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Essay #5 Proposing a Solution: the Speech (3 pages: 700 – 800 words) 75 pts. ...
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Essay 5 the speech


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Essay 5 the speech

  1. 1. EWRT  1A    Speech:  Essay  #5   Essay #5 Proposing a Solution: the Speech (3 pages: 700 – 800 words) 75 pts. (4-7 minutes) Assignment: Write a speech 700-800 words in length (four to seven minutes of presentation). Prompt: Write a speech (based on essay #4) proposing a solution to a well-defined problem faced by a community or group to which you may belong. Alternatively, you may address a well- defined problem faced by one of the districts or communities in The Hunger Games. Address your proposal to your audience: one or more members of the group, its leadership, or to outsiders who may be able to contribute to solving the problem. Present your speech to the class to convince them that your ideas are correct. You will turn in a formal written version of your speech (MLA style). You will perform your speech in class. Why? This presentation will help you to articulate your own ideas, refine your presentation skills, and it will be a learning experience for the other students. Speech Form: • You may give your presentation as a formal speech; in other words, you may read in front of the class. • You may video yourself, put up the video on YouTube and then show it during class. • You may combine the possibilities by, for example, playing a video in the background as you talk to the class. • You may engage others in your presentation as long as they have a clear role in what you are doing. • You may suggest another form. Use the five steps of the Monroe motivated sequence to help guide you in your speech preparation: 1. attention 2. need 3. satisfaction 4. visualization 5. action