Ewrt 1 c with lit crit spring 2014 2


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Ewrt 1 c with lit crit spring 2014 2

  1. 1. Week    1   4/7   In  Class     Section:  Literary  Theory   Homework   Class  1   Class  Introduction   Website   Assignments   Hybrid  Assignments   Participation:  Groups  #1   Establish  a  Word  press  username   Read:  Terry  Eagleton’s  Introduction:  “What   is  Literature.”    This  is  posted  on  the  website   under    “Course  Readings”  and  “Secondary   Texts.”   Post  #1:  What  is  literature?  How  does   Eagleton’s  explanation  reinforce  or   destabilize  your  ideas  about  literature?     Class  2   Lecture:  Introduction  to  Literature   Discussion:  What  is  Literature?   QHQ   Read:  “Literary  Theory”:  Internet   Encyclopedia  of  Philosophy  to  New   Historicism  and  Cultural  Materialism  (p  5).   (This  is  linked  to  the  website  under    “Course   Readings”  and  then  “Theory  Texts.”     Post  #2:  Choose  one   • What  is  the  difference  between  literary   theory  and  traditional  modes  of  literary   criticism?  What  might  literary  theory   serve  to  reveal  about  a  literary  text  that   traditional  criticism  cannot?  Which  major   school  of  literary  theory  interests  you  and   why?     • QHQ  on  “Literary  Theory.”     Class  3   Lecture:  Introduction  to  Theory  of   Literature  (part  1).   Discussion:  Literary  Theory   • Read:  “Literary  Theory”:  Internet   Encyclopedia  of  Philosophy:  New   Historicism  and  Cultural  Materialism  to   the  end.  (This  is  linked  to  the  website   under    “Course  Readings”  and  then   “Theory  Texts.”     • Post  #3:  Choose  one   • QHQ  on  one  theory.     Class  4   Lecture:  Introduction  to  Theory  of   Literature  (part  2).   Discussion:  Literary  Theory       • Review  the  reading  and  theories  we  have   covered  this  week.       Class  5:   Online   • Text  Oriented  approaches   • Read  “Formalism”  and  “New   Criticism”  (under  “course   readings”  and  “theory   texts.)   • Poetry  Reading:  “My  Papa’s  Waltz”   • Critical  Essay  Reading:  “‘My  Papa’s   Waltz’:  A  New      Critical  Reading.”       • Post  #4:  Choose  one   • What  made  New  Criticism   new?    What  is  the  critical  focus  of   New  Criticism?    Of  Formalism?     • Or  QHQ   • Bring  copies  of    “My  Papa’s  Waltz”  and   “My  Papa’s  Waltz:  A  New  Critical   Approach”  to  class.        
  2. 2. Week  2   4/14   • Literary  Theory/Poetry     Class  6   • Lecture:  Text-­‐Oriented  Approaches:   Formalism/New  Criticism  Discussion:   Formalism/New  Criticism   • QHQ   • Group  Activity:  Participation  10   points   • “My  Papa’s  Waltz”  and  “My  Papa’s   Waltz:  A  New  Critical  Approach.   • Identify  and  discuss  qualities  of  New   Criticism  as  they  are  (or  are  not)   applied  in  this  essay.    Provide  specific   examples  from  the  essay,  the  poem,   or  the  definition/description  of  New   Criticism.       Suggested  reading:  T.S  Eliot:  “Tradition  and   the  Individual  Talent”   Post  #5:  QHQ  on  Eliot       Class  7   • TS  Eliot  and  New  Criticism   • Scanning  Poetry   Read:     • “There  Is  a  Girl  Inside”     • “The  Fish”   • “A  Black  Rook  in  Rainy  Weather”   • “Memories  of  West  Street  and  Lepke”   Scan  one  poem  like  we  did  in  class  today   Post  #6:  summarize  the  form  (slide  17).   Class  8         • Review   • Using  rhetorical  strategies   • Applying  the  new  critical  lens  to   analyze  “My  Papa’s  Waltz”   • Choose  one  of  these  poems  to  begin  to   analyze.  You  may  use  the  one  you   scanned,,  or  you  may  choose  a  different   one.     • “There  Is  a  Girl  Inside”     • “The  Fish”   • “A  Black  Rook  in  Rainy  Weather”   • “Memories  of  West  Street  and  Lepke”   • Post  #7:  Find  multiple  examples  of  poetic   conventions   • Bring  your  notes  to  class  tomorrow   Class  9   • Essay  #1   • Poetry  Reading   o “There  Is  a  Girl  Inside”     o “The  Fish”   o “A  Black  Rook  in  Rainy   Weather”   o “Memories  of  West  Street  and   Lepke”   • Close  reading  Application   No  Homework   Class  10   Online   ¨ Analyze  your  poem   ¨ Write  your  thesis   ¨ Outline/Draft  Essay  #1     ¨ Post  #8   n Title  of  your  essay   n Your  thesis  statement   n A  general  outline   ¨ Bring  your  outline  to  class  Monday  
