coca cola and minions


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coca cola and minions

  1. 1. RADIO ADVERT- Aim- to promote Despicable Me and Coca Cola Together.
  2. 2. Radio Script • Music-drinking from the bottle tinie tempeh during the advert. • Introduction- Minions sing,cheer and dance happily. • Minion Phil- guys guys guys! Look over there!*he points to a stage and the other minions gasp in delight.* • Minion Tim- what is it! *he snaps in a tantrum* • Minion Stuart-hmm guys I suggest it may be a Coca Cola… *he looks up, thinking deeply, while the minions all clap their hands and cheer!* • Minion Jorge- what what what? Drinks? Yes please! *they rush to the stage frantically* • All Minions- yay coca coca coca colaaaaaaa! *they laugh and grab a bottle each, carnival music starts to play, steel drums and everyone is laughing and dancing* • And now, come and celebrate with us, Coca Cola are giving free large minion toys to 10 lucky people! All you have to do is find a mini minion in a pack! Good luck fellow Minions. • Terms and conditions apply. • Ending- *you hear 2 bottles collide and 2 people say “cheers!”
  3. 3. Script- • Courtney- explains and expands on her billboard. What its about, how she made it and what does it contain. • Jordane- expands on target audience and what it contains. • Karina- explains the radio script and the combination of Despicable Me and Coca Cola.
  4. 4. poster
  5. 5. Billboard
  6. 6. Why we picked minions To combine minions and coca cola because we think it’s a fun way of bringing families and children into our target market. We think it a brilliant idea because they are well known and they appeal to children.
  7. 7. Viral video
  8. 8. Gift in the machine • Mini minion toys • Minions phone cases • Minions headphone • Pizza • Extra coke bottle