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Elit 48 c essay #2 death of a salesman


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Elit 48 c essay #2 death of a salesman

  1. 1. ELIT 48C Kim Palmore 1Essay 1: A Response to Literature of the Modernist period.ObjectivesTo Lean to Write a Clear and Cohesive Response to LiteratureTo Learn Rhetorical Strategies: Analysis, Synthesis, Argument, Cause and Effect, Compare and ContrastTo Learn Critical Thinking SkillsTo Learn MLA Documentation Style: Integrating quotations; Works CitedPrompt IntroductionIn this second half of our quarter, we have read and discussed multiple texts, theories, and opinions onboth literature and literary analysis, and for this reason, I offer you several choices for your first essay. Ina thesis driven essay of 500 to 750 words, respond to one of the following prompts. You need only theprimary text for this essay, but you may incorporate other stories, manifestos, or critical theory asadditional support. Remember, you can also draw on your own experiences and knowledge to discuss,explain, and analyze your topic.Topic: Choose OneDeath of a SalesmanTopic #1Death of a Salesman encompasses two different moments in time, approximately 17 years apart. Thescenes of the earlier period occur as flashbacks and may even be considered Willy’s memories orhallucinations. Discuss the way those scenes reveal important information that allows us to understandcharacters’ motivations.Topic #2Miller focuses considerable attention on Willy’s occupation as a salesman. Discuss the importance ofMiller’s decision to use the figure of the salesman as the central character of his play.Topic #3Write an essay in which you describe how Willy’s love of “personality” conforms to Howard’s idea that“business is business.” As you describe the fact that both attitudes are based on competition, also pointout how Willy’s concept of business is, in the end, not exactly the same as Howard’s.Topic #4Explore the way Miller begins and ends flashbacks, memories, or hallucinations. For instance, show howWilly’s anger with Biff’s failure to get the loan triggers his vision of Bernard telling Linda about Biffflunking math in high school. You might consider the way Miller overlaps Willy’s hallucinatory lineswith Biff and Hap’s regular conversation.Topic #5Examine how Miller’s communicates Willy’s outlook and emotions to the reader or audience not onlythrough Willy’s words but also through his appearance, Linda’s reactions, the set design, and othermeans.Topic #6Examine how Biff and Hap’s adult lives show the influence of their childhood as seen in the flashback.Topic #7Discuss the way in which Willy equates “success” and conventional notions of masculinity. Has thatequation proved valid for Biff and Hap?
  2. 2. ELIT 48C Kim Palmore 2Topic #8In Act 1 part 3 of the play, we see several sides of Willy, some sympathetic and some rather unlikable.Describe how it is possible for Willy to switch from anxious self-doubt at the beginning of the section tobrash confidence at the end of it. Show how the starting and stopping of the flashbacks and imaginaryconversations contribute to this change.Topic #9Describe how Willy has taken Ben’s life and his philosophy of the “jungle” as models for success. Howhas Willy shaped that philosophy to encompass life as a salesman?Topic #10In the final section of Act 2, we learn a lot about Linda Loman. Write an essay that describes the wayLinda sometimes shares Willy’s wishful thinking but also exhibits independence and an awareness ofWilly’s shortcomings. Describe how Linda balances these different tendencies.Topic #11Linda says that “attention must be paid” to Willy despite his faults. Write an essay in which you eithersupport Linda’s claim or argue against it. If Willy is a “fake,” as Biff calls him, then does he deserverespect?Topic #12Although Willy Loman is the main character of Death of a Salesman, Linda also plays a crucial role inthe play. Look again at the way Linda mediates between or balances Willy and his sons. Describe thevarious positions, attitudes, and beliefs she adopts as she interacts with the other characters. Considerfeminist literary theory, if it will help ground your argument.Topic #13Write an essay that discusses the way Miller seems to pair characters or to see one character in another.For example, describe how Willy reminds us of Biff when asking for a new job; how Howard is asuccessful version of Willy and Biff; or how Dave Singleman represents Willy’s unachieved view ofhimself.Topic #14Contrast Willy with Ben. Willy seems to think that he leads a life somehow like Ben’s. Besides the factthat Ben is rich and Willy is not, what separates them? You might begin by comparing Ben’s willingnessto travel to remote places such as Alaska and Africa with Willy’s reluctance to disrupt his own ratherordinary life.Topic #15Should Willy be “happy right here, right now,” as Linda says? Willy has a wife and two sons who lovehim, so why should he be unhappy? Examine how Willy continually plans for his own success andhappiness but always seems unsatisfied, even angry. You might start by suggesting that Willy cannotmeet the requirements for success that he sets for himself. Willy says “the sky’s the limit” when “it’s whoyou know and the smile on your face,” but who does Willy know and what has his smile earned him?Topic #16Write an essay in which you compare Bernard with Biff. Has Bernard become exactly the kind ofsuccessful and likable person that Willy wanted Biff to be.Topic #17
