Elit 48 c class 31


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Elit 48 c class 31

  1. 1. Chair Poet?Poetry is not a turning looseof emotion, but an escapefrom emotion; it is not theexpression ofpersonality, but an escapefrom personality. But, ofcourse, only those who havepersonality and emotionsknow what it means to wantto escape from these things.T. S. Eliot
  2. 2. New Teams 4-5 membersDeath of a SalesmanThemes and StyleDiscussionAGENDA
  3. 3. Discuss Death of a SalesmanFive minutes!
  4. 4. Style and ThemesLecture
  5. 5. StyleDeath of a Salesman is a drama set in 1949, in New York Cityand Boston. The action of the play takes place largely inside theLoman home in Brooklyn, but other places in New York andBoston are used as well, including hotel rooms, Willys office, arestaurant, and Willys gravesite. The play is grounded inrealism, which means that it depicts realistically whathappens in the lives of its characters, but it also containselements of expressionism, specifically when it depictsimaginary sequences and portrays for the audience theinner workings of the characters minds and their emotions.The play is largely a representation of what takes place in themind of Willy Loman during the last two days of his life.
  6. 6. Death of a Salesman presents the struggling modern characters wholive in the world of postmodernism but are oscillating betweenmodern and postmodern values. They find themselves broken andisolated in the cruel world of post war values and consumerculture.The play deals with various postmodern elements: The fall of the grand narrative The disintegration of family ties The distance between illusion and reality A sense of isolation A lack of understanding The struggle to existPostmodern Aspects
  7. 7. Appearance versus realityThe American DreamThe Individual versus SocietyThe Individual versus SelfThemes
  8. 8.  What appears to be true to the characters in Death of a Salesman isoften a far cry from reality. Willys flashbacks to past events—many ofwhich are completely or partly fabricated—demonstrate his difficulty indistinguishing between what is real and what he wishes were real. Willys imagined conversations with his dead brother, Ben, also show hisfragile grip on reality. Willy has fantasies about his own (and his sons’) abilities andaccomplishments. Biff and Happy share their father’s tendency to concoct grand schemesand think of themselves as superior to others without any real evidencethat either is true.Themes: Appearances vs. Reality
  9. 9.  Willys quest to realize what he views as the American Dream—the "self-made man" who rises out of poverty and becomes richand famous— is a dominant theme in Death of a Salesman.Willy believed wholeheartedly in this prized national story. In the 1920s, a career in sales was hailed as a way for a manwithout training or education to achieve financial success.Pamphlets, lectures, and correspondence courses promoting theskills of salesmen were widely distributed during this decade.Willy would have begun his career as a salesman in the 1920s,when belief that salesmen adept at manipulation and "peopleskills" were destined for wealth and fame was widespread.American Dream
  10. 10.  By the late 1940s, when Death of a Salesman takes place, thejob market has changed, and salesmen (and otherworkers) required specialized knowledge and training inorder to succeed. Because he lacks such knowledge ortraining, Willy is destined to fail in his business world.Willy, of course, does not realize how times andexpectations have changed, and he continues to try tostrike it rich using his powers of persuasion.Willys personal representations of the American Dreamare his brother Ben and the salesman Dave Singleman,and he views the success of these two men as proof thathe can indeed attain the success he is so desperate toachieve. According to Willys version of the AmericanDream, he is a complete failure.
  11. 11. Discussion
  12. 12. Contrast Willy withBen. Willy seems tothink that he leads a lifesomehow like Ben’s.Besides the fact that Benis rich and Willy is not,what separates them?
  13. 13. Describe why Willybelieves committingsuicide will provide abetter life for his family.Will his plan work?
  14. 14. Explore the differencebetween Biff and Hap’sreactions to Willy’sdeath.
  15. 15. Study for the exam byreviewing each of the authorsand texts we have discussed sofar.HOMEWORK