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Mission Statement


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Mission Statement

  1. 1. Learning who you are and becoming who you desire to become.
  2. 2.  Everyone has values that help them make decisions. Not everyone knows what their core values are. The three steps to discovering our values are:  Identifying our values  Defining our values  Ranking our values
  3. 3. Look at the list of values, and choose 10 that you feel motivate you.Achievement Ambition Appreciation Believe Believe in YourselfCaring Character Charity Class and Grace CommitmentCommon Ground Compassion Compliments Confidence CourageCourtesy Dedication Determination Devotion Do Your PartDrive Encouragement Excellence Foresight ForgivenessFriendship Generosity Giving Back Good Manners GratitudeHard Work Helping Others Honesty Hope HumilityIncluding Others Ingenuity Innovation Inspiration IntegrityKindness Laughter Leadership Learning ListeningLive Life Live Your Dreams LoveLoyalty Making A Difference Mentoring Motivation OpportunityOptimism Overcoming Passion Patience PeacePerseverance Persistence Practice Preparation PurposeReaching Out Respect Responsibility Right Choices Rising AboveSacrifice Sharing Smile Soul SportsmanshipSpread Your Wings Stewardship Strength Teaching by Example Team WorkTrue Beauty Trust Unity Vision Volunteering
  4. 4.  Write a definition for each of your values. Make sure you know exactly what it means to you.
  5. 5.  Rank your ten defined values from most important (1) to least important (10).
  6. 6.  What relationships are important to you? What would you like people to remember about you?
  7. 7.  Imagine you have passed away, and you are attending your funeral. People from each area of your life will speak about their relationship with you. What would you want your family members to say? What would you want your co-workers to say? What would you want your friends to say? Look at your relationships now. What needs to change to reach those relationship goals.
  8. 8.  Prayer Meditation Scripture Books Inspirational Historical Figures
  9. 9.  Now you should have all of the information needed for writing your mission statement. Examine your values, relationship goals, and spiritual beliefs. Streamline them into a mission statement.
  10. 10.  Writing a mission statement is a very personal experience. If you read to many example mission statements you may derail your own mission statement creation.