Ewrt 1 b week 11 day 1


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Ewrt 1 b week 11 day 1

  1. 1. Week 11 Class1EWRT 1B
  2. 2. Terms Test17. Scenario: an outline of the plot of a dramatic work,which provides particulars about characters, settings,and situation. The term is most often used for thedetailed script of a film or a treatment setting forth theaction in the sequence it is to follow with detaileddescriptions of scenes and characters, and actualworks. Sometimes the plot of a film or television show isloosely called a scenario.
18. Simile: a figure of speech in which two things,
  3. 3. 19. Style: a manner of putting thoughts into words or thecharacteristic mode of construction and expression inwriting and speaking. The term is also used for thecharacteristics of a literary selection that concern theform of expression rather than the thought conveyed.Style is usually defined by the writer’s choice of words,figures of speech, devices, and the shaping of thesentences and paragraphs. Sometimes, styles areclassified according to time period or individual writers.
20. Theme : the central and dominating idea in a literarywork. A theme may also be a short essay such as acomposition. In addition, the term means a message ormoral implicit in any work of art.
  4. 4. In this movie, the maincharacter both reversepasses and refuses topass. How is this possible?
  5. 5. How does his behavioraffect his identity, hisfamily, and his intimaterelationship?
  6. 6. How can we compare Phil toSui Sin Far and CherrieMoraga? How does each  Consider the time resist passing? periods:  Far wrote “Leaves” What behaviors in 1890 can you  Hobson wrote specifically Gentlemen’s Agreement in 1946 identify?  Moraga wrote “La Guera” in 1979  Do their motivations differ?
  7. 7. The Trans Panel Questions or Comments?
  8. 8.  Are transgender people passing? If so, what is the fixed Thinking about identity Passing category? What is it exactly? What is the passing category?
  9. 9. Can a bio male or femaleperson have the identity of“trans” without being calleda passer?
  10. 10. Is “trans” a fixed identity category?If a trans person is not passing, why does heor she have to reveal a trans identity tointimates?How does this ability to identify as trans,and pass or not pass as bio male or female,disrupt identity categories?
  11. 11. How, then, can we parallel this transidentity and trans passing scenario to racialidentity and racial passing?Is a person who looks white but is of AfricanAmerican lineage, also “trans”? When canthis person be “white” without being calleda passer? OR should he or she identify astrans (racial)?
  12. 12. Consider Dr. Lieberman, the Jewishphysicist in Gentlemen’s Agreement,who says,“I have no religion so I am not Jewish by religion. Further, I ama scientist, so I must rely on science, which tells me I am notJewish by race, since there is no such thing as a distinctJewish race. There is not even such a thing as a Jewish type.Well, my crusade will have a certain charm. I will simply goforth and state that I am not a Jew. With my face, thatbecomes not an evasion but a new principle, a scientificprinciple“?What is his fixed identity category?Would he be passing if he simply stated he was not aJew based on his lack of religion and his scientificassertion that there is no Jewish race?
  13. 13. Grades for this course will be based on a 1000-point scale divided asfollows:Essay #1 (1-2 pages) 50 pts. Quizzes/ Part./Attendance 75 ptsEssay #2 (2-3 pages) 100 pts. Blogging/posts 200 ptsEssay #3 (3-4 pages) 150 pts. Final Exam(Essay/Terms) 150 ptsEssay #4 (4-6 pages) 200 pts.Terms Exams 1-3 75 pts TOTAL: 1000 pts
  14. 14. In-Class Writing TodayThe blogging post points (200) require self-assessment. Considertwo aspects of your responses: First, how many of the posts didyou make? Second, what was the quality of your response?Write a short essay justifying your grade. This is an essay like anyother, so make sure you have an intro, a thesis, bodyparagraphs, a counterargument if appropriate, and aconclusion.You may, though it is not necessary, submit a second shortessay, arguing for your classroom participation points (75).Consider attendance, willingness to participate in classroomdiscussion, participation in group discussion, essay feedback toclassmates, office visits, and even blogging.Both of these are due at our last meeting on finals week
  15. 15. HomeworkWork on Essay #4Write your self-assessment evaluationsStudy the terms