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Class 34 1 a


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Class 34 1 a

  1. 1. EWRT 1ACLASS 34
  2. 2. Agenda Review: Essay #4 Basic Features Discussion: Kornbluh In-Class Writing: Finding a problem to write about: Community
  3. 3. Essay #4 Essay #4: Proposing a Solution : Essay 150 points Assignment: Write an essay from 4 - 6pages in length, that addresses the topic below. Use a minimum of two credible sources to support your argument. Prompt : Write an essay proposing a solution to a well-defined problem faced by a community or group to which you may belong. Alternatively, you may address a well-defined problem faced by one of the districts or communities in The Hunger Games. Address your proposal to your audience: one or more members of the group, its leadership, or to outsiders who may be able to contribute to solving the problem.
  4. 4. In groups, consider the basic features of Kornbluh’s “Win Win Flexibility” A Well-Defined Problem A Clearly Described Solution A Convincing Argument An Effective Counterargument An Evaluation of Alternative Solutions
  5. 5. Consider Kornbluh’s “Win Win Flexibility” What is the problem? Which of these strategies does Kornbluh use to define her problem?  • giving examples to make the problem specific  • using scenarios or anecdotes to dramatize the problem  • quoting testimony from those affected by the problem  • citing statistics to show the severity of the problem  • vividly describing the problem’s negative consequences
  6. 6. What is Kornbluh’s Solution? Which does she use to demonstrate her solution?  the proposed solution would reduce or eliminate a major cause of the problem;  a similar solution has worked elsewhere;  the necessary steps to put the solution into practice can be taken without excessive cost or inconvenience; or  stakeholders could come together behind the proposal.
  7. 7. How Does Kornbluh Address Questions and Concerns?  by acknowledging an objection  by conceding the point and modifying the proposal to accommodate it  by refuting criticism—for example, by arguing that an alternative solution would be more costly or less likely to solve the problem than the proposed solution.
  8. 8. Alternative Solutions How does Kornbluh present her solution as preferable to other possible solutions?
  9. 9. A Readable Plan  Which of the following does Kornbluh include to make her essay easy to read:  a forecast of the argument  key words introduced in the thesis and forecasting statement  topic sentences introducing paragraphs or groups of paragraphs  repeated use of key words and synonyms throughout the essay, particularly in topic sentences  clear transitional words and phrases  headings that explicitly identify different sections of the essay  visuals, including charts that present information in an easy-to- read format
  10. 10. Choosing a Topic for your Essay! My Community, Club, or Group
  11. 11. Your Chart Groups and organizations The Hunger Games De Anza College Your Neighborhood Your Club Community Problems Not Enough Food Parking Drug Dealers? Martial Arts Group? No place for kids to play?
  12. 12. Problem No safe place for kids to play Solution 1. Start a volunteer parents group to offer after school activities at local schools. 2. ??? 3. ???
  13. 13. Homework Writing: Post #38 Identify a problem faced by people in a group or community you belong to. How would you solve the problem? Write one paragraph outlining the problem. Write another explaining a solution.