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Cd planning

  1. 1. Print Production Planning
  2. 2. Analyse of Other Album Prints
  3. 3. Radiohead ‘OK Computer’ Scrapbook effect connotes evasion from popular, sleek and perhaps soulless modern music, creates same effect as handwriting. Handwriting reinforces the connection between the band and the audience via lyrics and the album, idea of authenticity to reward a loyal audience Blueprint emphasises meticulous planning and the aspect of building and growth- which reinforces their passion for the music they are creating and for their authenticity as a band. Isolation genre specific but also growth and life creates same effect as the blueprint Use of scribbles represents abstract aspect of the bands music, the shift to this from motorway represents escapism from the mundane aspects of life White background alongside plain font emphasises authenticity of the band and the music, not hiding behind any sort of flashy image Randomly places images (alongside the scribbles) reinforce disorientation, alongside cynicism and dispair.
  4. 4. Strokes ‘Is This It’ and ‘Room On Fire’
  5. 5. The Von Bondies ‘Love Hate and Then There’s You ’ The font is decrepit and unsettling, hints at teenage angst which is emphasised by the genre Use of colour imagery with the red hints at danger, passion, a sense of high octane which is within the image of the genre, separation of the word ‘hate’ hints at angst and despair whilst the actual title, love, hate and then there's you hints at confusion and disorientation Empty space, isolation, eeriness and timeless, hints at the Shining (horror) with the use of the typewriter Use of the black creates image of despair, eeriness Imagery of bottle symbolises excess, self-destruction
  6. 6. Analyse of Other Album Formats
  7. 7. Spiritualised ‘Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space’ Original, innovating design Due to the context of the albums release (the lead singer was renounced for heavy drug use) it explains the medicinal concept of the album: rewarding to loyal fans as he bares all of himself within the concept. Artificial, cerebral, thoughtful concept album: genre specific with progressive rock Each single comes as a CD, as you progress through the album- you progress through the packaging, excess. Intellectual flattery for fans
  8. 8. Possible Fonts Fitting for the rock n roll genre; the font in itself is simple enough to convey the simplicity of the music: straight three chord rock, whilst the worn look emphasises the aspects of excess. The font is similar to those of the albums from The Strokes and The Von Bondies which have been analysed previously. Bold and simple, genre specific and not hiding behind any sort of image. Slightly offset distances between letters, connotations of disorder, genre specific. Slightly worn lining emphasises excess and roughness: linking with genre. Similar to the front at the top, but more masculine and suitable to the genre.
  9. 9. Rough Sketch These sketches will accompanied with photos of the band which, in corresponding with our music video, will be pictures of my group and I. This may be the same case with the front cover. Below is the leaflet which will accompany the CD on the top level.