  3. 3. ELIT 48C Kim Palmore 3Use Charley’s remark – about how it is unnecessary to boast about something if you’re going to do it – towrite an essay that examines the way Willy continually says what he will do but never actually does it.Look again at Willy’s conversations with Bernard and Charley and try to decide whether Willy lies whenhe boasts or if he actually believes what he says, or both.Topic #18During much of the play, Biff and Hap seem very similar in the way they have both adopted Willy’scapacity for self-deception. However, the brothers are also different from each other. Contrast Happy andBiff. You might begin by showing how Hap never really feels guilty about his own behavior in the wayBiff feels about his.Topic #19Discuss why Biff considers Willy a “fake.” Try to show how Biff’s discovery of Willy’s affair causesBiff to lose trust in his father’s character. Suggest the way in which Willy’s dishonesty here finally opensBiff’s eyes to the hollowness of Willy’s strategies for success and being well liked.Topic #20Explain why Willy believes committing suicide will provide a better life for his family. Also discuss whyhis plan to kill himself may not result in the wonderful resolution of all the problems that have troubledhim and his family.Topic #21Analyze to what extent Willy is responsible for Biff’s difficulties in life. What does Biff mean when hesays, “I never got anywhere because you blew me so full of hot air I could never stand taking orders fromanybody!” Can you find examples of Willy’s “hot air” in this section of the play and elsewhere?Topic #22Write a paper in which you explore the difference between Biff and Hap’s reactions to Willy’s death. HasWilly’s death changed the way they viewed him before he committed suicide? Does Hap seem more upsetin the “Requiem” section than he was in Act II? Does Biff not share Hap’s anger over Willy’s suicide ordoes he express it differently?Topic #23Compare the outcome of Willy’s death with the various ways Willy envisioned it earlier in the play. Howdoes Willy’s funeral compare with Dave Singleman’s ? Is Willy “worth more dead than alive,” as he saidto Charley? Has Willy’s suicide turned out to be a “great proposition all around,” as Ben thought?Note: You are free to pursue another writing topic. Please, discuss it with me before you begin so we canmake sure that it is viable.Due Dates:See SyllabusSubmission Requirements: Please submit an electronic copy to palmorekim@fhda.eduFormat Requirement: MLA-style formatting and citationsLength: Your finished text should be between 500-750 words, excluding the Works Cited page.Research Requirements: none
  4. 4. ELIT 48C Kim Palmore 4Works Cited PageA Works Cited page names all of the sources that were used in an essay or research paper; it credits thesource or sources for the information you present, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize to support yourthesis. A Works Cited page also serves as a reference to the sources that were used so that a reader orwriter can quickly refer to the original text. The Works Cited page for this research project will include atleast one primary text. If you use other sources, including other primary or secondary sources from class,please list those too.Expected Student Learning Outcomes§ Demonstrate outlining and brainstorming abilities§ Demonstrate an awareness of the time needed to plan, search, and write an essay§ Demonstrate increased awareness of strategies for organizing ideas and structuring essays§ Demonstrate an ability to use complex sentence structures§ Demonstrate an understanding of multiple rhetorical strategies§ Demonstrate active reading strategies by finding textual evidence§ Learn to integrate quotations effectively and correctlyPreviously Learned Skills Required to Complete this Assignmentü The ability to summarize sourcesü The ability to use multiple rhetorical strategies: Narration, Description, Exemplificationü An awareness of plagiarism issuesü The ability to write grammatically correct, clear sentences.ü The ability to write a clear and concise thesis.ü The ability to brainstorm material for an essay.ü The ability to organize an essayBest PracticesØ As you (re)read the primary text, keep in mind the prompts and highlight specific passages, lines,or scenes that may support your argument.Ø Write a thesis that helps readers understand both your argument and your reasoning.Ø Include textual examples that illustrate your points.Ø Avoid telling the reader that something is “interesting,” or “exciting”; instead create images oruse examples that show it.Ø Come to my office if you are unsure, confused, or behind.Traps to Avoid:Ø Choosing a topic that you do not understand or one not on the list that you have not discussedwith me.Ø Failing to assert a clear and strong argument.Ø Seeking to present the subject from memory or hearsay.Ø Failing to support the argument with evidence from appropriate sources.Ø Citing Wikipedia (or other non-academic or unreliable sources) as a source for your paper.