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1 b class 6

  1. 1. Class 6 EWRT 1B
  2. 2. AGENDA Exam 1: Vocab and Terms Discussion:  Kennedy  The Human Stain  QHQ: "The Passing of Grandison” Presentation: Introduction to Essay 2: The Argument: Brainstorming with FREECASH In-Class Writing: Essay 2 Brainstorming Author Lecture: Toni Morrison
  3. 3. Terms Exam 1 You may take either test: crossword or definition list You have 20 minutes to complete the exam. If you finish early, feel free to go outside, but please be ready to begin class at 11:25.
  4. 4. Discussion: “Racial Segregation,” Randall Kennedy The Human Stain, Phillip Roth"The Passing of Grandison,” Charles Chesnutt
  5. 5. Kennedy• Anita Hemmings stood out to me for multiple reasons.• I particularly enjoyed reading the story, The Garies and Their Friends.• Walter White is really interesting.• Walter‟s Father Hospital story shows me that it was a confusing time• The stories regarding anti-passing were the most interesting to me: Iola Leroy or the descendant of Madison Hemmingway who demanded he be assigned to a black unit in the military.• Ellen Craft influenced my thinking of passing because it shows how far a person has to hide their true identity in some situations.• I enjoyed and slightly related to Rachel Kennedy.• I found the story “Passing Today” in Kennedy‟s article to be most interesting. It talks briefly about the “don‟t ask, don‟t tell” policy, [and] tells us of Paul and Phillip Malone.• A story that stood out to me was the one about Fred Toyosaburo Korematsu.
  6. 6. The Human Stain• The scene where it first shows his family at the dinner table.• The scene when Coleman walks into the record store• The girl leaving him after she found out he was African American.• The scene in which he is beating up the black guy in the ring and impudently calls his opponent a “negro.”• the dialogue between Coleman and his mother when he informs her of his newly assumed identity.• The one scene when Coleman Silk‟s mother called him a „murderer.‟• Coleman refers to students who haven‟t shown up to class as “spooks.”• Why didn‟t Silk reveal that he was a black man when he was accused of being a racist?• Why did he decide to tell Faunia; why did she accept him for who he truly was?• Why was the character Faunia attracted to much older men?• The scene the morning after, when Faunia gets angry at Coleman.• The ice fishing scene at the end.• Is Lester passing?• What was the significance of the crow in the cage?
  7. 7. "The Passing of Grandison”• Why was Dick Owens so lazy?• Why has no one tried to motivate Dick?• Why did Charity Lomax have such power over Dick Owens?• Why was marrying Charity so important to Dick? What made her so special?• Why did Charity Lomax pressure Dick Owens into being a man when she ended up marrying him even though he didn‟t prove himself a man?• Why did Owen try to help Grandison escape?• Why does Dick Owens choose to free a slave to prove he is worthy of doing something for Miss Lomax?• Are Owen‟s action really heroic ?• Why did Grandison agree with the colonel‟s views of the abolitionists when he asks him to take care of Dick in his trip up North, like he was happy as a servant to him and his family?• Why did the colonel want Grandison to be „abolitionist-proof‟?• Why did Grandison come back?• Why did Colonel Owens trust Grandison so much?• How did Grandison escape to Canada?• In what ways were Dick Owens and Grandison alike?
  8. 8. Introduction to Essay 2:“If passing for white will get a fellow better accommodationson the train, better seats in the theatre, immunity frominsults in public places, and may even save his life from amob,” wrote William Pickens, “only idiots would fail to seizethe advantages of passing, at least occasionally if notpermanently” (“Racial Segregation,” Opportunity, December1927 (3).Write an essay of 750 to 1000 words arguing for or againstWilliam Pickens‟s statement. Use support from the textsyou have read so far, our discussions, and your owninsights. Remember to format your essay in MLA style. Thisessay will require citations and a works cited page.
  9. 9. The Prompt:If passing for white will get a fellow better accommodations on the train,better seats in the theatre, immunity from insults in public places, and mayeven save his life from a mob,” only idiots would fail to seize theadvantages of passing, at least occasionally if not permanently.”Write an essay of 750 to 1000 words arguing for or against WilliamPickens’s statement. Use support from the texts you have read so far, ourdiscussions, and your own insights. Do you agree with Pickenss statement? If yes, why? If no, why not?
  10. 10. Brainstorming with FREECASHF= Freedom, Fairness, Legality, Human Rights, Social JusticeR = Religion, Morality, EthicsE = Economics, Monetary Issues, Finances, ExpensesE = Environment (types of environments = natural, rural, urban, workplace, home, school)C = Convenience, ComfortA = Appearance, AestheticsS = Safety, SecurityH = Health, Well Being (types of health = individual, societal, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual)
  11. 11. Practice organizing an essay on the issue of school uniforms. Use the FREECASH in the chart below.CATEGORIES PRO/FOR CON/AGAINSTFREEDOM Students should be free to Students should be free from wear what they want stigma attached to class.RELIGION/MORALITYECONOMICSENVIRONMENTCONVENIENCEAPPEARANCE Makes the students look like clonesSAFETY Keeps students safe from gang violence due to colorsHEALTH
  12. 12. List all the reasons to agree with Pickens on one side and all the reasons to disagree on the other. The side with the most or best reasons will probably make a better argument.CATEGORIES PRO/FOR CON/AGAINSTFREEDOMRELIGION/MORALITYECONOMICSENVIRONMENTCONVENIENCEAPPEARANCESAFETYHEALTH
  13. 13. Toni Morrison 1931-Toni Morrison was born in Lorain Ohio.She is the author of seven novels, a play,and a work of literary criticism. „„Recititaf‟‟is her only published work of short fiction.Since 1987 she has focused mainly onwriting but has also taught classes atYale and Princeton Universities.Morrison is one of the most loved andrespected writers of the late twentiethcentury. Several of her books have beenbestsellers, and she is the recipient of anumber of prestigious literary awards. In1993 Morrison was awarded the NobelPrize for Literature, becoming the firstAfrican American to win this honor.
  14. 14. HOMEWORK Reading: Hughes: "Whos Passing for Who?," Morrison: “Recitatif.” Writing: Write a paragraph defending “passing”; give at least three reasons from your brainstorming with FREECASH. Then, write another paragraph condemning passing using another three reasons. Use examples from our readings to support your reasons. Blog Shot #6: QHQ Hughes or Morrison