scene or people in the action (the scene emotional high Use metaphors and similes to point of your explain quickly how someone is story) acting or feeling.
  6. 6. HOMEWORK Write: Work on your draft. Post #14: Start integrating the pieces into one coherent essay.  The Beginning  Set the frame: Long quotation; explanation; transition; thesis  The Body  Exposition: descriptions of places, people, and dialogue worked into a narrative form.  The Rising Action: Events or tension leading to the climax  The Climax: The emotional high point! (short and long sentences for suspense)  The Falling Action: Tensions subside  The Ending  The Resolution  The significance of the event  The framed conclusion