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Class 12

  2. 2. ESSAY #2: TURN IT INYour essay must be in MLA format. Please swap with aneighbor and check the header, the heading, and the workscited page to make sure all formatting is correct. If youressay is not in MLA format, I will not accept it.Put your final draft on topUnder the final draft, please place a copy of your edited draft.This is the draft on which you made sentence levelcorrections. We worked on it at our last meeting.Under the edited draft, please place two or more copies ofyour peer reviewed drafts. (These points count for both thereviewer and the reviewed.)
  3. 3. TERMS FOR EXAM 2Exposition: a form of discourse that Interior monologue: representsexplains, defines, and interprets. the inner thoughts of aThe word is also applied to the character, recording the internal orbeginning portion of a plot in which emotional thoughts or feelings of anbackground information about the individual.characters and situation is set forth. Plagiarism: literary theft, which isIdiom: the language, dialect, or style the taking or closely imitating of theof speaking peculiar to a people or language and thoughts of anotherthe constructions or expressions of author and representing them asone language whose structure is not one’s own—even if this is donematched in another language. without conscious thought. ThisIdioms often possess a meaning includes self-plagiarism, which isother than their grammatical or unwittingly borrowing from your ownlogical ones and cannot be directly work. While common amongtranslated into another language. It Elizabethan dramatists, it is nowalso is used to describe something prevented by copyright laws.peculiar to an individual.
  4. 4. Each team will have two minutes to present an answer to a question aboutStone Butch Blues.Teams must offer specific textual evidence. In other words, there must be aquotation to which the team refers.The team must be able to offer a brief explanation or analysis of how thequotation supports or offers the answer to the question.If any team begins an answer but cannot finish or finishesunsatisfactorily, the next team can steal the quotation and provide analysis.Quotations can only be used once in a round. It will behoove you to havemultiple options, particularly if your group will present last.If there is extra time in any given round, we will go back to the first team foranother answer.I will be the final judge in all cases.
  5. 5. QUESTION 1 Order of response: teams 1, 2, 3, 4
  6. 6. QUESTION 2 Order of response: teams 2, 3, 4,1
  7. 7. QUESTION 3 Order of response: teams 3, 4,1,2
  8. 8. QUESTION 4 Order of response: teams 4,1,2,3
  9. 9. Reading: Stone Butch Blues (260-end) and the prompt for Essay #3 (find it on the website) Post 18: Choose ONE: Find and discuss a moment Jess resists the larger social construct. How and why does ze do it? How does it contribute to the person Jess ultimately becomes? Do you have evidence? OR Find and write about an instance when Jess is forced to conform to the dominant social paradigm. How does conforming (or trying to conform) change hir? What is your evidence? Terms Exam #2 at our next meetingHOMEWORK