Technology in the Classroom


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Technology in the Classroom

  1. 1. Jordan Hafer<br />
  2. 2. Menu<br />Why should Teachers use technology in the classroom…<br />… slides 3, 4, 5<br />Why teachers should use technology in the classroom…<br />… slides 6, 7, 8<br />Ways to incorporate technology in the classroom…<br />slides 9, 10, 11<br />Conclusion…<br /> …slide 12<br />
  3. 3. Why Should Teachers Use Technology in the Classroom?<br /><ul><li>Using technology in the classroom prepares students for today’s society, and it provides them with skills that will be useful in life.
  4. 4. Students already use technology outside of the classroom, but they should be taught about using technology appropriately.
  5. 5. Kids use technology to bully other students
  6. 6. Online cheating
  7. 7. Plagerism</li></ul>Article<br />
  8. 8. Why Should Teachers Use Technology in the Classroom?<br /><ul><li>Students can actually experience what they are learning about.
  9. 9. They can make their own charts for math.
  10. 10. Simulations allow students to put themselves in that time period.
  11. 11. They can watch videos about what they are learning.
  12. 12. Students can chat with other students around the world.</li></li></ul><li>Why Should Teachers Use Technology in the Classroom?<br />I think it is really important to use technology in the classroom, but I had never thought about teaching students the harm of using technology. Students should learn about the effect cyber bullying has on students and the effect plagiarism will have on the student using it. We live in a world where technology is used daily, and students should be exposed to it as soon as possible to better prepare them for the real world. Technology brings in new ways of learning, and teachers should take advantage of the many opportunities they can give their students to better understand the material. <br />
  13. 13. Ways Teachers Can Learn Technology<br /><ul><li>Teachers that do not use technology in the classroom do so because they have not been taught how to use the new technology available.
  14. 14. Most classrooms have computers, and they should be taken advantage of.
  15. 15. Kids can participate in their own learning and work at their own pace.
  16. 16. Teachers can learn new technology with study groups. A group of teachers meet once a week to share with each other resources and new technologies they have found helpful in the classroom. </li></ul>Article<br />
  17. 17. Ways Teachers Can Learn Technology<br /><ul><li>Some schools offer technology mentors. They are available during the school day to go to classrooms to help teachers with the technology available in the classroom.
  18. 18. There are online tutorials available to teachers to show them the basics of how to use certain programs.
  19. 19. There are help lines and resources where teachers can ask questions, or they can read common questions and answers. </li></li></ul><li>Ways Teachers Can Learn Technology<br />I have to teach myself new technologies all of the time, and I know there are many resources available to make learning new things easier. Students learn better when technology is incorporated into the curriculum, so teachers need to find ways to do this. Students are always expected to learn new things, and teachers should have to do the same. There are many pieces to learning, and technology should be included. <br />
  20. 20. Ways to Incorporate Technology into the Classroom<br />Audio on the computer can be played to hear how to pronounce words, especially a foreign language. <br />Teachers can make a podcast of their lessons, so if a student misses something, he can revisit the lesson.<br />Students can record their answers and e-mail it to the teacher.<br />A teacher can record a lesson so a student can see and hear it if absent. <br />Teachers can record a lesson to go back and watch their students to see if they really understood the material<br />Article<br />
  21. 21. Ways to Incorporate Technology into the Classroom<br />6. Students can record themselves to see areas they need to improve. <br />7. Teachers can record students’ presentations and experiments to share as examples for other students down the road.<br />8. Teachers can use digital projectors to display anything relevant to the lesson like pictures or text. <br />9. Use software to create stimulating classroom displays.<br />10. Use Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to create lesson plans students can access from school or home. <br />
  22. 22. Ways to Incorporate Technology into the Classroom<br />These are just a few examples of ways using technology can be beneficial. Technology allows students to take a more active role in their own learning instead of having to listen to their teacher lecture. Technology allows students to really experience what they are learning. I would much rather use technology to create a presentation than gluing lots of material to a presentation board. <br />
  23. 23.
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