  3. 3. Week  3   4/21   New  Criticism;  Paper  #1     Class  11         Thesis  Statement   Introductions   The  Argument   Conclusions           Draft  your  essay   Bring  a  copy  to  class  tomorrow   Class  12   In-­‐class  writing  workshop   Bring  your  draft  and  device  or  pen  and   paper             Draft  your  essay   Bring  a  copy  to  class  tomorrow   Class  13   Integrating  quotations   In  text  citations   The  works  cited  page   MLA  formatting       Finish  a  complete  draft  of  essay  #1:  2-­‐3   pages.  Bring  two  copies.     You  must  have  two  copies  to  participate  in   the  Peer  Review  Workshop.     Post  #9:  The  introduction  and  one  body   paragraph  of  essay  #1         Class  14   Essay  #1  Peer  Review                 No  Homework     Class  15   Online     Review:  Revise  and  edit  essay  #1   Essay  #1:  Due  before  class  17     Read:  Definition  of  Feminist  Criticism   Read  Tyson’s  Chapter  on  Feminist   Criticism  (Course  Readings;  Theory   Texts;  Lois  Tyson).                 Post  #10:  What  is  the  primary  focus  of   feminist  criticism  and  theory?  How  do   feminist  critics  and  theorists  regard  the  role   of  women  in  literature?     OR  QHQ  Feminist  Criticism       Due:  Essay  #1:  Before  class  17        
  4. 4. Week  4   4/28   Poetry  and  Theory     Class  16   Questions  about  essay  #1   Literary  Theory:  The  Extrinsic  Lens   Feminist  Criticism     Read:  Andrew  Marvell’s  “To  His  Coy   Mistress”  and    “‘To  His  Coy  Mistress’:  A   Feminist  Reading.”   Post  #  11:  QHQ:  “To  His  Coy  Mistress,”  or   “‘To  His  Coy  Mistress’:  A  Feminist  Reading.”   Bring:  Andrew  Marvell’s  “To  His  Coy   Mistress”  and  “To  His  Coy  Mistress”:  A   Feminist  Reading.   Due:  Essay  #1:  Before  class  17   Class  17     Discussion  Feminist  Criticism   “To  His  Coy  Mistress”   Group  Activity:  Part  10   Andrew  Marvell’s  “To  His  Coy  Mistress”   and  Andrew  Marvell’s  “To  His  Coy   Mistress”:  A  Feminist  Reading.   Identify  and  discuss  qualities  of  Feminist   Criticism  as  it  is  applied  in  this  essay.     Provide  specific  examples  from  the   essay,  the  poem,  or  the   definition/description  of  Feminist   Criticism.   Read:  Definition  of  Psychoanalytic  Criticism   Read:  Lois  Tyson  “Psychoanalytic  Criticism”   Post  #12:    What  is  the  purpose  of   psychoanalytical  criticism?  OR  QHQ       Class  18     Review  Feminist  Criticism   Lecture/Discussion:  Psychoanalytic   Criticism     Read:  Bishop’s  “The  Fish”   Read:  Elizabeth  Bishop’s  “The  Fish”:  A   Psychoanalytic  Reading   Post  #13:  Identify  and  discuss  qualities  of   psychoanalytic  criticism  as  it  is  applied  in   this  essay.    Provide  specific  examples  from   the  essay,  the  poem,  or  the   definition/description  of  Psychoanalytic   Criticism.   Class  19               Discuss     Group  Activity:  Part  10   Bishop’s  “The  Fish”  and  Elizabeth   Bishop’s  “The  Fish”:  A  Psychoanalytic   Reading.     Identify  and  discuss  qualities  of   psychoanalytic  criticism  as  it  is  applied   in  this  essay.    Provide  specific  examples   from  the  essay,  the  poem,  or  the   definition/description  of  Psychoanalytic   Criticism.   No  Homework   Class  20   Online             Review  for  Exam   Study  for  Theory/poetry  exam      
