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Ewrt 1 b winter 2014 tth sheet1

  1. 1. Monday/ Wednesday EWRT-001B Reading, Writing, and Research Homework Week One January 6 Introduction Identity: Essay #1 The Narrative Class 1 Presentation: Green Sheet; Syllabus; Website Lecture: Identity and social expectation Discussion: What is Identity? When do we "pass" as someone different from ourselves? In-class writing: How do we express our own identities? How much do we reveal about ourselves? How do we decide? Establish: Your Webpage or Username Explore: The class webpage Buy or Order: Your books Post:#1 Finish in-class writing and post it. Post #2: Write a paragraph or two describing a time when you were unfairly judged on concrete identity characteristics. OR Write a paragraph or two describing a time when you passed as someone or something you were not. The passing can be either purposeful or inadvertent. Class 2 Presentation: Terms Discussion: Personal Passing Experience and Being judged by Concrete Identifiers Lecture: Essay #1: writing Strategies for in-class essay #1: The Personal Narrative In-class writing: Basic Features: dialogue, description, anecdote, framing, outlining, significance Post: #3 Finish in-class writing and post it: Basic Features: dialogue, description, anecdote, framing, outlining, significance Studying: Terms Presentation: Terms Introduction to the QHQ In-class writing exam 1: Narrative Reading: Hughes: "Passing" and "Passing." Studying: Terms Post #4: QHQ: Either the poem or the short story. Week Two Jan 13 Class 3 Racial Passing: Essay #2 The Argument Class 4 Presentation: Terms Author Lecture: Langston Hughes QHQ Discussion: Racial Passing: "Passing" and "Passing" Lecture: Writing a Directed Summary; Paraphrasing Poetry In-class writing: Directed Summary; paraphrase Reading: Kennedy "Racial Passing" Posted under "Secondary Sources." Post #5: Post directed summary of "Passing" and paraphrase of "Passing." Studying: Terms Post #6: Discuss one story from Kennedy's article that particularly spoke to you. How did it influence you in your thinking about passing?
  2. 2. Week Three January 20 Class 5 Class 6 Film Screeening: Racial Passing TBA Author Lecture: Charles Chesnutt Exam 1: Vocab and Terms QHQ Discussion: Kennedy, "The Passing of Grandison," Film. Presentation: Introduction to Essay 2: The Argument In-Class Writing: Essay 2 Brainstorming Reading: Chesnutt "The Passing of Grandison" Post #7: QHQ film Post #8: QHQ "Grandison" Studying: Terms Reading: Hughes: "Who's Passing for Who?" Post #9 QHQ "Who's Passing for Who?" Think about Pickens’s statement and whether you agree with it or not. Consider which texts you might use to support your beliefs. Week Four January 27 Class 7 Discussion: Hughes: "Who's Passing for Who?" Presentation: Essay 2: The Argument: Brainstorming with FREECASH In-Class Writing: Essay 2 Brainstorming Author Lecture: Toni Morrison Reading: Morrison: “Recitatif.” Post #10: Write a paragraph defending "passing" with at least three reasons. Write another paragraph condemning passing using another three reasons. Use evidence from our readings to defend your reasons. Post #11: QHQ "Recitatif" Class 8 Presentation: Terms List 2 QHQ Discussion: "Recitatif" Lecture: Thesis statements, outlining, using evidence, introductions. In-Class Writing: Essay #2 Reading: Begin Stone Butch Blues (1-65) Post #12: Post Draft: Introduction, Thesis, Three body paragraphs (with topic sentences, evidence, and explanation) Studying:Vocab/Terms Week Five February 3 Class 9 Thursday February 6 Presentation: Terms Reading: Stone Butch Blues (66-130) Lecture: Counterarguments, Conclusions, Post #13: Finish and post complete draft. Bring MLA format; in-text citations; works cited three copies to our next meeting. page. Studying:Vocab/Terms In-class writing: Essay 2 Optional Individual Meetings By Appointment in my office
  3. 3. Week Six February 10 Finishing Essay #2 Class 10 Reading: Stone Butch Blues (131-195) Post #14: Finish and post essay #2 Presentation: Terms Post #15: Choose a few lines from Stone Butch In-class writing: Global Revsion Writing Blues and explain how and why they stood out to Workshop Essay 2 you. Be sure to post your quotation above your Author Lecture: Leslie Feinberg response Studying:Terms Class 11 Edit Essay #2: Submit your essay electronically before our next class by emailing a copy saved Surface Revision: Essay #2 in MS word to palmorekim@fhda.edu Discussion: QHQ: SBB Reading: Stone Butch Blues (196-End) In-class writing: Explore a moment when Post #16: Finish in-class writing; Jess intentionally passes. How does this Post #17: Jess interacts with medical personnel in experience change who ze is? How do various ways throughout the novel. Explore an you know? Then pick one when ze experience Jess has with a medical professional. unintentionally passes. Does this affect hir Does her gender identity influence the treatment in the same way? How do you know? she receives or doesn’t receive? Include a quotation. Studying: Terms Week Seven February 17 Sex/Gender/Orientation Passing: Essay #3 Reponse to literature Reading: and the Prompt for Essay #3 (find it on the website) Post #18: Choose ONE: Find and discuss a moment Jess resists the larger social construct. How and why does ze do it? How does it contribute to the person Jess ultimately becomes? Do you have evidence? or Find and write about an instance when Jess is forced to conform to the dominant social paradigm. How does conforming (or trying to conform) change hir? What is your evidence? Studying: Terms: Exam at next meeting Class 12 Essay #2 was due before class. If you did not submit your essay, please see me after class. Presentation:Terms In-class discussion/writing: The Game Class 13 Exam 2: Terms Presentation: Introduction to Essay #3 Reading: Begin M Butterfly How to write a response to literature. Post # 19: Finish and post in-class writing. Discussion: Stone Butch Blues tentative thesis, body paragraphs (topic sentences In-class writing: thesis and outline; topic and evidence; quotations with explanations). sentences and paragraphs.
