Class 18


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Class 18

  1. 1. Hi! Come in! What can I do for you? You would do anything to pass the class, you say? My advice? Hmmm…wait; it is coming to me! I have it! Have you tried studying??? Class 18
  2. 2. AGENDA  Vocabulary Test #5  Writing Workshop  Self- Assessment
  3. 3. Revising Essay #4
  4. 4. On your own paper, clearly identify these parts in the margin with brackets and numbers 1. Where you have defined the problem 2. Your thesis 3. Your clearly described solution: your plan for implementation 4. Your convincing argument in support of the proposed solution 5. Where you have Indicated and responded to Readers’ Objections and Questions 6. Where you have evaluated alternative solutions 7. Your conclusion
  5. 5. Pass your papers to me and I will pass them to other students.
  6. 6. Responders  Carefully read the essay you are reviewing, noting only obvious typos or other errors by underlining. You do not need to comment. Do not ask the writer questions. If you don’t understand the essay, tell the writer in response to the revision guide or in the margins.  Answer the revision guide questions on another sheet of paper or on the back of the writer’s essay.  Refer to the parts of the essay the writer has identified in order to respond appropriately.  Be thorough.
  7. 7. When you finish  Return the essay and your comments to the writer.  While you wait for your essay to be returned, answer the revision guide questions for yourself.  When you receive your essay, look at the feedback. Think about how you will revise your essay.  Begin the revision process.
  8. 8. The blogging post points (125) require self- assessment. Consider three aspects of your responses: First, how many of the posts did you make? Second, what was the quality of your response? Third, how timely were your submissions? Write a paragraph or two justifying your grade. You may submit this to me by email as soon as you finish post 19, but you must send it before class 19. Reminder: Self-Assessment Due
  9. 9. Homework  Review your essay suggestions  Revise Essay #4 accordingly  Print and Read King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech (it is under “Primary Texts” on the website.)  Bring a copy of King’s Speech to Class  Submit essay #4 electronically to or submit it to my kaizena profile at  Submit Self Assessment by email—not as an attachment  Prepare for a Vocabulary Test Make-up.  You may come to class 20 minutes late if you are not taking a make-up test.