Elit 48 c green sheet


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Elit 48 c green sheet

  1. 1. 1 ELIT 48C: Green Sheet Kim Palmore, PhD Cell Phone: 408-674-3005 (texting is fine) Email: Palmorekim@fhda.edu Office: F11-1 Office Hours T/W/Th 7:30AM-8:15 AM M/T/W 12:30-1:30 PM Or by appointment Website: Our class website is http://palmoreelit48C.wordpress.com. In order to do the homework, you must establish an account. To make your own FREE Word Press account, go to wordpress.com and click on the large, orange button that says, “Get started here.” The system will walk you through a series of steps that will allow you to set up your own user-friendly Word Press blog, sign up for just a user name, or sign in with your Facebook account. Make sure you sign in with YOUR Word Press username before you post on our class page so you get credit for your work. If you prefer not to use your own name, you may use a pseudonym. Please email me your username if it is significantly different from your real name. If you cannot establish your website and username, please come to my office hours as soon as possible, and I will help you with the process. Much of our work will take place online, so establishing this connection is mandatory. Course Objectives: This course will focus on the prose and poetry of American writers since 1914. The American dream theme will include perspectives from a diverse cross-section of writers. We will explore the evolution of the dream through the eyes of women, people of color, gays and lesbians, and working class Americans. The course will include an introduction to the authors and some audio or video readings by the authors themselves. By the end of the course, students will be familiar with an array of important American writers and have an understanding of the trajectory of the American dream from 1918 to the end of the 20th Century. Requirements: 1. Regular attendance and active participation in class discussions. 2. Keeping up-to-date on the assignments and reading. 3. Two formal papers. 4. Three exams. 5. A series of posts to the class website 6. Tests, quizzes, or in-class assignments. Texts and Required Materials: Available at the De Anza Bookstore Ø Baym, et al., The Norton Anthology of American Literature. 8th ed., Vol. D—"Between the Wars 1914-1945." Ø Baym, et al., The Norton Anthology of American Literature. 8th ed., Vol. E—"Literature since 1945." Available online and from local booksellers Ø The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (There is a link to the full text novel on the website). Ø The Road by Cormac McCarthy (Buy it, Borrow it, Beg for it, or read it online). STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students will be assessed on their ability to do the following: Ø Read and discuss literary works of this period from a range of ethnic, gender, cultural, national, and global perspectives Ø Demonstrate an understanding of the social and historical contexts as well as prevailing interpretive approaches to literary works. Ø Analyze literary works from multiple, clearly defined critical perspectives Ø Appreciate the contribution of literary works from this period to American culture Ø Participate in a diverse community of critical readers.
  2. 2. 2 GRADING: Grades for this course will be based on a 1000-point scale divided as follows: Assignment My Score Point Value Assignment My Score Point Value Essay #1 100 Website Posts 200 Essay #2 (With outside sources for Honors cohort) 100 Participation/Quizzes/Activities/ Honors Annotated Bibliography 200 Exam #1 100 Exam #2 100 Exam #3 (Final) 200 Total 1000 points I will assign traditional + and – grades (900-919 = A- 920-979 =A 980-1000 = A+) Grade Points Required Grade Points Required A 900-1000 D 600-699 B 800-899 F 599 and below C 700-799 CLASS POLICIES: Essay Submission: All out of class essays are to be submitted to me electronically before the class period in which they are due. They must be submitted as an attachment in Microsoft word to palmoreessaysubmission@gmail.com. No other saved forms are acceptable. If you do not have Microsoft word software available, leave yourself time to save and send your work from a library computer. Essays must also be in MLA format. I will read and return essays in the order they are received, with comments both in the text and in the margins. You may revise from this electronic document. Remember to accept or discard comments and remarks as appropriate. Academic Dishonesty: Plagiarism includes quoting or paraphrasing material without documentation and copying from other students or professionals. Intentional plagiarism is a grave offense; the resulting response will be distasteful. Depending upon the severity, instances of plagiarism may result in a failing grade for the paper or the course and possible administrative action. All assignments will be scanned and scrutinized for academic dishonesty. Please refer to your handbook for more information regarding plagiarism. Attendance: Attendance is a significant part of this course, and success in this course depends on regular attendance and active participation. If excessive absences become a problem, you may be dropped from this course (see your handbook for more on De Anza’s official attendance policy). Tardies and early departures may count as absences. It is your responsibility to talk to me your absences or other conflicts. Work done in class cannot be made up. If you must be absent, please arrange with a classmate to get assignments and notes. Also, please arrive on time, as you will not be able to make up work completed before you arrive, including quizzes. Conduct, Courtesy, and Electronic Devices: In this class, we will regularly engage in the discussion of topics that may stir passionate debates. Please speak freely and candidly; however, while your thoughts and ideas are important to me and to the dynamics of the class, you must also respect others and their opinions. Courtesy will allow each person to have the opportunity to express his or her ideas in a comfortable environment. Courtesy includes but is not limited to politely listening to others when they contribute to class discussions or while they give presentations, not slamming the classroom door or walking in front of classmates giving presentations if you do arrive late, and maintaining a positive learning environment for your fellow classmates. To help maintain a positive learning environment, please focus on the work assigned. We will discuss appropriate use of computers and tablets. Do not text- message in class; if you have an emergency communication, please step outside. If your behavior becomes disruptive to the learning environment of the class, you may be asked to leave and/or be marked absent.
  3. 3. 3 Participation: Participation includes doing all work asked of you inside and outside of class, maintaining a positive learning environment for your classmates, and contributing to class discussion. Participation points are accrued based on your in-class participation. Quizzes: I may decide to include pop quizzes from time to time to ensure you are completing all readings in a timely fashion. There are no make up opportunities for quizzes. Exams: We will have three exams during the quarter. They will likely be identification, short answer, and essay style. I do extend the opportunity to re-take or make-up one exam on the last day of the quarter (before the final). Late Work: I do not accept late work. I do, however, extend an opportunity to revise essay #1. Appointments: You can schedule an office visit with me by using the appointment finder on the class website. Alternatively, you can just drop by to see if I have a vacancy. Or, you can email me if you need to make an appointment outside of my formal office hours. Adding and Dropping: Adding and dropping this class is the responsibility of the student. Please observe all deadlines regarding the same should you wish to add or drop this class. Educational Use of Student Papers: Occasionally, I retain copies of written work to share with this class or future sections of the course; selections of student work used in these ways will be anonymous. However, if you absolutely object to the use of your work in these ways, please let me know now, so that I can respect your preference.
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