  5. 5. Week  5   5/5   The  Short  Story     Class  21   Theory/Poetry  Exam  1       Read  Araby   Post  #14   Class  22   How  to  respond  to  literature   Araby         Read  The  Story  of  an  Hour   Post  #15   Class  23   The  Story  of  an  Hour         “A  Very  Old  Man  with  Enormous  Wings”   Post  #16   Class  24   “A  Very  Old  Man  with  Enormous   Wings”         No  homework   Class  25   Online   Read  “The  Shawshank  Redemption”     Post  #17         Post  #18   Week  6   5/12   The  Short  Story/  Paper  #2     Class  26   Discuss  “The  Shawshank  Redemption”           Read  “The  Metamorphosis”       Post  #19     Class  27   Discuss  The  Metamorphosis         Read  Trauma  Theory   Post  #20  Choose  one  short  story  and  read   it  through  the  lens  of  Trauma  theory     Class  28   Discuss  Trauma  Theory   Short  stories  and  Trauma  Theory         Post  #21:  Discuss  an  Intersection  between   one  critical  approach  and  one  short  story.       Class  29   Introduction  to  Essay  #2   Discussion:  Essay  #2       No  Homework   Class  30   Draft  paper  #2:     Post  #22:  Introduction  and  Thesis   Statement           Draft  Paper  #2   Post  #23:  Post  your  best  body  paragraph   and  your  conclusion   Begin  Night    
  6. 6. Week    7   5/19   Short  Story    Paper  #2   Novella/Novel   Class  31   No  Formal  Meeting:  Extended  office   hours  for  optional  individual  meetings.       Read  Night   Bring:  Two  complete  copies  of  your  draft  3-­‐5   pages   Class  32   Writing  Workshop  Paper  2     Revise  Essay  #2   Finish  Night   QHQ  Night     Class  33   Night  Content/Themes     Essay  #2   Class  34   Night  Theory     No  Homework   Class  35   Paper  2  due  at  noon     Short  Story  and  Drama  Review  for  test     Begin  Outer  Dark   Study  for  Exam   Week  8   5/26   The  Novel     Holiday   NO  MEETING  HOLIDAY     Class  36     Exam  2:  Short  story       Outer  Dark   Class  37   Outer  Dark  Content  /Themes     Outer  Dark   Class  38   Outer  Dark  /Theory     No  Homework   Class  39   Outer  Dark/  Room     Read  Room   Week  9   The  Novel/  Paper  #3       Class  40   Outer  Dark/  Room                   Finish  Room   Class  41   Room/Content/Themes           Room   Class  42   Room/Theory     Room   Class  43   Introduction  to  Paper  #3   Introduce  Reading  List  for  Essay  #4   No  Homework   Class  44   Paper  3  Begin:  Night,  Room,  Outer  Dark         Write  paper  3   Choose  Novel  for  project  #4  and  begin   reading  
  7. 7. Week    10     Paper  #3     Class  45   Library  Visit:  Research  Lecture   Write  paper  3     One  other  outside  resource   Class  46   Individual  meetings  my  office   Finish  Draft  of  Essay  #3   Bring  two  complete  drafts  to  class   Class  47   Writing  Workshop     Finish  Paper  Three     Class  48   Introduce  Essay  #4   Novel  Discussion     No  Homework   Class  59   Paper  3  Due  at  noon   Finish  your  project  novel   Week  11   Final  Project  Essay  #4       Class  50   Novel  Discussion  Groups     Begin  Paper  4   Class  51   Writing  essay  #4  (minimum  two   outside  sources)   Research  Strategies   Novel  Discussion  Groups   Homework  Evaluations     Essay  #4   Class  52   Library  Research  trip     Essay  #4   Class  53   Individual  meetings  my  office   No  Homework       Class  54   Write  Essay  #4   Homework  evaluations  Due   Essay  #4   Week  12         Class  55   Optional  attendance:   Exam  make-­‐up  or  re-­‐take   Essay  revision  of  1  or  2  due   electronically   Finish  Paper  #4   Class  56   Final   Paper  4  due  before  class   Final  Exam  #3:  The  Novel   10:30  class  Tuesday,  6/24  9:15-­‐11:15   11:30  class  Wednesday  6/25  11:30-­‐ 1:30