  4. 4. Week Eight February 24 Finish Essay #3 The Trickster: Essay #4 Research Paper Class 14 Presentation: Terms list 3 Discussion: Essay #3 In-class writing: Essay #3 Directed Summary, Counterargument, conclusion Author Lecture: David Henry Hwang Reading: M Butterfly Finish in-class writing: Introduction, Counterargument, and Conclusion Post #20 Post your counter argument Bring three complete copies of your draft to our next meeting. Class 15 Writing: Revise Essay 3: Submit your essay electronically before our next class by emailing a Presentation: Terms copy saved in MS word to palmorekim@fhda.edu Peer Revision: You must have three Studying: Vocab/terms for Exam copies of your essay. If you do not, you Reading: Hwang's M Butterfly may leave now to print or copy them. Reading: Helen Lock "Transformation of the Trickster." A link to the article is posted on our webpage. Week Nine March 3 The Trickster: Essay #4 Research Paper Class 16 Reading: Defining the Trickster: This is posted under "Secondary Readings" Post # 22 QHQ M Butterfly: the Play Post # 23 Choose one definition from "Defining the Trickster" and apply it to one character from our reading this quarter. Studying: Terms Class 17 Essay #3 Due Presentation: Terms for Exam 3 Film Screening: TBA Exam 3: Terms Presentation: Introduction to Essay #4 Discussion: M Butterfly: Film "Defining the Trickster" and Locke: "Transformation of the Trickster." In-class writing: Evaluating Song as a Trickster Character Reading: Review primary texts you might use in your essay. Post #24: Discuss one or more characters in terms of one of the traits we discussed in class today. For example, Jess Goldberg as a “shape shifter” or “cultural hero”; Grandison as “intellectually weak”; or Song as “physically weak”; maybe even the Iowans as “teachers.” Any of them might be discussed as “agents of change.” Or discuss “Grandison,” “Recitatif,” and “Who’s Passing as Who” as Trickster tales in the African American tradition. Studying: Terms Next Class: We will meet in Library Lobby for a
  5. 5. Week Ten March 10 Class 18 Library workshop Research for Essay #4 Find two or more articles that will likely work as support for your essay. If you are feeling benevolent, post the citation for your article and add a few words about it so others can decide if it might work for them. Post #25: Library Project Post #26: Identify two characters from our reading who share a common trait or traits. How are they alike? How might you use them to create a single thesis that answers the essay 4 prompt? Reverse/Refusing to Pass Essay #5 Class 19 Vocab Exam Re-take or Make-up Presentation: Terms List #4 Discussion: Trickster Characters from our reading In-class writing: Essay 4: Outline and thesis Author Lecture: Sui Sin Far Reading: Far “Leaves from the Mental Portfolio of an Eurasian” Post #27 Outline and thesis for Essay #4 Studying: terms Film Screening: Reverse Passing: TBA Reading: Research Writing: Essay #4 Post #28 QHQ: Far or Film Studying: Terms Week Eleven March 17th Class 20 Class 21 Presentation: Terms Discussion: QHQ Far and Film How and why does Far resist?What are the social implications of her doing so? Why do people reverse pass? Assessing Blogging Responses Discussion/Writing: Essay #4 Reading: Research Writing: Finish your research paper! Submit your essay electronically before the final by emailing a copy saved in MS word to palmorekim@fhda.edu Evaluate your blogging responses. Submit your evaluation electronically before our next class by emailing a copy saved in MS word to palmorekim@fhda.edu Prepare revision of essay #2 or #3 Submit your essay electronically before our next class by emailing a copy saved in MS word to palmorekim@fhda.edu Studying: Terms
  6. 6. Week Twelve March 24 Finish Essay #4 Class 22: Final Exam: Terms (Comprehensive) Regular class In-Class Essay #5 (Refusing to starts 8:30 a.m. :: Pass/Reverse Passing) Exam on Research Paper Essay #4 Due Thursday, March Revision of essay 2 or 3 due 27th: 9:15Self-evaluation of blogging responses 11:15a.m. Due Reverse/Refusing to Pass Essay #5 NO MORE HOMEWORK FOR 1B!